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                 02/23/2018 01:28 PM  
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09/12/2009 03:48 AM ID: 80654 Permalink   

Former WWE Champ Jeff Hardy Arrested for Drug Trafficking


Former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy was arrested after police searched his home and found 262 Vicodin pills, 180 Soma pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, and a residual amount of powder cocaine and items of drug paraphernalia.

Hardy has been charged with trafficking in opium, felony maintaining a dwelling to keep a controlled substance, intent to sell or deliver a level three controlled substance, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hardy's bail was set at $125,000 and he has since been released on secure bond.

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Be Gentle 8)
  by: rotten   09/12/2009 03:51 AM     
  good job  
this is one of the more entertaining summaries i've seen on SN
  by: m.i.a.elite     09/12/2009 03:53 AM     
I guess CM Punk - The ONLY, Straight-Edge, World Heavyweight Champion - will really have something to talk about now... 'cept for that Punk already beat Jeff Hardy's ass right out of SmackDown!

John Morrison RULES!
  by: nicohlis     09/12/2009 04:31 AM     
  jeff hardy  
well the first two are for pain, the cocaine was probably on money (most money has traces of cocaines on it, btw), and the steroids *may* have been given to him for his two herniated discs... its not uncommon for wrestlers to use steroids though it usually grounds for dismissal unless its actually prescribed to them, usually for an injury, which coincidently he has been off from for 2 weeks.

i'll bet charges will be dropped, and this was just their celebrity bust of the week.
  by: HAVOC666     09/12/2009 04:42 AM     
"'cept for that Punk already beat Jeff Hardy's ass right out of SmackDown!"

you do know that only kayfabe right?, he's off as a result of progressive injury, so he put CM punk over (he'll lose almost certianly to the undertaker, who'll probably keep it till hardy get back then it will be dropped back to hardy... that usually the way these things go), he's still under contract to smackdown, so he'll be back.
  by: HAVOC666     09/12/2009 04:49 AM     
actually havoc, hardy's contract with wwe expired and he chose to take time off to heal up and work on an reality show he's shopping around...and given this development I wouldn't be surprised to see punk win so WWE can distance themselves from any drug use with a straight edge champion.
  by: rotten   09/12/2009 05:21 AM     
he only had a 30 day extension it appears.
  by: HAVOC666     09/12/2009 05:30 AM     

But, they really hit and kick each other and really fight though, right?... RIGHT?!

And, and, Gangrel was really a real vampire, right?... RIGHT?!


  by: nicohlis     09/12/2009 05:30 AM     
David Heath (Gangrel) was married to Luna Vachon, so there's a good chance he *is* a vampire (Or legally blind).

For anyone who doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about:
  by: YuSaKu     09/12/2009 07:00 AM     
interesting good summary
  by: willyshawker     09/12/2009 07:45 AM     
Luna... HAH!

I thought the Oddities with Luna were great. When they came to ring and danced around (even though I hate ICP)... those were good times... good times.
  by: nicohlis     09/12/2009 08:08 AM     
Damn... I got like 200 vic's and maybe 60 40mg Oxycontins sitting here.

Drug trafficking seems a little ridiculous for that. Although, I got no cocaine powder residue.
  by: kristmen   09/12/2009 06:37 PM     
  by: HAVOC666     09/13/2009 12:36 AM     
  No wonder  
No wonder why I'm addicted to sniffing money. *L* Always liked the smell of the paper, at least i thought I did.
  by: ohioankev   09/13/2009 03:29 AM     
555ml of steroids is a LOT. Especially if it was for medical reasons. That'd be like 185 weeks worth at high end bodybuilding doses. Or 115 weeks at insane doses. No doctor in their right mind would give somebody that much.

I really couldn't give a crap if he's doing steroids or not. I'm just saying that it's not going to be dismissed.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   09/13/2009 11:54 PM     
...he's so hot.
  by: rachsquelch   09/14/2009 12:15 PM     
  @ nicohlis  

Dude, you made my day

Gangrel lolololool
  by: Mannyishere     09/14/2009 05:59 PM     
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