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                 01/24/2018 12:47 PM  
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09/11/2009 11:08 AM ID: 80645 Permalink   

Controversial South African Athlete is a Hermaphrodite


18-year-old Caster Semenya, the woman at the centre of a gender controversy, has an inter gender condition, sources have said. Semenya won the 800m gold running medal at the Athletics World Championships last month in Berlin.

The revelation that she is possibly a hermaphrodite is not the official response of the IAAF and "The statements should be treated with caution..." The IAAF said only that the results are in, and they haven't yet spoken to Semenya.

Semenya has three times the testosterone levels of the average woman. She was drawn into the controversy when the IAAF accused her of being a man, and ran a series of tests just hours before she won the title in Berlin.

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  The statements are not official statements...  
A little more from the source...

"There are three possible outcomes from the expert's discussions:
That the condition does not give her a competitive advantage.
The condition gives her a competitive advantage, which cannot be treated,
or most likely, the condition can be treated in some way if she consents to it, and in time she can return to competition.

The IAAF have to weigh the interest of the athlete, an apparently innocent victim in this, with their responsibility to ensure fair competition."
  by: Titus8005   09/11/2009 12:09 PM     
  a bit confused  
another source called her a hermaphrodite but said she had no uterus and no ovaries, only internal testes. So how is she a hermaphrodite? She would have to be part female, sounds like she is really just male with testes not outside the body.
  by: gryphon50a   09/11/2009 12:41 PM     
YOUR confused? How do you think they feel?

Actually if that is the case then yea, its a physical defect.
  by: AccessG     09/11/2009 02:43 PM     
Anyone find it funny that her name is Caster.
  by: mightymojo     09/11/2009 03:05 PM     
  Poor girl  
She pursued what she was good at, won, then got publicly humiliated in front of the entire world. Just leave her alone already. :(
  by: pariahpoet   09/11/2009 03:56 PM     
It's possible that she has female external genitalia.
  by: pixels99   09/11/2009 05:40 PM     
  Sad situation for Caster, tough one for the IAAF  
@ pixels-That is what I am wondering myself. She might have an external vagina and internal testes.

I agree that it is horrible that she has to face this kind of humiliation and publicity. If I recall with most Hermaphrodites the parents decide the sex when they are born.

All she wants to do is compete in sports and she is obviously good at competition. Since she has lived her life to this point as a female I don't see how they could make her compete against males, such a sad situation really.

I do not envy the IAAF either since they have to decide what would fair to other competitors, fair to Caster and do all this while trying not to comment specifically to what the test showed.
  by: TaraB     09/11/2009 06:42 PM     
i told ya. all those people that said shes obviously just a very manly woman, you've been duped.
  by: teh_epic     09/11/2009 07:59 PM     
How? I mean IF she is a Hermaphrodite (it still isn't confirmed) and was put down as female at her birth she would actually be a manly woman. At the very least she would be a woman with a vagina and internal testes.

No matter what those tests reveal her name and reputation has been smeared, she has been publicly shamed and she most likely will never compete in competitive sports again. So her life as she knew it is ruined. I find it to be terribly sad.
  by: TaraB     09/11/2009 08:05 PM     
  by: kmazzawi     09/11/2009 08:44 PM     
  I looked at pictures of Caster Semenya  
Visual appearance does look like a male.

I recall a Russian woman who competed in the Olympics years ago. She looked like a female gorilla. Looked like she could throw a cannon ball 100 meters.

But, even as bulky and heavily-muscled as she was, her basic body shape was still distinguishable as female.

Probably pumped up on steroids.
Few people knew about performance-enhancing drugs in those days.

There were complaints made about her gender but nothing negative was found that I can remember hearing about.
  by: White Albino   09/13/2009 12:24 AM     
  To all my friends  
Now I remember a few people here complained and whined about her getting tested. I am waiting for the "ooops" + "sorry" + "retraction"
  by: kmazzawi     09/13/2009 06:56 PM     
  I wonder...  
I wonder when they'll start to gender test women tennis players!! The WTA will be one pair of tennis siblings short if that happened.
  by: Jayman2000BC   09/15/2009 09:33 AM     
so if she has a competitive edge due to her condition

can she still compete in the mens events?
  by: thedeeder   09/21/2009 08:10 PM     
If she was an elite tennis player, could she play in the "mixed singles" category?
  by: Regor   01/09/2010 05:28 PM     
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