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                 01/16/2018 10:26 AM  
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09/28/2009 05:05 PM ID: 80893 Permalink   

Another Mother Attacked by Yobs in the UK Told by Police: We're Not Sending Anyone


In a case which has frightening similarities with the case of a mother who committed suicide after a 10 year campaign of abuse from yobs (SN Reported) Nikki Collen, 39m from Warwickshirem is having a similar experience.

The thug smashe is way through her front door and knocked her down in her hallway Nikki rang the police to ask for help. The police responded that sending anyone out could 'escalate' the problem and she was effectively on her own.

Nikki and her family have suffered a campaign of abuse since last December when an argument got out of hand. The family has been sworn at, had used condoms thrown, windows smashed and graffiti on their home. Nikki is now terrified to leave the house.

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  Another fine example  
of broken Britain.

As with before, I think it's important to highlight these things, this kind of thing, although not commonplace, is increasing in intensity and frequency.

Story about the original woman here:
  by: Maxx20     09/28/2009 05:07 PM     
  Thinking out Loud  
A thug kicked in her front door and punched her to the floor in her hallway.

A .357 magnum would have solved the problem at that point. Thanks for gun control.
  by: kajin824   09/28/2009 05:18 PM     
  What the hell!!  
This isn't just some kids yelling names out, they are terrorizing people! Assault and Battery should be a criminal offense no matter their damn ages.

I read this and thought how bad it has to be when you are losing the will to enjoy your life or even think about not living.
**She added: 'I am on anti-depressants, my nerves are shot to pieces and I'm terrified of walking out my front door.
'This is no way to live. When it's got really bad, I have to admit I have thought about ending it but I'm determined not to be beaten by the bullies who are acting like they are above the law.
'All I want is a bit of support from the police.'**

If this keeps up I wouldn't be surprised if people didn't take punishment in their own hands. Of course, they would be the ones that ended up being charges because sometimes our laws are bass-ackwards.

Maxx, I want to thank you for posting the 3 summaries on this. That they let these little SOB's get away with all of this is something I was unaware of. If they were over here they would probably be arrested and put on probation and repeat that cycle many times until they get put in the Juvie or a Boot Camp program.

I'd invest in a good basball bat and start cracking some knee caps if I were her and the police kept refusing to help.

  by: TaraB     09/28/2009 05:24 PM     
Baseball Bat!? Pfffff...

UZI baby, UZI.
  by: skcusswentrohs     09/28/2009 05:35 PM     
  Wow lmao  
Thank God for the 2nd amendment... you Brits might wanna look into that.
  by: truhawg   09/28/2009 05:38 PM     
i think though i'm here Britain is not so broken from these examples. I think everyting will be all right there.
  by: vizhatlan     09/28/2009 07:47 PM     
I feel a lot better about the 2nd amendment now.

What is a yobs? My google-fu is US. Based and not finding that one.
  by: coteyr2   09/28/2009 07:50 PM     
  Clockwork Orange anyone?  
At least in that story the police were (somewhat) interested in apprehending the violent youths.

@coteyr2 "yobs" was explained in the previous story (link above).
  by: StringBlade   09/28/2009 08:27 PM     
Well I would have said something like an Uzi except I knew they are illegal over there. Even though I don't think too many people would mind in this case.

StringBlade- I was thinking about that after the first one.
  by: TaraB     09/28/2009 09:22 PM     
  It is not the fact...  
the police never learn they know already but they don't want to do the job.
It is time some people at the top got pushed out and leave the real men to do the work!
  by: captainJane     09/29/2009 12:56 AM     
  @kajin824 & @truhawg  
I'm not for or against gun ownership but if it can be used for defence then it can be used for attack as well. Whats to stop the yobs from using a gun for their abuse rather than what they are using now?
  by: tung   09/29/2009 08:28 AM     
Q: "Whats to stop the yobs from using a gun for their abuse rather than what they are using now?"

A: A well placed round from their intended victim.
  by: SoulSerenity   09/29/2009 09:13 AM     
Again your assumption being that the gun is used for defence, the yobs can equally place a round into their victims head.

Lets say the victim gets a gun, okay she has one to defend, she is one person, i don't know how many people are abusing her but whatever it is they outnumber her, if they all have guns what happens then?
  by: tung   09/29/2009 09:40 AM     
Pleased to hear I'm appreciated :-)

These stories actually set the scene for a speech Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister) will make today at the Labour Party Conference. I think antisocial behaviour is going to be a key election issue.

Info on Gordon's speech available here:
  by: Maxx20     09/29/2009 10:00 AM     
You are absolutely right, bad people can use guns on their victims. Bad guys will always have guns, even if they are illegal. However, if law abiding citizens have the option of owning a weapon for self-defense, it may increase their chances of survival if they are ever attacked...

in the situation you proposed...the victim is outnumbered and outgunned...and therefor probably going to die, however if the situation was the same except the assailants were armed with something other than guns, the outcome would still be the same, at least if she is armed she has a better chance of walking away than if she wasn't.
  by: SoulSerenity   09/29/2009 10:33 AM     
i can just picture it now

Police: i'm worry miss we dont want to escolate the matter your on your own

Woman: so if i'm on my own i can get a very sharp knife out of my kitchen to defend myself

Police: no miss if you do that we will have to send the swat out to you and arrest you for attempted murder
  by: Psycho_Steve   09/29/2009 11:12 AM     
I agree, having the gun would have put her in a better position to defend against the yobs.

The situation i proposed is kinda based on the situation in the article that the yobs were out to terrorise and not kill, if they wanted to kill they could use anything doesn't have to be a gun.

Having the gun though would make the situation more frightening. I guess i dislike the way on how easy it is to obtain a gun, it seems anyone can get one be it for defence or for whatever and having that option available so easy then bad people will always take it
  by: tung   09/29/2009 11:14 AM     
The way it works where I'm from, is there is a backround check done on the individual before they aquire a license to buy a firearm. If the backround check shows the person has been arested for a felony or violent crime, they cannot own a weapon...but like I that really going to stop a felon from getting his/her hands on a gun? Thats why I think law-abiding citizens should be allowed to own weapons of their own for self defense

I agree with you though about how easy it is for some people to get their hands on dangerous weapons...I think it should be much harder to have a weapon.
  by: SoulSerenity   09/29/2009 11:29 AM     
Maxx- You are welcome. :-) I also would think this gives good reason for the law to be changed, they could still offer programs to help youth AND offer jail time for those that either don't want the help or is a repeat offender. Doing nothing but offering them a free pass for everything has not worked.

@All- In the real world we know that the UK will not legalize guns, but this and the other story is so unfair that some would like to think of this mother being able to defend herself before she too kills herself. I suggested a baseball bat, because I think that she should use it on them or maybe find a few yobs that will take care of the other ones even.

Yobs vs Yobs, I bet it would earn a lot of money if they offered it as a pay-per-view event.
  by: TaraB     09/29/2009 11:42 AM     
I currently live in the UK, and you are right, they will never legalize handguns over here. That doesnt stop thugs and criminals from having them though.

In all fairness you are correct, the best the young lady can do is invest in self-defense classes, and try to protect herself as best as she can. I can say this about the police response in this particular a police officer I can tell you that they had a legal and moral obligation to assist her, and the dispatcher should be fired immediatly...
  by: SoulSerenity   09/29/2009 12:01 PM     
you live in uk? from your responses seems you live in the states ...

UK laws kinda are screwed in the fact that if she did have a gun and used it she would probably be arrested and charged, it's a screwed up system.
  by: tung   09/29/2009 12:14 PM     
  @ Soul  
I knew you were an officer because of several replies you have made recently.
You are right when you say that the criminals will always find a way to have guns if they want them, gotta love the black market!

I think a self defense class would be soemthing she should have as soon as possible. I am unaware of what area has what kind of class/race/crime rate over there, but a good idea would be self-defense classes offered for a reasonable price for those that have to deal with these thugs.
  by: TaraB     09/29/2009 12:30 PM     
I was born in the US but i live in the UK...and you're right, in that respect the laws are messed up.

But I'm from Massachsetts, the laws differ from state to state, and in MA, the laws are very similar to those of the UK in these circumstances. The laws in the US are no better for the victim in someplaces....either way there need to be changes to BOTH systems IMO.
  by: SoulSerenity   09/29/2009 12:32 PM     
Oh yeah, the Black Market rocks!!! You can get a cheap Blackberry, and Uzi and a stop shop! LOL

As a Cop, you have to have a level head about you, even in situations that can potentially explode into serious violence which is why i cringe everytime I see another cop who does something moronic (like taser a lady for not signing a ticket)...It gives those of us who wear the badge and actually serve and protect a really bad image. But I also cringe everytime I walk up to a car at night,because like you said...gotta love the black market
  by: SoulSerenity   09/29/2009 12:40 PM     
Your probably one of the best officers i have spoken with and does mean that there are some cops out there that are actually not bad.

I would like to know when i person has been checked etc and they get a gun, are they regular checked as in assessed to see if they are deemed still fit to carry one. I say this because i want to know what happens if a perfectly normal law abiding person gets a gun but then something triggers them to become unstable and having a gun in their possession could be dangerous.

I think the neighbours should have helped out, what happened to good values where people help each other out, i dont think i could stand idle knowing this is happening right in front of my eyes ...
  by: tung   09/29/2009 12:51 PM     
I appreciate you saying so, there are a few of us who try and do the right thing...

To answer your question, once a person is checked out and they own a gun, in my state, they have to register the weapon with the local police department, where a list is kept of all the residents of the town that have weapons with detailed descriptions of each weapon they own. If a person commits a felony or a crime after they own a weapon, their weapons may be seized by the police. Other than that, there is no follow up check, becuase to do so could violate their rights.

I know that I personally wouldnt be able to stand by and let that happen, but her neighbors could be elderly, or have families that they didnt want to get involved, particularly children in their homes. The best course of action if you see somethin like that is to call the police and give them as much information as you can.
  by: SoulSerenity   09/29/2009 01:09 PM     
I get sick of this country. I was under the impression that my taxes pay for things like Police. Why should we continue to pay when they do nothing?

If police refused to come in a situation like this a complaint should be made to the IPCC.
  by: Eidron   09/29/2009 01:44 PM     
"But I'm from Massachsetts"
That's where my husband is originally from. I loved it when we were out there.

"As a Cop, you have to have a level head about you, even in situations that can potentially explode into serious violence which is why i cringe everytime I see another cop who does something moronic (like taser a lady for not signing a ticket)...It gives those of us who wear the badge and actually serve and protect a really bad image. But I also cringe everytime I walk up to a car at night,because like you said...gotta love the black market"

There are some rotten people out there that wear the badge, but they aren't the majority they are just the ones that get press attention. Walking up to cars and domestics are the 2 most dangerous things a cop usually faces day to day. We might not agree on teh sonic cannon thread just like Nic and I don't, but I can understand where you are coming from and agree with everything you wrote here.
  by: TaraB     09/29/2009 01:48 PM     
  If she can't get a gun  
May I suggest a hungry pit bull or a rottweiler? A good pair of Chows might work out well too.
  by: jaded fox     09/29/2009 01:53 PM     
Fox: excellent suggestion...I have an Englsih Mastiff...wonderful guard dog.

Tara: I cant wait to get back to MA, its been a long time since I've seen my family. We may not agree on everything, but judging from what I've read from you, you're a strong lady who genuinly cares about people, and i can def. respect that.
  by: SoulSerenity   09/29/2009 06:28 PM     
  @ Stringblade  
My thoughts exactly. Just round up all the kids at the Karova Milk Bar and take them in for "treatment".
  by: spiggy   09/29/2009 08:24 PM     
Thank you for the compliment. I do care for people and sometimes it can be my downfall. When I get so into something I believe in I get carried away sometimes and like Nic had to do in the cannon thread was to let me know. If everyone got along all the time it would be pretty boring and there wouldn't be the wonderful discussions, the occasional loss of temper and what I like most about SN the variety of people and opinions from all over the world. A good example is I would never have known what a Yob was if it wasn't for

I miss Mass too. We haven't been out there in so long and I miss my in-laws, yes everyone read it right I get along with my in-laws. That includes my Italian mother in law AND I married the baby of the family. His parents are so wonderful and terrific. We haven't got to see their new place yet, other than some pictures in email.
  by: TaraB     09/29/2009 09:19 PM     
  hey UK...  
why dont you go buy some guns... that will solve the intruder problem...
  by: teh_epic     09/29/2009 10:29 PM     
  Police xchecks HA HA HA !!!  
there was a permit system in operation in Britain but the record of gun ownership was very carefully controlled by gun clubs, and incidents were very, very rare so rare in fact that gun clibs and sporting gunsd held the record for the safest sport participants in the UK for over 40 years, this led to a level of complacency on the part of the various police forces, Thomas Hamilton ( Dunblane ), and Michael Ryan ( Hungerford ) as ,killers were known to the police forces at the inquest into the Dunblane shootings, the local firearms officer admitted that he had failed to do anything about complaints about Hamilton, and his behaviour before this incident, and at Hungerford, Ryan was buying guns illegaly through the postal system, without a firearm certificate in both cases it was failure to act that led to these tragedies, both could have been avoided, It remains the case that people kill and guns do not, it can lie on a table for ever more and not hurt someone, it requires an active part on someONE to do the trigger pulling, banning them does not stop criminals, only honest people fro m ownership... At the time that these were banned a magnum gun as a single shot weapon ( black powder, self filled , is still, legal to own, yet not o0ne killing has occurred usiong this as a weapon, yet and it is never likel;y to as most gun cluubs are now closed, form handgun uise ), the sad thing was that when this matter was discussed there was a large and obviously left wing press that published sensationalised styatements from a particular unioopn police member that claimed all police officers wanted these banned, in fact a survey ( and the officer at the Dunblane hearing agreed that this was not the case ), ) and the majority of officers were in support of retaining the balance and certification of firearmas at the regular level, this was published by their own in house magazine. Even so,Shotguns are still legal as a rifles are these not as deadly ? So the argument falls down on this alone. I feel; that this is a bad law,and worse it was badly introduced against all logic, it was an emotional reaction trhat shoul;d have never been allowed to progress to this point, as was the dangerous dogs act, for which after about twenty years there still has yet to be a full prosecution for keeping any of the defined dogs as the breed is so difficult to define,

but from a personal point of view all our police can do these days is issue crime numbers they are like mosty European forces they are mere civil servants nothing more I have called them from 200 yards from a station and had no one turn up for three days, and they lied about having sent some one to check the property security because I sat at the front door window, for several hours while I waited through the time they alleged their man had been, this after I caught one of the ones who had kicked in my front door while I was asleep, and he got away I had the van licence it was a waste of time, it happened three times more, and I finally sold out and moved, to a secure block of flats, with an electronic security door on the ground floor, the crime I commiotted to start these yobs opff >? I was a night shift worker, and they found this out from someone, and that is all it takes these days, just to be a little different to any one else, and that is iot, and yes the pol;ice will do this to just about anyone I know this to be true, as I also know that a police officer will lie from experience, ( especially one who was going to marry the one woman you walked off with four days before his marriage to her )......and one who tajkes note of statistics and from personal knowledge several have police criminal records as well and the same level of crime and sexual assaults as the general public, are perpetrated by them, they should be held to a higher standard if they want respect from the public and our support but they do not feel that that standard, should apply to them any more once they are in uniform sadly the "thin blue line" takes care of its own these days, before it takes care of us, the great unwashed !
  by: Active1   09/30/2009 08:41 AM     
Did I mis-read the article? Seems I read that police patrols have stepped up since the terrorising family have been threatened. These thugs doing the terrorising now has protection.
  by: lambitus   09/30/2009 08:30 PM     
"Bad guys will always have guns, even if they are illegal. "


No, bad guys don't always have guns. That is a load of crap propaganda from the NRA. Very few "bad guys" have guns in the UK or Australia thanks to our gun laws.

The problem in this situation is a lack of enforcement.
  by: jendres     10/01/2009 04:14 AM     
  Dear sweet boy jendre  
Are you actually aware, that there are more deaths from guns in the UK, than there ever was, before handguns were banned, I am sorry that in Australia this has not reached the news or medias attention yet, but concerns are greater now, than when ownership was legal, firearms are freely available on the streets of almost every town, to the criminal element.

This year alone, their have been several killings from gang members to innocent girls on nights out, and ecenn off duty soldiers who were mugged and killed because someone wantyed their necklace, ( all of this in or near Birmingham, ) even a few incidents where a child was murdered because he "dissed" someone else by not acknowledging him, the crime was committed by a 14 year old, on an 11 year old with a handgun the 14 year old had found, lying in the street, I am sorry that you believe that the NRA are the perpetrators of this, as a urban legend, But the facts call you an out and out bigot, this is nothing to do with the NRA who do not even exist in England, but gun crime does, and if you want the figures then you will be surprised to know that you are more likely to die in London of gun crime these days, than in New York, a point that even the Americans are drawing attention to these days, it has been a long time since this ban happened, and almost as long since England was a, peaceful church going, ( the majority of religious attendees are now muslims, by the way, and the French and Germans now call us Londonistan )cricket loving, peaceful nation,

You really ought not to propogate left wing drivel, as if it were fact, check it for yourself, before speaking on behalf of the English nation, your views are as unwelcome as some of our politicians on this issue, and with obvious reasons, as well....

Latly the ASustralians have a habit of finding about murders some years after several have taken place, by all accounts, This seems tom be a particular failing with the hitch hikers qwho go missingt and the many arson deaths, I would suggest thjat you hold your opinion for a little longer, before you say that this has worked in Oz, you are going to be embarrassed yet again I feel, Remeber the sciebntist who said that whoever said something was impossible, is sooner or later proved wrong, the one who said it may be possible, is usually proved correct, and in the case of Oz, it seems every few years, they find the bodies of more backpackers in some location or other, in the outback, all of whom have been murdered, so please do not preach, as if "thee" are holier than "we"
  by: Active1   10/01/2009 07:18 AM     
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