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                 02/20/2018 06:34 PM  
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10/09/2009 10:34 AM ID: 81059 Permalink   

Miss Plastic Surgery Beauty Contest


An unusual beauty contest begins in Budapest, Hungary today (9th October) as surgeons and their patients compete for the accolade of best cosmetic surgery.

Sporting a variety of treatments from breast implants to facelifts, contestants aged 19-38 and their surgeons are judged not only on the visible success of the procedures, but also according to medical records.

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  Ok, Well that's healthy  
  by: VermiciousG     10/09/2009 04:11 PM     
i welcome you from the neighbour if you are from Austria.
  by: vizhatlan     10/09/2009 05:12 PM     
  This story reeks of advertising.  
  by: bbeljefe     10/09/2009 06:40 PM     
of the beauty contests are in reality plastic surgery contests. At least this one is honest.
  by: gryphon50a   10/11/2009 01:45 AM     
  Raises hand  
to be the breast implant judge
  by: boaznjachin     10/11/2009 05:46 AM     
I'm sorry, places are strictly limited and I seem to have a tender, yet firm grasp on the position of lead juggs *judge---
  by: Zmethod     10/12/2009 06:42 AM     
@ boaznjachin and Zmethod. Our very own double act comedians.
  by: captainJane     10/15/2009 09:19 PM     
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