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                 02/19/2018 01:08 AM  
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10/13/2009 12:28 PM ID: 81130 Permalink   

Syria Bans Public Smoking


Syrian president Bashar Assad has handed down a decree yesterday that bans smoking in all public places. The smoking ban will be in place in six months time, and includes restaurants, cinemas, cafes, public transport, schools and official functions.

Those caught smoking in public areas will be fined 2000 Syrian pounds, or US$45. It is Syria's second smoking ban. In 1996 Assad's father banned smoking in government institutions and at airports and hospitals.

Similar smoking restrictions are already in place across the Middle East in Lebanon, the UAE, Egypt and Iraq.

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  I dont  
smoke but these rules do bug me.
  by: Crazyyetrefined   10/13/2009 02:40 PM     
it i can not smoke on streets too?
  by: vizhatlan     10/13/2009 04:41 PM     
  Former smoker here  
I'd be happy to see the USA rip big tobacco to pieces. It's poison...nothing more! Our Government is supposed to protect us and putting a damn warning on the pack doesn't do anything! It's highly addictive if you begin to associate relaxation with smoking. If it's okay to smoke, why is it NOT okay to use Asbestos? Lets evolve a little bit people.
  by: vex   10/13/2009 05:50 PM     
  @ Vex  
How is the government supposed to protect us from ourselves. If people want to smoke then its their choice. It is always the same bs about how evil someone or something else is when its our own damn fault. Everyone looks to blame people instead of taking responsibility for themselves. I smoke and you used to. Well I bet it wasnt some flashy ad or cartoon singing camel that got you to start. More than likely you were hanging out thought you would give it a try. Then over time it becomes easier to do cause you have already done it once. Then its 'I am not gonna buy any' but if someone has them you 'bum' one off them. Give me a break stop being a facist and grow a pair. Say "I did it. I knew what the effects were and I did it anyways". You know why cause its the same damn argument you would apply to anyone who was addicted to crack, heroine or any other highly addictive substance. And those dont come with government warning labels.
  by: truhawg   10/13/2009 06:15 PM     
  Just in case "the Government" is reading this....  
I don't want you to protect me from myself.

  by: bbeljefe     10/13/2009 07:23 PM     
  Outlaw cigarettes  
Legalize Cannabis.
  by: smarta$$     10/13/2009 10:32 PM     
the rest of us dont want to inhale second hand smoke while we're out in public. Who has the right? the smokers? or the people that want fresh air?

Smokers are forcing non smokers to smell it. Non-smokers are only asking that they go somewhere else to do it.

Seems fair.
  by: robplatt   10/13/2009 10:55 PM     
  Blah Blah BS  
Ban it period or shut up and keep enjoying the unfair amount of taxes smokers pay. Smokers are being continuously taxed because the government can't learn to balance a budget with what the have. The taxes that keep getting raised are not for health care, they are for operating expenses that non smokers and smokers alike use i.e. road work(gas tax and federal money also is supposed to be used for this),schools(never mind they are already getting funds that are set aside by the lottery AND money that is supposed to be in the education fund in the first place that they withdraw dollar for dollar on what the lottery brings in-the lottery tax is supposed to be for ADDITIONAL funds) and whatever other things they get the urge to use as an excuse to tax smokers.

ANY government won't ban smoking outright because it is their cash cow and they know that the black market is HUGE for cigarettes already and would just become even larger with a ban and the state and fed wouldn't be getting those funds.

I have said this many times and still never had anyone come up with a realistic answer, but what other group of citizens are taxed more while having their freedoms taken away more and more everyday. I also suggest if you want smoking banned and everything smoke free you start figuring who will be the next group that starts paying an insane amount of sin taxes. Think hard who they are coming after next, it is the FAT TAX: taxing soda, chips and sweets all the while CLAIMING it is for the good of the people and will discourage people from buying it...yeah just like it stops smokers from smoking.

Smoking smells, well so does all that damn perfume and Axe crap that we are forced to inhale against our will. Smokers are invading MY freedom, well is it freedom for just one group or is it freedom for all? Smokers are and have been giving up their rights and freedoms time after time and we are getting tired of it.

  by: TaraB     10/13/2009 11:43 PM     
"How is the government supposed to protect us from ourselves. If people want to smoke then its their choice."
that's the point, you go ahead and kill yourself. personally I enjoy breathing, so don't do it near me.
I can't run around a theater with an M16 and fire off a clip blindfolded, using the excuse "if you don't like it, then don't come to the theater." why the hell should smokers be allowed to?

and don't start with the 'inhailing a little smoke won't kill you' because being grazed by a bullet won't either...

rules exist for a reason, and usually it's to protect the people.
  by: ludwitr   10/14/2009 01:15 AM     
  They are a bit  
are a bit late, the rest of the world have.
  by: captainJane     10/14/2009 02:39 AM     
bad for your lungs but pays taxes and makes also keeps cities wallets full of money lol......
  by: flukemol   10/14/2009 03:47 AM     
  you little whiney brats  
All you whiney little brats talk about how smoke is killing you and that we need to worry about your needs. I don't understand it, I have just the same right to do something, as you have to complain about it.

As for "killing" you, there is just as much research showing smoking kills as there is research showing that coffee causes cancer or eggs or whatever the current fad is.

Complaining about smoke does nothing but make people want to do it more. I wish people would just stop crying and leave it alone.

I remember being in a resuraunt and having a person lean over and say "you know thats rude to smoke in here" (which it was a smoking establishment AND bar)... so I continued to smoke and my NON SMOKING friends lit one up just to piss him off. If he wouldn't have said anything, he would of only had my smoke to worry about.

People have turned into whiney good for nothing piles of crap if you ask me. Say goodbye to the day where you can just do something and not have four thousand studies telling you why its good or bad for you.

  by: silentace   10/14/2009 03:27 PM     
And i think people have turned into inconsiderate jackasses. you proving my thoughts being that you do something because someone said it was rude, or whatever, and you do it, and so does the person next to you just to piss them off. THAT is probably why people want smoking bans. because of the inconsiderate a-holes that are doing it. not because it's their body and they have the right to do what they will with it.

and if coffee and caffeine cause cancer so be it, i'm consuming it, i'm not shoving it into your body whether you like it or not.

i think people need to get over themselves and start looking out for the betterment of mankind, instead of just looking out for what they WANT, not even what they Need.

there's my rant.
  by: ludwitr   10/14/2009 07:48 PM     
  I am grateful for the ban on smoking  
Ok, first of all, I do disagree with the ban on smoking in privately owned establishments.

That being said, it is this ban that has allowed me to quit my 10+ year smoking habit. I was a regular carton a week smoker by the time I quit. It's now been over a year.

@ Silent: I do agree with you that the owner of an establishment should have the right to choose whether to allow smoking or not. It's kinda hard for me to fall into the mindset that smoking is no more dangerous than eating eggs or drinking coffee seeing that both my maternal and fraternal grandfathers died of emphysema after being heavy smokers for most of their lives.

Nothing against smokers, most of my friends smoke.
  by: smarta$$     10/14/2009 07:48 PM     
  all missing the point  
the point isn't that you're doing something bad to yourself. you can do whatever you want to your own body, nobody can stop you, the point is that people who don't want to smoke, are in situations where they are forced to leave an establishment or endure it, or stand next to someone in line outdoors, or whatever.

my eating eggs doesn't affect you, if i were to smoke, it might affect you.
  by: ludwitr   10/16/2009 07:29 AM     
  Non Smokers  
Here is a few questions that has been asked over many other summaries.

1. Do you believe in Freedom for all or freedom for some?

2. Do you believe that one group of people can be unfairly taxed multiple times for a legal activity(keep your dislike of smokers aside for a moment please)?

3. Do you think it is fair that the high taxes for that legal activity is paying for everyones use, even when others don't pay for the service? (roadwork, State workers for disabled citizens who will always need those services for 2 quick examples)

4. After your were to pay these high taxes you were then told what and where you could do that legal activity?

Before everyone runs out with I'm an ex-smoker or it's unhealthy... stop and answer the questions in a fair and honest way, not just because you don't like that habit.

The reason I am asking everyone to think about it not as 'Smoking' but the unfair taxes that are levied upon smokers to fill in the spots that our government has alloted somewhere else is because everyone will back this group being taxed more or banned here and there. What are you going to do once they start with the fat taxes they are already mentioning. You and I know damn well they are not raising or voting in these taxes because they actually care about us, they want more money and to go into the State coffers only to be spent foolishly again and then another tax would come'for your health.'

It is going to happen and just like smoking they do not want anyone to stop drinking soda, buying candy, chips or whatever they decide to put under that tax. If they cared that much about your health or mine they would make it illegal, but we know what prohibition really does.

You don't have to like me smoking and as a smoker I have always stayed far enough away from those that don't smoke, I pick up my butts and dispose of the properly, I don't toss them out windows when I am driving. I am being a considerate smoker because I DO understand why people feel the way they do about smoking, the sad thing is non smokers or ex smokers do not attempt to be considerate to a smoker.

(Bear with me for one last example)States have a gas tax to help repair roads and they have been raised because of that need, which any of us that get gas pay for on an equal playing field. Smokers have been given a $4-$6 per pack TAX that is not the whole cost, just the tax per pack. The last raise which was for $2 was because the state needed to repair the roads(wait there is gas tax..) and they can't raise the gas tax because then they wouldn't be dividing and conquering because we would all be screaming at them. So $20 per carton of cigarettes are going to repair the roads along with the gas tax, the money given to the from the federal goverment and some state grants. $20 per carton and say 5,000 smokers buy it each week(you know there are WAY more) So $100,000.00 per 5,000 smokers each week JUST for the extra road tax. A group that is paying Millions of extra dollars each year so it doesn't fall to everyone and they get their rights taken away to the cheers of others. Freedom to do something that is legal shouldn't be taxed more and the people paying those taxes get less and less rights.
  by: TaraB     10/16/2009 08:10 AM     
I do agree with you, it is very unfair that smokers be taxed so disproportionately.

Just so you know, I am still very conscientious to current smokers. I allow my friends to smoke in my car and I still go outside and hang out with my former smoking buddies when I see them out there lighting up.

I wish that every smoker would be as respectful as you are when smoking. I was likewise a very respectful smoker. It's people like Silentace that give smokers a bad name. The problem that I see with what Silent did in his example is; what if that woman were an asthmatic and the smoke caused her to have an attack? How fair is that to her?

You asked the question, do you believe in freedom for all, or freedom for some. Tara, I honestly believe in freedom for all, unfortunately every American citizen has fewer freedoms than their grandparents did, smokers and non-smokers alike.
  by: smarta$$     10/16/2009 08:31 PM     
Thank you for taking the time to reply and to do so with understanding that some rather not see. I agree that Silent's reply was so wrong and he is the kind of person that is used as a reason smokers blow.

Out of my family that I am with the most only my mom and I are smokers. I have told my girls what a horrible addiction it is and ALL of the downsides. I also told them that I wish they wouldn't make the same mistake I did. No fancy cigarette ad's ever swayed me to smoke it was my peers. That is what parents need to be aware of is the peer pressure.

I aslo agree that our freedoms are being taken away, heck Friday evening my girls and I were talking about what I could do when I was their ages compared to what they are allowed to do or not do certain things. The changes when you sit down and think about all the stuff that has now been banned, barred, changed, restricted and denied it is hard to believe.

Smoking sucks, well smokers suck technically, but remember they are willing to watch someone else lose their rights because it doesn't have to do with them...but when the time comes for something they do to be taxed as much as fast and for non smoking reasons they are going to be yelling it's unfair and maybe they will get it then.
  by: TaraB     10/17/2009 12:18 PM     
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