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                 02/24/2018 12:35 PM  
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10/04/2009 10:20 AM ID: 80963 Permalink   

Bicyclist Killed; Ran Over by Cop Who Tried Tasing Him Out The Window First


An unidentified man lost his life Saturday after he was run over by a police officer in Pensacola, Florida. 35-year-old Jerald Ard pursued the man after he was spotted leaving construction site.

When he wouldn't respond to the flashing lights and pull over, Ard tried shooting him out the window with a stun gun. After that, he crashed his bike after turning into a parking lot, at which point was struck by Ard's police car.

Eyewitness reports say that Ard, currently on leave, traveled for 10-15 with the man being dragged underneath, this after jumping the curb. No details have been released by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

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  Just goes to show.......  
That if you give people in power a line sooner or later they will step over it.
Rvety new weapon issued from tear gas to sun guns is supposed topm be a weapon of LAST resort, prior to using a firearm and deadly force, it soon becomes clear that it ends up being used as a weapon of first choice, and a fitrst resort in the end.

Just like the sonic cannon used on peace protesters, when will this ever sink in to the minds of our judges, and rulers in power ?

Ity seems that each incident raises the tolerance levels for behaviour and while judges and the police and powers that be are styanding by and permittinmg this to go on, the l;evel of un ecessary force creeps up, and we the people pay, in a society where this increasiong easuy attitude drowns the level of behaviour of the good and capable, allowing further weapons and ideas to encroach on our once helpful constabulary, by turning them in to our jailers, in the streets of our own commun ities. To stop this requkires a judge and the police and we the people say NO ! NO ! NO!, but I suspect thaty he will get kleave and a promotion away from the street insteasd just like the officer in charge, when John Charles Demenzes did after she created a lax regime that allowed police to shoot, and kill, an unarmed man on the London subway...she was responsible, and she got leave and then promoted to a higher than acceptable level afterwords, so I suspect, will this man.....
  by: Active1   10/04/2009 12:18 PM     
  Don't you know?  
Disobedience to the police state warrants execution on the spot now in some cases. :/
  by: luxfestinus     10/04/2009 02:47 PM     
  He is nothing but a cold blooded...  
murderer and should be dealt with accordingly.
  by: captainJane     10/04/2009 05:49 PM     
The cop missed him with the stun gun.
  by: VermiciousG     10/04/2009 07:42 PM     
Thanks Verm. Asleep at the keys.
  by: caution2     10/04/2009 10:14 PM     
Good article. The cop was in the wrong. There is always another day to catch someone for a minor crime.

Strange to see that most of these abuse cases by cops happens in major cities. The small-town cops here where I'm from, aren't like this and it makes the entire profession look like power abuses. Not the case, I assure you.

  by: NicPre     10/05/2009 02:05 AM     
Yeah but what exactly was the minor offense? Bikes don't usually have rear view mirrors so the guy may simply not have known a cop was behind him. I doubt that's the case but... kind of a short article. I think we need more detail. Hell, He could've just been leaving work.
  by: VermiciousG     10/05/2009 02:43 AM     
  It's like ramming a bicycle to slow it down  
What was the cop thinking?
Does he use the taser to change channels while watching TV?
  by: redstain   10/05/2009 03:28 AM     
  I love how everyone's bashing the cop without  
looking at the other side of the coin.

YES it was unfortunate that this ended up in a death. However the man was running from police. That's a crime! It shouldn't be punishable by death but it would appear the officer wasn't TRYING to kill him. It seems like this was more of an accident. If the cop wanted to kill the guy so bad, he could have just shot him with a REAL gun or stomped on the gas.

10-15 what? Minutes? Miles? Seconds? Units help tell the story here.
  by: vex   10/05/2009 03:51 PM     
  In Florida...  
is it illegal to leave a construction site?
  by: jamesmc   10/05/2009 09:53 PM     
Only on Saturdays.
  by: VermiciousG     10/05/2009 10:36 PM     
just learned a new word I thought it was "cyclist" didn't know you could say "Bicyclist" but there you go .
  by: Hugo Chavez     10/05/2009 11:59 PM     
  abuse of law  
there is a fine line by enforcement and just forceful endangerment.this case seems out of wack.lets hope something good comes out of this....
  by: flukemol   10/06/2009 01:22 PM     
  Thinking it through  
- Cyclist dead under cop car wheels
- Cop claims to have tried to tase bike rider, but missed
- Cop claims bike rider crashed

So... if he'd hit the rider... apparently he wasn't ready for the rider to crash? Or was he just surprised the guy crashed, and distracted by hanging out the window?

Even if he's telling the truth (which seems dubious at best), he's responsible for running a dude over because he wasn't paying enough attention to the dude he was chasing.
  by: tantryl   10/06/2009 01:51 PM     
A drive-by tasing? They're not even getting out of the car anymore?
  by: groovedaddy   10/06/2009 07:46 PM     
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