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                 01/19/2018 06:34 PM  
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09/23/2009 11:07 AM ID: 80821 Permalink   

Iran Puts a Ban on Curvy Store Mannequins


Police in Iran have sent a harsh warning to shopkeepers to use mannequins covered with headscarves and not showing any body curves, or face consequences in line with breaches of the Islamic moral dress codes.

The moral security police said: "Using unusual mannequins exposing the body curves and with the heads without Hijabs (Muslim veil) are prohibited to be used in the shops." The fashion police have become more strict under President Ahmadinejad.

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  Well, naturally...  
the human form is evil and thought-provoking. You know, the bad kind of provoked thought.

Real women, this is your warning. Lose those beautiful curves, lest you suffer this fate.
  by: Dayron   09/23/2009 11:25 AM     
  the Koran says nothing about coving up mannequins  
It says, "tell your wives and daughters and the believing women to draw their outer garments around them (when they go out or are among men). That is better in order that they may be known (to be Muslims) and not annoyed…" (Qur'an 33:59)

So by saying the Mannequins must cover up, they are claiming that the Mannequins are Muslims as well. But if this is the case, then they should place the mannequins in the proper position during the daily prayers...

AND if Mannequins can be Muslims, then this must mean that you can marry and have sex with them as well, or would that be a post hoc ergo proctor hoc fallacy?
  by: shaohu     09/23/2009 02:17 PM     
  And I should think so to...  
it is a dreadful thing to show a dolls figure. What ever were they thinking, next the men there will be raping all the dolls in the toy shop.
  by: captainJane     09/23/2009 02:26 PM     
Holy Crap! It's like a Christina Hendricks mannequin.
  by: VermiciousG     09/23/2009 03:48 PM     
  Not a problem...  
I found the perfect substitute.
  by: valkyrie123     09/23/2009 04:18 PM     
only this but other strange tings also may have been in that country, they are stuck on their religion very much.
  by: vizhatlan     09/23/2009 07:16 PM     
  Save the world Abolish religion  
I think its time to stop praying to the invisible guy in the sky that rules the heaves and the earth....maybe start using science just a little more a long with reason and logic..... its kinda like a holy trinity of thinking... science, reason, logic...amen
  by: sour4d20     09/23/2009 09:00 PM     
is this this weeks anti-Iranian story ? You know what amazes me is how ballistic people were going over the election there and nobody has said peep squat over whats happening in the Afghan elections , looks like we'll all sit back and let Karzai steal it for his US masters ...
  by: Hugo Chavez     09/23/2009 09:20 PM     
  oh btw  
this crap is run across the international corp press networks all the time


and in 2005
  by: Hugo Chavez     09/23/2009 09:25 PM     
  sinners blame god  
i tell you what this is one religion that people make beleive is a bad influence on others culture,was about 2 convert am put off by the whole thing altogether,it frighten me 2 shit.this is not god commandments,it's all sick people out their especialy the man.
  by: janethec   09/23/2009 09:51 PM     
They have also banned all DVD's of "Mannequin" starring Kim Cattrall
  by: jclaw23   09/24/2009 12:03 AM     
gee, thanks. that brings back bad memories of when I went to church as a child. :(
  by: John E Angel     09/24/2009 04:41 AM     
they also canceled any notion of a Mannix syndication. Mike Connors was devastated.
  by: John E Angel     09/24/2009 04:43 AM     
  @ all  
I wonder how Iranian view this story
or this story
or this story
ect ect ect
You get the point

This is just a fine example of a physiological war. Remember the headline news that was being discussed way back when Butcher-of-Bagdad-Bush was pushing his agenda about Iraq and its supposedly backward & murdering people O and weapons of mass destruction. This is the same thing. There are many cultural differences that make no sense but are an integral part of there society (example like eating the flesh of Christ or drinking the blood of Jesus, or women who are not allowed to talk to any other men then there husband, or Burkas, or Rabbis doing circumcision with there mouth ect ect ect). All societies change and adapt, it is part of humanity, as our ability to have better communication around the world and as more people can reach readily available information, things will change and we will have a unified culture. Please don’t fall for the propaganda and hate others (as can be noticed from comments above) War is never good for general folks only the select few who profit from the genocide of entire society. Just a reminder how the Nazi propaganda machine in the 1930 dehumanized the Jewish People, is there any difference now other then the Jews have been replaced by Muslims? Cant we humans learn from our mistake?
With all our immense collective knowledge and technological advancements that makes the religious ideas look soo barbaric and stone aged, why do most humans have to still cling on to them. Why?
Just my 2 cents
Peace to all people not just a select few.
  by: justus4all   09/24/2009 10:23 AM     
  @ Justus  
Well, I for one love me some Yeshua! Lol
  by: C.O.G.   09/24/2009 06:34 PM     
  Death to the infidel Mannequins  
  by: philosoraptor   09/24/2009 08:01 PM     
Heck, thats not even front page news over there if it were local for them.
  by: Pyronius     09/25/2009 12:39 AM     
  I wish...  
...they'd do that over here. I hate going into some store and seeing some scantily clad mannequin giving me the eye. Supposedly they're advertising clothing, but I know what they want. Standing there in a provocative pose, lips pursed together, eyes following me around the store. I awkwardly pretend to ignore their advances, stumbling through the isles with a sweaty brow, forgetting why I had come into the establishment in the first place. I personally don't feel I should be subjected to strange inanimate objects ogling me, treating my sensitive person like some piece of meat. Who's with me? Hello?
  by: spiggy   09/25/2009 04:57 PM     
  Did you ever...  
...bump into a mannequin and apologize? I have.
  by: VermiciousG     09/25/2009 06:12 PM     
once I had to step over my dog who was laying on the floor and I said 'excuse me'.
  by: John E Angel     09/26/2009 06:38 AM     
only this but other strange tings also may have been in that country, they are stuck on their religion very much. "

What other TINGS?? Stop jumping on the bandwagon like your country is any better. If you keep allowing to be brain washed, the end result will only make you look like you cant make up your mind.
  by: skcusswentrohs     09/26/2009 05:45 PM     
Skuss you are mixing up the wrong countries again. In the states they do not beat up women and arrest them and cut their faces because they refused to cover themselves like furniture.

As to those stating that this is a cultural thing, Iran was much more culturally advanced couple decades ago. Now they moved backwards and are spreading a backward culture to their neighbours.
  by: kmazzawi     09/26/2009 08:35 PM     
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