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                 01/17/2018 12:13 AM  
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09/15/2009 03:55 AM ID: 80692 Permalink   

New BMW Concept Car on Show


BMW has released its newest hybrid concept car at The Frankfurt Auto Show. The car is appropriately named the Vision EfficientDynamics. The chassis is constructed of mostly aluminum and utilizes a special composite for the roof and body.

The power behind this new hybrid is powered by two electric motors mounted on the axles to provide all-wheel drive. In addition, it packs a 1.5L 3-cylinder turbodiesel engine. To complete the system there are 98 lithium-polymer batteries as well.

The Vision EfficentDynamics concept hybrid can obtain 31 miles on electricity alone, while an approximate range of 400 miles can be obtained using both systems for an average fuel economy of 62.5 mpg. Also it can reach 62 mph in 4.5 seconds.

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  My story...  
Reads awkward is the second and third paragraph. I suppose that is what happens when posting news at odd hours of the night/morning.

Regardless, this is a sweet @ss Oprah t1ts breakthrough since the future of cars and definitely aviation rests in the hands of battery technology to provide power.
  by: juggalotoka   09/16/2009 01:09 AM     
i read a story on here a while back about a refrigerator sized nuclear generator, instead of convertng water to steam using heat fromm deteriorating uranium, they convert the heat directly to electricity using some new thermal-electrical materal, they've had materials to do this, but they havent worked effeciently enough to be used for nuclear power before..

now i know most commerical planes use jet turbines which need chemical fuel but maybe an endless supply of electricty will prompt designers to go back to the proppeller. :D

frieght trains would be a good place for nuclear fridges.. and think of the shippnig industry if everything could be powered w/ nuclear sources.

yah go ahead and claim terrorists will extract the uranium and convert it to a bomb.

its worth it imo...

if we dont use the technology it wont advance. imagine the apex of the techcnology, the eternal battery. the size of an AA batter with enough power to heat a city for a day, or power your car for 10 years.

i remember watchng an old anime. Neon genesis, and one line in it some chick is complaining about battery life.

i guess we'll always have newer/better fuel sources but we'll always have new demands that require something better.
  by: thedeeder   09/16/2009 05:04 PM     
That looks futuristic.. I like it.
  by: Mafia2020     09/21/2009 01:06 PM     
  Standing applause to the German Automaker  
Very Nice!

This is a very inspiring vehicle! Thank you BMW!
  by: MannyisHere     10/31/2010 11:33 PM     
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