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                 01/21/2018 11:32 PM  
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10/13/2009 08:07 PM ID: 81132 Permalink   

Republican Senator to Break Ranks, Vote for Health Care Reform


The Democratic-led effort to overhaul U.S. health care got a boost when Olympia Snowe, the Republican Senator from Maine, said she will support the bill. Though the bill was expected to pass her committee anyway, her support is significant.

Saying that she had misgivings about the bill, but that "when history calls, history calls," Snowe became the first Republican in Congress to break a virtually unanimous bloc against Democratic efforts to reform health care.

Democrats have worked to gain her support, tackling her issues of affordability and how to pay for reform. Passage out of her Senate Finance Committee would put this kind of health care reform closer to reality than it has ever been.

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The bill is out of committee; this is much further than the Clinton health care overhaul effort ever got. It's ready for a historic debate and vote in the House and Senate. Very cool!
  by: Ben_Reilly     10/13/2009 09:13 PM     
  right if  
you want socialism and a further loss of freedom.
  by: shannon853   10/13/2009 10:23 PM     
What freedoms are taken away by the health care bill?
  by: Ben_Reilly     10/13/2009 10:39 PM     
Yes please do enlighten us. I would love to know exactly which lines take what freedoms away.

  by: NicPre     10/13/2009 11:12 PM     
Loss of Freedom keeps being tossed out by many of the right leaning members of the site but I do not remember any of them, including you, complaining about all of the freedoms that Bush has and was trying to take away from us citizens.

Please explain to me how making sure that everyone has access to health care that they can afford makes us less free?

If anything it will be a benefit to have people that can attain health care and prevent illness that would cost much more if it is not caught early. It also will be lowering the costs that hospitals have to write-off from people that use the ER for all of their medical care and have no intention of paying the bills.

If you want to ask me what takes freedom away more The Patriot Act or Health Care Reform that is not free for all, the choice is easy.

Ben- I am glad to see that some of our representitives are working together. Snowe asked to see some changes and offer her support and that was done enough for her to keep her word. I see a little bit of progress and that is better than none at all.
  by: TaraB     10/13/2009 11:17 PM     
  I love  
I love the whole socialism comebacks. Does anyone not yet realise that the USA... yes thats the United States of America was built on socialistic ideals. Want proof? Preamble to the constitution.
"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
*notice no where does it mention capitalism or profits or big government*

We the people...common defense... general WELFARE??!?!? Wheres Rush Limbaugh at???!

Maybe the group that wants to remove the liberal bias from the bible can rewrite this while they are at it.

Oh and maybe they can get rid of public education, public libraries, public parks, the police departments, fire departments, emt services, FEMA, national guard, armed services and public defense attornies. Because we all know those shouldnt of been nationalized and/or part of tax funding and only those that can afford them should have access to them.
  by: truhawg   10/13/2009 11:24 PM     
Make sure when you turn 65 that you refuse social security and medicare. Both are nasty socialist programs conservative real Americans should scorn.
  by: valkyrie123     10/13/2009 11:25 PM     
They are already starting to take away some of those services. In many places your EMS services are from a private company, the fire departments are being closed or cut down to bare minumum and the police forces are losing officers too in many areas. Pretty soon they will be in a terrific land with nothing offered to them. That should Make Rush happy.
  by: TaraB     10/13/2009 11:54 PM     
I know, huh? It's nice to see that a) Sen. Snowe's concerns are actually *real things* like how we're going to pay for it and keep health care affordable at the same time -- a noble concern that puts the good of the country first -- rather than fake crap like death squads or lost freedoms that are really about damaging the opposition, not about helping Americans.

It's also well worth noting that she joins prominent Republicans outside of Congress such as Bill Frist, Tommy Thompson, Gov. Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg in backing health care reform.
  by: Ben_Reilly     10/13/2009 11:58 PM     
  Surprising turn of events  
She has been one of the mouthpieces for the GOP that seemed to be anti-reform (at least in what the Democrats are trying to do). I'll be interested in finding out what the catch is...
  by: treyjazz   10/14/2009 12:33 AM     
  by: ludwitr   10/14/2009 01:04 AM     
  I don't like the part where  
people are forced to buy health care whether they want it or not, instead of taking the money we already have and putting it in the right location.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   10/14/2009 02:31 AM     
Reform is good, you really trust the government???
  by: JimmyD   10/14/2009 04:52 AM     
  my 2 cents  
I don't think anyone really trust the gov't but just sticks with who they think is the best candidate to not kill them and take their crap while in office...
  by: treyjazz   10/14/2009 05:08 AM     
More than I trust health insurance companies.
  by: Kolman   10/14/2009 05:21 AM     
  Kolman, Ben  
Kolman- I say Amen to that!
Most of the people who aren't dealing with insurance all the time because of a chronic issue really won't understand. I wonder what they would do if they got a letter from their insurance company reminding them that their medical care is costing significantly more because of this medication or that procedure. What about getting a call to let you know that you are now going to have a case manager at the insurance company that you are supposed to call before making your next appointment and call right after the appointment to let them know what happened and what changes or continuation of medications you now have BEFORE you can have them faxed to the Pharmacy.

Hell I have to have a specific diagnosis written on one of my prescriptions every month and it it isn't spelled just right or written an exact way I can't get my medication. Imagine what the hell people have to deal with that have medicare or medicaid!

Ben- I did like the fact that Snowe had brought her concerns out into the open and that they are valid concerns unlike yelling out You Lie! or spreading fear and panic to the masses. I also am very glad that she kept her word and hope to see more of this "working together" that some were starting to think was impossible.
  by: TaraB     10/14/2009 06:11 AM     
  @JimmyD, Tara  
Never trust the government. Watch what they're doing. When they put a toe out of line, call your Congressional representation and complain. That's the way the country is supposed to work. It's a bit harder than either blindly trusting the government or saying we should have as little government as possible, but it's the best way.

@Tara -- I think that a majority of the American people want to see leaders from both parties (all parties!) tackle problems jointly rather than constantly squabble and get nothing done. That was part of what Obama campaigned on and part of why he won.

I think a lot of people recognize that there is strength in having a diversity of perspectives and viewpoints. Alan Grayson said he would have loved to have seen a plan for comprehensive health care reform from the Republicans. Such a thing would probably have had some good ideas in it that the Democrats didn't think of, but most Republicans *in* Congress weren't interested in anything but making Obama and the Democrats look bad.

This country wasn't always so partisan, and it can go back to the way it was, when Democrats switched parties and voted for, say, Eisenhower, because they thought he was a good leader with good policies, or like this past election, when you had groups like "Republicans for Obama."
  by: Ben_Reilly     10/14/2009 07:11 AM     
Republicans for Obama is still going strong, apparently:
  by: Ben_Reilly     10/14/2009 07:16 AM     
You said all parties I am so impressed! :-)

I do agree that the Republican's could have brought some excellent ideas to the table with health care, instead they made it into health scare which in my opinion is the fault of these moronic yappers on the radio and TV. I always remember something I was taught as a small fry and I would bet 99.9% of us have heard or said the following at SOME point in our lives "There is no I in team."

I think if all the political parties stopped with the insane idea to do the opposite of what "that side" does they would get so much done and put the US back into the game as somewhere that people want to go visit or even move to. The amount of work that a true bi-partisan government could get done would be endless. They would also be showing us adults how things can be done and of course all the small fries growing up would think about being president or to work in politics again instead of wanting to be a rapper and get some bitches and hoez. I think I might just send (R) Snowe a nice email thanking her for giving me some hope that we can all find ways to work together again.
  by: TaraB     10/14/2009 08:03 AM     
  I always wondered...  
...why would anybody voluntarily belong to a political party that doesn't see them as an equal?
  by: captainchainsaw   10/15/2009 12:34 AM     
It's ready for a historic debate and vote in the House and Senate. Very cool!

What is so cool about passing a bill that the majority of the people do not want. I think it is a disgrace to the American People. Do you get a tingly feel up and down your leg over this one Ben. One Republican to vote for a bill that is in draft from. Glad to see it is only one stupid enough to put their vote on something they have no clue about.
  by: hellblazer     10/15/2009 05:26 AM     
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