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                 02/20/2018 08:22 PM  
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10/09/2009 01:43 PM ID: 81064 Permalink   

Italian National Captain Cannavaro Fails Doping Test


The captain of Italy's national soccer team, Fabio Cannavaro, has failed a doping test after cortisone was found in his system. He has sought an exemption, as he was taking medication to treat a wasp sting he incurred in August.

The exemption application was missing papers from it, and was therefore not processed. Cannavaro, who plays for Juventus domestically, took the medication in the meantime. Juvenuts said it could "prevent eventual complications, even lethal ones."

Italy, which won the 2006 World Cup, is currently trying to qualify for next year's World Cup finals in South Africa.

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a legit exemption, just more legalities from having "missing paperwork."
  by: nephew     10/09/2009 02:38 PM     
think there'd be no trouble if those papers would turn up.
  by: vizhatlan     10/09/2009 02:53 PM     
  wasp sting?  
wasp stings don't require treatment, and definitely don't last several months....maybe he's a bit allergic
  by: JimmyD   10/09/2009 04:57 PM     
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