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                 01/18/2018 03:09 PM  
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09/25/2009 12:43 PM ID: 80852 Permalink   

Woman Driven to Suicide by Yobs Had Written Diary of Police Failure


Fiona Pilkington ended her life, and that of her disabled daughter Frankie in October 2007 after a campaign of intimidation by local yobs made their lives a misery. Her diary, read at an inquest gives insight into her torment from beyond the grave.

During the campaign of abuse boys as young as 10 tormented Frankie, urinated in the garden, threw stones and eggs at the house, marched her brother at knife-point into a shed and shouted abuse until 2:30am. Through the ordeal police refused to help.

For their part, the yobs knew they were above the law and taunted the family about it. Police ignored 33 separate pleas for help, telling Fiona to 'ignore it'. No gang member has ever been prosecuted over the abuse.

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  This story  
is really emotive I think. When someone's life is made such a misery that they kill themselves just to escape, and those supposed to protect them stand by and do nothing. It's an awful thought, I hope the police are ashamed of themselves, and if there's any justice, the senior officers sacked for allowing this.
  by: Maxx20     09/25/2009 12:46 PM     
  How Awful  
It seems like the one punk who yelled nothing would be done was right. I had to read the source to find out what yob meant to be sure. I can't believe that these little F'rs got away with it for 3 years and not one time were they charged.

How tortured she had to feel to kill herself and her daughter, it makes me angry that those who are supposed to protect and serve ingored her for so long, even telling her it was made up.

I hope that some officers are sacked and someone will get the names of those little shits and do something about it.
  by: TaraB     09/25/2009 02:26 PM     
wth is a Yob?
  by: deadmeat     09/25/2009 02:49 PM     
  Another reason why  
GUNS should be widely available to the public. If you're being harrassed and then a family member is held at knife point I see a legitimate reason to end them. I'd take those idiots out before doing myself that's for sure. And if I was slain in the attempt, no big deal if I were plotting my own suicide as the article depicts. Just goes to show that gun restrictions only restrict people who are trying to defend themselves since deviants and criminals will get their hands on weapons no matter what.
  by: vex   09/25/2009 03:06 PM     
A "yob" is how the latin community pronounces job. Because in spanish the J is pronounced witha y. Haven't you ever seen that southpark episode?
  by: vex   09/25/2009 03:08 PM     
  A Yob  
is a thug, often young men, although young women are increasingly getting in on the action, who act in an antisocial manner. Children in some areas become yobs quite quickly. It's a growing characteristic of British council estates, which are places where the state owns all the housing and just gives houses to people who don't want to work. Often these people reproduce in order to gain more benefits but rarely care for or discipline their children. The children then grow up without rules or positive role models and find stability and social structure in gangs instead. Fuelled by the knowledge that there are no consequences and an utter lack of respect for anyone, having had life funded entirely by benefits these gangs victimise people and terrorise communities. Government initiatives mostly involving throwing more money at these people have all failed and instead fuelled a cycle of failure, crime and state dependence which could one day threaten the ability of this country to function as a balanced society.

An interesting commentary can be found here:
  by: Maxx20     09/25/2009 03:11 PM     
Wait, Europe do something wrong? WHAT?!
  by: nimira     09/25/2009 03:19 PM     
  I'm not British  
but it really seems to me that the yob problem has something to do with the welfare state in Britain. The government gives out pretty generous benefits, and the more kids you have, the more benefits you get. People are having children as a way to not work and pay the bills, not because they want them. So they end up having this pack of kids (still in poverty of course) that they can't control and they let them run the streets (I'm sure they would rather have their kids out of the house anyway).
  by: gryphon50a   09/25/2009 03:32 PM     
Its actually, en yobbusus officium......
  by: Mannyishere     09/25/2009 04:11 PM     
don't understand why the police did't help? Some kind of serious reason may have been for which the hooligans did't leave her in peace.
  by: vizhatlan     09/25/2009 04:51 PM     
  The Police  
Are too busy after that favorite criminal the motorist,easier too arrest or fine a driver than too face down some yob chavs,the police under this labour goverment are politically controlled too suppress the population, this poor woman and her daughter deserved so much more and was given nothing shame on the police and her local council.
  by: Jammy-Doger   09/25/2009 05:04 PM     
  You would think...  
she would be driven to beat some yob ass, before being driven to a murder suicide. NO yob 10 year old is above an ass whopping.
  by: barryman9001   09/25/2009 08:33 PM     
  In the interests of fairness  
and being a balanced SN-er I'll post a summary of the police response tomorrow. The original is here:

@vizhatlan; the response may help to answer your question.

@barryman9001; your point actually illustrates why she killed her daughter as well. Having been moved by the story I read around and it turned out the mother had actually wanted to commit suicide alone. She feared that her daughter would be victimised and made to suffer on her own if she had left her though, so she actually took the ultimate heartbreaking decision to kill her daughter to protect her from what was happening. The reality if she had even reprimanded one of these yobs would have been the UK criminal justice system locking her away. The criminal gets more rights than the victim. This I expect was the reason she didn't fight back, if she was locked away, her daughter would have been alone and unable to face what was happening. The end was undeniably terrible, but there's some heartbreaking bravery there in my view. The like of which I don't mind admitting, I'm not capable of.
  by: Maxx20     09/25/2009 10:48 PM     
  I was amazed..  
at a oconentry folllowing the police on a big crack down they made in Bristol, the police were so proud at the amont of trash they reeled in.

Te joke to me was up until the eighties they did this work everyday of their lives,So why are they are employed today, what do they actually do anymore to help curb this ongoing criminal activity that just seems the norm now. This is just all to sickening!
  by: captainJane     09/25/2009 10:59 PM     
I've been following the yob problem somewhat on some UK forums on the net and from what I understand, their legal system protects the youths from getting their well deserved licks from the adults.

Adults that fight back are typically fighting a group of yobs-- not just one and risk getting injured or killed. The adults that do manage to bash a few heads are usually heavily charged. The kids that get into it with adults usually get off with a slap on the wrist and get right back to terrorizing the masses.
  by: luc1ddr3am     09/26/2009 04:16 AM     
umm, maxx20.. you're a little to into this stuff buddy, RELAX.
  by: rutgers   09/26/2009 09:53 AM     
indeed Maxx, the response is important of what is it like but despite of it still i don't know why they ignored them but i'll think i'll know it.
  by: vizhatlan     09/26/2009 01:02 PM     
You get it, don't let the naysayers shoot you down. They won't understand until they are in a dire situation just as comparable.
  by: Luc1ddr3am     09/26/2009 09:44 PM     
Antisocial little thugs are not uncommon any more in this nation, that allows child centric laws, and assumes as most lefies believe, they are innocent of all evil intent, regardless of the fact that they have hung other children and torured them as well, even to the extent that they drag a screaming four or five yeat old, out of a shopping centre, drag him across town, and beat him, stab him, shove a sharpened stick in his eyes and ears, and then set fire to him, cut his penis off, and finally bash his head in with a rock.
Not one adult felt able to stop and even question these monsters, because of the atmosphere of prosecution that exists in the social services and police in this nation, now it has happened again, and a 10 year old has been hung after another couple of these "children" had previously done this to another child only a week before this killing, and were awaiting the police interview about the earlier incident, at the time they did this.
As to the reason the police never responded they were, ( like so many on the continent of Europe, are little more than clerks, and civil servants, any more, they take notes and issue parking tickets, and notes of confirmation of crimes so you have a crime number to give your insurance company for a claim to be made, but from personal experience of repeated assaults on my home (200 yds from a major police station), they took three days to attend, and on one ocassion even tried to tell me that they arrived after a burglary, and checked my doors were secured and got no reply, (I was actually sitting at the window, by the front,smashed in door, for sixteen hours until I could get any one to repair it, so I know damn well they never showed in all that time) in fact it took them three days to attend, and take a statement The only thing that any one can say about this type of attack, is that all it takes for these things to happen, is police never turn up or do anything, and you only have to be a little different to others to be targetted, my crime ? I was a night shift worker ! as soon as they found that out, they practically destroyed my home, £198,000 of my life went west..and I live in a tower block now, with a security door, all it took was that one little difference, so I have a degree of understanding for this woman, because while you may be able to move away, or confront, these thugs (at great risk to yourself ), your home can not get up and go away while you are not around, and by the way, when I complained to the police about all of this, the reply I got was "what do you expect us to do about it, are you sure you did not do something to provoke them ?
As for living on generous benefits, after being sick after 35 years of paying into the system, I received £64.30 a week, to live on, if you take £17.50 Bus fares to get to work/job centre/interviews, or doctors/hospital appointments, £6.68 for water rates, £20 a week to pay for electricity/gas bills, add laundry, and food and now think about paying for your car insurance as a night shift worker, that can not even have a driving offence listed on their record (unlike all other people in this world, police included, I work under the Rehabilitation of offenders (Exemption orders) act 1968, where even parking tickets must be declared on a job or licence application, they are never written off or forgotten, and any such, may cost you to lose your licence, and your job. So you pay your car insurance and you do not miss your Minitry of Transport, road worthiness checks,(MOT),or maintenance needed to meet emmission levels, Total cost ? £420 for insurance, £420 + Value added tax @ 17.5% for maintenance, () £50 for an MOT test as well ), Lets add this up now, for eight months illness, you get £1533.20, in income, ( and for the first month they will take you on a ride, by delays and delays, before payment, and you face misery and borrowing from your savings, if you have had over £1000 in your bank account, in the last year, you are "presumed" ( guilty, without trial), to have spent this, in order to avoid it being taken into account during your claim, so they "deem" it as still available to you, and it is deducted from any claim you make, as if it still existed, even though it does not,) or friends and neighbours.
Now we come to the total costs (and these are minimum costs , not grandiose or excessive), £480 (gas / electric ) Because they will actually only pay this income for a full fortnight, (two weeks period), and you were stupid enough not to know it, so you went back on the twentieth, ( and do not get paid until the second of the next month from wages ), so the last monmey you get is a week in arears and a week in advance, and surprise! that ran out on the 11th of this month, and nothing more will be forthcoming because you went back 9 days in to the two week period, do the maths yourselves, kids = cash, the more the nerrier,
Foreigner = paydirt, the motherlode !!! Single white male ? = poverty
  by: Active1   09/26/2009 11:08 PM     
Police response summarised for balance:

@The Above; indeed I am 'into' all this, it concerns me. It concerns me as a decent person and a potential victim. No-one in this country is safe, even one our politicians admitted she wouldn't go out on her own at night. I think it's worth discussing this, hiding from it will only result in it getting worse.
  by: Maxx20     09/27/2009 09:23 PM     
Wow, interesting story. I agree entirely with the "single white male = poverty" thing. The government seem obsessed with dragging the majority down while simultaneously looking to us to bank-roll everyone else.
  by: Maxx20     09/27/2009 09:31 PM     
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