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                 02/24/2018 12:40 PM  
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10/13/2009 09:45 AM ID: 81117 Permalink   

Cat Becomes Certified Hypnotherapist


A UK TV news investigative reporter says he registered his cat as a certified hypnotherapist, illustrating the lax regulations. He sent three industry bodies fake certificates, which were "from" the Society of Certified Advanced Mind Therapists.

One industry body welcomed the investigation and said the mistake was corrected. Another said that great effort is made when checking on applicants, and the other said it does no checks at all and only exists as a benefits provider to its members.

A US doctor also pulled it off. "I felt I'd test my hypothesis and I did that by getting my cat certified by a number of the most prominent lay hypnosis organisations in the United States. It was a frighteningly simple process," said Dr Steve Eichel.

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  by: jhax   10/13/2009 12:44 PM     
  Anybody need a Cat Scan?  
  by: philosoraptor   10/13/2009 02:02 PM     
  Hypnotherapists are pussies  
You heard me.
  by: tantryl   10/13/2009 03:07 PM     
  All Hail Hypnotoad!!!  
  by: VermiciousG     10/13/2009 05:15 PM     
  lol, it's amazing  
  by: vizhatlan     10/13/2009 05:41 PM     
  The cat in the pic  
looks like it's trying to hypnotize me.
  by: caution2     10/13/2009 06:31 PM     
Caution the right cat was chosen.
  by: vizhatlan     10/13/2009 07:20 PM     
  This cat uses its powers  
It uses feline persuasion to get more pussy cat. Is this rape?
  by: luxfestinus     10/13/2009 08:07 PM     
  Ceiling Cat  
just became a whole lot more frightening.
  by: DaReapaMan   10/14/2009 03:05 AM     
  cat bong  
said cat most likely was from a used cat bong.
  by: John E Angel     10/14/2009 01:10 PM     
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