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                 01/22/2018 11:34 AM  
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09/12/2009 01:06 AM ID: 80653 Permalink   

Anti-Abortionist Shot Dead


Harlan Drake from Michigan has been charged with two counts of premeditated murder after shooting ant-abortion activist Jim Pouillon and another man. Drake is also charged with a felony gun possession.

Pouillion was protesting across the street from a high school on Friday when a car drove by with several shots firing from it striking Poullion and killing him. One witness was able to get the license number of the vehicle.

Operation Save America released a statement saying, "Pouillion was well known for his love of Christ and unborn children."

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  goes to show

more info at that link that I just found. Goes to show you that both sides of the arguement have there bad apples. This guy is no better than the wacko who killed that doctor a few months back.

According to link in my comment he might be charged w/a hate crime.
  by: willyshawker     09/12/2009 01:13 AM     
I suppose you are still drafting your comments about right wing radio.


He's another victim of right-wing radio and ignorance."

Thats what you said about the last abortion related murder. I would really like to know how you feel about this one. Maybe you could blame progressive talk radio and ignorance just so you can remain fair and balanced.

My point is that neither right or left wing groups should be held responsible for the actions of individual wing nuts.
  by: tomblik     09/12/2009 01:54 AM     
Those people won't respond to this or just make an excuse for the guy.

A Neo-con set him up is what I expect
  by: willyshawker     09/12/2009 02:05 AM     
  I Have Not Heard One Pro Choice Person  
condoning this murder.

I have heard Many pro life people praise the many murders of pro choice advocates.

As far as I know this is the only man of the pro life movement to be murdered.

Every pro choice person I know condemns this loudly. Where is the condemnation of the murder of the pro choice murder victims. How many have been killed in family planing centers from bombing? How many have been murdered by right to life snipers?
  by: ichi     09/12/2009 03:23 AM     
  This is Terrible  
I am glad that they caught the man that did this. I almost posted this earlier today but passed since my views are pretty well known. I hope that if indeed this is the correct person that he pays for killing a man who was using his freedom of speech.

Willy-"Those people won't respond to this or just make an excuse for the guy.
A Neo-con set him up is what I expect"

THOSE people? You mean Pro-choice people? Why would someone condone this murder just because they are pro-choice? See this is something that the Pro-life movement does is murder someone and then joyfully hold their beloved sons and daughters who have killed in the name of God up on that holy bullshit.

They also wait with baited breath for a Pro-choicer to say anything so they can jump on them for it. Sorry what the Murder victim was doing was pretty disgusting but it was his right as an American. The Pro-lifers do not afford the same to those that were blown up and shot for either performing or getting a legal medical procedure.

I am sure that he will be a Martyr for the cause what is the score now about 50 adults killed by Pro-Life vs 1 By some idiot that didn't like the material this man was pushing on the high school students?

Yep Willy I guess you are right, THOSE people are pretty evil..I think the ones that condone this are out partying somewhere, or maybe they are as you like to say whenever you need to defend someones actions "A few bad apples in barrell."
  by: TaraB     09/12/2009 03:59 AM     
  A true tragedy  
Jim Pouillon was an American citizen exercising his right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. Though he and I would have disagreed, I would have defended his right to express his beliefs in any forum. His murder is a horrible crime, and I hope his loved ones can find comfort in this waking nightmare that they are going through right now.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/12/2009 05:44 AM     
  Drake killed another man as well  
From the source:

"Drake, 33, is accused of shooting anti-abortion activist Jim Pouillon, 63, and Michael Fuoss, 61, who were killed in separate locations Friday morning, the prosecutor's office in Shiawassee County said.

Drake also is suspected of "attempting to locate a third victim without success," the office said.

Authorities also have charged Drake with a felony firearm count and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, the prosecutor's office said."

I don't know if that was in the original source article for this summary.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/12/2009 05:53 AM     
The story changed quite a bit from when it happened and even updated since Willy posted. It is saying *NEW: Harlan James Drake, 33, arraigned in shootings*

Psst Ben since you are one of 'Those' you forgot you were supposed to be overjoyed with his 2nd or possibly 3rd murder of the day. I mean aren't we supposed to be just like the Pro-Life people and not let anyone think different than we do? /sarc

Seriously though I find it insulting for someone to think I would be happy that a man is dead because of his beliefs, just as I find it sad when people yell baby killer when a woman walks into a Planned Parenthood and no one actually knows why they are there. I am sorry but the Pro-choice (notice the word is choice not pro-death or pro-murdering other people) movement is pretty tame when you compare it to the Pro-life movement.

Compare members of each group for several things:
1.What is the murder rate of Pro-life murders of Pro-choice people vs the reverse?
2. How many failed attempts or bombings have Pro-choice people done again clinics that provide abortions along with other procedures?
3. How many religious fanatics in the pro-choice movement show up to harrass, grab onto, shoving fetus pictures in ones face, trying to guilt by telling her she should have that fetus even when they don't know why she is there in first place?
4. Use their religion as the reason they have the right to kill and maim others for the benefit of little unborn cells all over the country?
5.Actually care enough to stop threatening someone who had an abortion by wanting their names so they can publish them vs securing safe and confidential couseling from someone that has actually been through the procedure.
6.Continue to attempt to stop a safe medical procedure done in a safe and sterile setting? If they get their way what's next trying to stop cancer patients from getting treatment since it is killing cell growth?
7.Constantly violating HIPPA practices by videotaping many of the protests?
8.Making anyone that kills in the name of God for the Pro-Life movement or in this case was killed by some psycho into Martyrs for the cause?

And the big question is how do we really know WHY he killed this man sicne he has killed at least one other and admitted to a 3rd? Wouldn't it be something if he just shot the guy because he thought he was an asshole?
  by: TaraB     09/12/2009 06:47 AM     
i mean thats too bad....
  by: djskagnetti     09/12/2009 07:07 AM     
I do hope that willy explains his remark more fully, because I'm not on the "side" of a man who guns people down in cold blood for disagreeing with him.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/12/2009 07:10 AM     
I agree totally and right now I am slightly pissed and highly insulted that because of my views on abortion it is assumed I condemn the murder of anyone.

My whole life I have worked help people not to have them killed and be all excited over it. I was talking to Jane on the phone when I first read it and I think she learned a few American cuss words she didn't know existed and that was toward the man accused of murder, what I said about being called one of 'those' I rather not get into because I might get banned.
  by: TaraB     09/12/2009 07:21 AM     
one less piece of scum walking the earth showing pictures of dead babies trying to get the world to subscribe to their own personal beliefs. tonight i will rest easy
  by: ru18yet   09/12/2009 07:25 AM     
  @Tara and Ben  
"Those people" does not refer to people who believe in pro choice. "Those people" stands for people like lurker or anyone else who think its right wing "neocons" are the only ones who do these nasty things.

"Those people" refer to those who will make excuses for this guy and some how blame the dead anti abortionist.

"Those people" refered to Tom's comment about lurkers comment about right wing radio causing these things a few weeks back. Where are "those" people about this story. They are hiding and won't comment on this story

Those people doesnt refer to you Ben or you Tara but to people like this ru18yet guy who said " one less piece of scum walking the earth showing pictures of dead babies trying to get the world to subscribe to their own personal beliefs. tonight i will rest easy "

That is what those people refer to and if ru18yet read the sources provided he would see that this guy never forced his views on anyone even the high school students said so. He was just using his AMerican right just like the pro-lifers do.

I apologize to you the most Tara becuase I wasnt very clear on what I said.

ru18yet is the scum I speak about that fully condone this murder but have a hissy and wants the person to burn when a pro lifer kills a abortion doctor and ru18yet in not so many words you condones this murder.

This should burn you up no matter what side of the arguement you are on becuase it is not neccasary
  by: willyshawker     09/12/2009 07:39 AM     
it should? well it doesn't...
  by: ru18yet   09/12/2009 07:47 AM     
remember that setiment next time a crazy pro lifer kills a pro choicer becuase it is the same damn thing.

All of the neighbors and high schoolers have said he was peaceful and did not force his views on anybody just held a sign. Its all wrong when the other side does it gotcha make you a decent human being.

  by: willyshawker     09/12/2009 07:53 AM     
Well, I don't know what's going on with you and Lurker, but I think assuming that someone would condone murder because of his political beliefs is pretty crappy.
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/12/2009 07:54 AM     
Thank you very much for explaining I appreciate it.

Ru18's attitude is sick to me. I do not wish people dead or become happy when they do. The man that was killed was enjoying his rights that are actually left and even though I totally oppose his stance I am glad that he was able to stand up for something he believed in.

It is a shame that some asshat went and killed him and no one should be celebrating his death.
  by: TaraB     09/12/2009 07:56 AM     
  Tara, Ben  
no problem Tara, I'll try to be clear next time.

Ben it's not that I have a problem w/Lurker but he made a comment of how right wing radio is resposnible for these things now will he say progressive radio is responsible for this you cant have it both ways
  by: willyshawker     09/12/2009 07:58 AM     
  I do not advocate murder  
On the other hand, now there is one less person annoying the crap out of other people by hammering them with his personal beliefs.

Sayonara, sucker.
  by: White Albino   09/12/2009 10:23 AM     
"he was peaceful and did not force his views on anybody just held a sign."

last i remember, that is forcing your views.

not forcing your views would mean that he wasn't on the corner holding a sign with his views printed on it, forcing you to read it.

not forcing your views would mean he wouldve been at home.

face it... protesting IS forcing your views on others, like it or not. I for one don't.

@white albino: touche'
  by: ru18yet   09/12/2009 11:29 AM     
like I said remember that setiment becuase when this happens in reverse again you won't be able to say anything.

I for one have seen pro choice people protesting outside a local church so you basically said they are fair game to be murdered correct?

You are saying the guy who chains himself to a bulldozer and the group w/him protesting the destruction of a forest or whatever is fair game becuase they are forcing there views?

If you are outside on strike its ok to take those workers out because you don't agree w/the signs they are holding?

You just opened up a can of worms buddy. You have basically saod if you exercise your free speech right and it bothers someone it ok to kill them.


or does it only work when it is a anti abortionist be wary of your answer. If you say that you will claim to be a worse pproblem then you consider those people to be
  by: willyshawker     09/12/2009 01:34 PM     
  Why are we...  
getting caught up in the political aspect. Sure, don't get me wrong, it played a role in the motivations.

But regardless of belief, a man killed another man. It doesn't matter how many times pro-lifers condoned the death of pro-choicers. Anyone who would condone murder of any kind, for any reason, is an idiot.
  by: Dayron   09/12/2009 01:50 PM     
@tomblik and other finger pointers. I don't condone the murder of anyone expressing their views, but I can understand why it is happening. When you get in the public's face on any issue there may be repercussions. This guy killed someone else first that evidently had nothing to do with abortion protests. I don't know what this guy's real motive was in these slayings. I still blame the fear mongering climate our country is in right now. We have become the Sunnis and Shiites and are headed for a civil war if it keeps up. The right's irrational fear of progress is revolting.
  by: Lurker     09/12/2009 04:30 PM     
  Ru18 yet  
Is just trolling.
Hopefully he will grow up.

Its ok honey. It won't belong before you can shave that peach fuzz.
  by: ichi     09/12/2009 07:19 PM     
if you want to put words in my mouth, then yes... thats exactly what im saying.

there are different ways of protesting than putting pictures of dead babies up on the streets... there are different ways of protesting than calling every woman who walks into a planned parenthood a whore.

as far as im concerned these "protesters" are right up there with the westboro baptist church.

when you start using negative tactics to force your views on others, dont be surprised when one day someone has enough already. when you press the wrong buttons, and call the wrong guys daughter or girlfriend a whore, or say that she's going to burn in hell... or maybe youre just tired of seeing rotting babies EVERYDAY on your drive. sooner or later youre going to get into some s**t. and then youre going to call for the public's sympathy... well guess what? you aren't getting any from me, thats for sure.

as far as im concerned that guy can burn in hell for all the negativity he spews into the world

  by: ru18yet   09/13/2009 03:39 AM     
Well said.

For those that cannot bring themselves to mind their own business, perhaps they can relate to this incident:

A hot summer day. Traffic at a dead stop on the Long Island Expressway due to an accident. One annoying driver constantly blowing his horn, even though not one vehicle ahead of him is moving.

Apparently one driver had enough. He walked up on the driver's side, tapped on the window, and when the pain-in-the-ass driver rolled down the window the man pulled a pistol and shot him dead.

I believe it is never a good idea to annoy other people because I have no way of knowing whether or not the next person I piss off is a psychopath who has had a bad day and needs just one more annoyance to send him off the deep end.
  by: White Albino   09/13/2009 03:58 AM     
  I agree ru18  
@ Abino. Steady on there old chap! :P
  by: captainJane     09/13/2009 11:41 PM     
  @ru18 & albino  
Advocating the murder of another human being for any reason is not only unconscionable but it also flies in the face of the principles upon which this country was was founded.

As for the annoyance argument.. it really deserves no response as it is ludicrous at best.

As for the forcing views argument, if placing a sign in public view and offering people pamphlets were actually what you claim, I suppose people should start gunning down shoe shine men and hot dog vendors as well. Further, calling a woman a whore or a baby killer does not make her so. While I will agree it is in very poor taste, it is hardly illegal and most certainly does not equate to the actual taking of another human beings life.

Maybe you two are simply trying to be provocative or maybe you actually believe what you have written here. In either case, you are becoming quite annoying by forcing your hateful words into this thread and by your application of justice, are deserving of the death penalty. ;)

  by: bbeljefe     09/14/2009 07:43 AM     
"Further, calling a woman a whore or a baby killer does not make her so."

Thank you BB. It also doesn't make a woman who has been through an abortion to wish any of the protesters dead. I might have felt that way shortly after I had mine, but then I would have become what I hate.

I was thinking about this thread as I usually do any story where this is an issue and I do not understand with all the murders that have happened in the name of this Crusade that people do not wake up and see there is no winners.

Abortions will always happen, hopefully as little as possible but they will still happen. And the best we can do for women when they have to make that choice is afford them a safe and clean environment with staff on hand that can help them if and when they break down because they will.

There will always be protest to abortions. My hope is that those who are against abortions stop and think a minute and I mean really think. The women you see or read about walking into that clinic is already on emotional ground and shouting your hatred or showing that same mangled fetus on a poster you are doing the opposite of what you are attempting.

You make people hate you and the groups that put those farking pink and blue flags up. We don't need constant reminders of what we did from you, we already know and live with what we had to do.

This is one war that will never end, in fact it will continue to go on just like the Middle East will always have their wars. I wonder if the people that support either side that have a part in killing in the name of abortion rights realize they are promoting terrorism, because that is exactly what these murderers are doing is causing fear and terror.
  by: TaraB     09/14/2009 08:07 AM     
All actions taken on by humans can have negative repercussions. Any and everything one does can piss someone off. That is today's climate. Gun toters settle their disagreements by murder, sometimes.
I recall that protester, Dan Martino, who was from my town. He picketed the Democratic convetion once carrying a sign that said "God is a Republican."
Anyway, he carried a sign locally at Christmas time that said Santa Claus is Satan, or some such lunacy. One man had enough. He stopped his car and sprayed Dan Martino all over with red paint. So, your actions can initiate a negative response.
On a side note, Martino is now dead. (natural causes)
  by: Lurker     09/14/2009 07:10 PM     
  so depressing  
People are losing their lives over the biggest BS issue in our lifetime. Constructed to raise emotions and spew hate towards one another when it is NO ONES BUSINESS except for the women.
  by: rj712   09/15/2009 12:37 AM     
  And so it began...  
The year was 1861...

its coming folks, better start picking sides.
  by: teh_epic     09/15/2009 01:48 AM     
  The Rule Of Law  
Gives us order. The rule of law allows us to grow a stable society. When the rule of law is ignored by those in authority it gives those below license to ignore it and civilization suffers.

This is the result of letting those in power run above the law, chaos.
  by: ichi     09/17/2009 01:41 AM     
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