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                 02/23/2018 01:25 PM  
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10/09/2009 01:06 PM ID: 81062 Permalink   

Rock Band iPhone App on its Way


EA Mobile has announced it will be releasing its popular game Rock Band as an application for Apple's iPhone later this month. This move means that Rock Band now dominates the various different gaming platforms.

Rock Band will also be able to go multiplayer on the iPhone via Bluetooth features. It is the multiplayer mode that has proven most popular with gamers, with potential rock stars able to help each other to the next level.

The iPhone game has 20 rock songs that you're to play and master before reaching the next level. Bands featured on the game include Rise Against, Blink-182 and 30 Seconds to Mars.

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  I was hoping...  
EA and Harmonix weren't going to do what Activision and Neversoft have done with Guitar Hero, and exploit the franchise for all it's worth, as they actually seemed to really care about their games (especially Beatles Rock Band).

Sadly though, it looks like they are going to, what with this and Rock Band for PSP. Removing the instrument controllers (especially the drum kit) takes most of the fun and challenge out of the game.

Oh, and I forgot they're doing LEGO Rock Band too.
  by: sprog   10/10/2009 01:35 AM     
Why do they insist on doing these kind of games on hand helds? When you take away the guitar, dance pads and whatever else, it's not the same game anymore.

Sheesh, I remember there were several versions of DDR for the Gameboy Color that I saw in the big rom pack I downloaded years ago.
  by: jakethemuss   10/10/2009 02:30 AM     
is it going to be just as expensive? :-p
  by: JimmyDaFang   10/12/2009 11:22 AM     
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