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                 04/21/2014 09:05 AM  
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10/14/2009 02:48 AM ID: 81133 Permalink   

Teens Set 15 -Year-Old on Fire Over $40


15-year-old Michael Brewer was intentionally set on fire over $40 that was owed for a video game. Five teens, all under the age of 18, threw a jug of what police said was rubbing alcohol on the teen and lit him on fire.

Brewer, who is currently in critical condition, suffered second-degree burns over 80% of his body and is expected to be in the hospital for a minimum of five weeks, with a long recovery after that.

Three youths were arrested just a few hours after the incident on Monday night, and the other two were arrested on Tuesday. Officers stated that a few of them were laughing about the incident.

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  Sick, sick, sick...  
Every teen involved should be charged as an adult and get the maximum sentence. On top of that, the boy's parents should sue each and every parent of the involved teens into oblivion.

It's stories like these that absolutely crush the one glimmer of hope I hold for the human race.
  by: elderban99     10/14/2009 02:50 AM     
  If he was Jewish...  
would this be a hate crime? Perhaps only if they gassed him first. These are the things a ponder.
  by: DaReapaMan   10/14/2009 03:08 AM     
  As burn victum..  
Burns take a LONG while to get over. My Burns accident happened when I was 15. Totally shot my high school dating scene.

All 5 teens should and prolly will be charged with attempted murder, and should stick to their criminal records for the rest of their lives, just like the burn scars will be with Micheal for the rest of his.
  by: CaveHermit   10/14/2009 03:09 AM     
  I blame ...  
Bush, Tarantino and McDonalds.

Bush, because everyone blames Bush, dunno why, its a bit like flori-duh.

Tarantino, because I want to be different and not blame Grand Theft Auto.

McDonalds, because, as well as the average user, a hell of a lot of dumb people go to McDonalds. Reasoning? There are warnings such as 'contents may be hot' on things like coffee and hot apple pie. When I read those warnings I think 'I fkin hope so, I paid for it to be hot'.
  by: AccessG     10/14/2009 03:26 AM     
  Absolutley Revolting  
What in the hell is going on with teens anymore? Where the hell are the parent's to teach these kids between right and wrong?

This "suspect" sought revenge for being arrested after he had stolen the bike of the burn victims father. All of this over a $40 video game and because the stupid suspect didn't ask for the game back like normal people would he instead stole something that wasn't even the kids.

Please tell me why these kids should not be charged as adults and face attempted murder charges(murder if the boy ends up dying from an infection related to the burns) Pre-meditated F*ing Attempted Murder! To make sure that the rubbing alcohol was in a jug, to bring matches, the have friends surround the kid so he couldn't get away, then lit the kid up without a second thought. Then several of them LAUGHED about it.

I know they are protected from getting the death penalty, but please someone tell me WHY they should not be charged as adults and locked up many, many years for this crime?

He is going to be in hospitals for over 5 flipping months to heal and all the recovery and skin grafts and long term physical and mental anguish. $40!!
  by: TaraB     10/14/2009 03:48 AM     
What the ****

Also source says 5 months, not 5 weeks
  by: JayWar   10/14/2009 04:23 AM     
  So sad  
This boy will live with these scars for the rest of his life while the scumbags who set him on fire laugh about it. Sometimes an eye for an eye sounds so fitting.
  by: smarta$$     10/14/2009 04:52 AM     
  You should see the kids now  
They showed them on the news, and they look scared, like it just hit them how bad it is. Some of them look like they wanted to cry.
  by: thedrewman   10/14/2009 06:50 AM     
Did they now? I think the article said that at least one of them realized how serious it was, I am betting it was one of the kids that were told to not let him run.

I am really curious to know what their parents think about this, especially the instigator's parents. If one of my kids were any part of this I would have them taken to a burn unit and make them stay and watch the staff and patients. I would want them to be able to see what those burns look like when the wounds are being cared for and changing the bandages. There is no way in hell these kids should get off easy just because they are teenagers. Teens are supposed to know wrong and right and setting someone on fire for ANY reason isn't acceptable, let alone for a 40 freaking dollar video game!
  by: TaraB     10/14/2009 07:26 AM     
  what a shame  
what they did to that boy should be done to all of them
  by: willyshawker     10/14/2009 08:38 AM     
  forgot to add  
should be done to them in the middle of the street on national TV. We start doing tghose things we will see stuff like this stop happening
  by: willyshawker     10/14/2009 08:39 AM     
  Why not return the favor to them?  
If they can dish it out, can they take it as well? I wish they would make it a law where nothing on tv could be rated over tv-g, no matter what it is. Look at the culture, video games show nothing but violence anymore. If a parent tries to spank their child, they either get charged with child abuse or child molestation one, so what can the parent do about it? There are so many bullsh*t laws in effect now I'm not surprised they did this to be honest. I received whippings and such as a kid, and I didn't run to DSS every time.
  by: stevelc   10/14/2009 11:33 AM     
  can't get open the source  
I don't know the full story but I say execute the little sh!ts.
That or like TaraB suggested in another thread, send their spoiled butts to Cambodia and let them see real suffering. Why can't American teens be more like New Zealand teens? Every year I get a group of NZ highschool students that come and visit the kids in my center and wehn they are in NZ they raise money for the kids.
Why are American teens so rotten?
My parents were teachers in FL and they have tons of horror stories about how terrible the kids are.
I can't imagine FL teens going out of their way to help the dumpster children in Cambodia and yet these kids from NZ have been doing some amazing things for my kids here.
At least all of the youth aren't a bunch of worthless punks. It's just too bad the good ones are so few and far between.
  by: shaohu     10/14/2009 01:23 PM     
"Charity begins at home" You left and went on to help others, you should have stayed behind and Help Floridians.

But, nonetheless you are doing good helping others...

I am always against children being punished as adults, my reason exactly. They dont understand the aftermath, to them it is about being cool until when they are paredded infront of TV and they start crying. But seriously, they need to have a tougher law passed, to deter off these depraved lil mongrels.
  by: skcusswentrohs     10/14/2009 02:14 PM     
  I Think  
I should take a chill-pill after reading these kinds of news.

paredded??? whats that, I can almost see the ruler coming. Meant Paraded.
  by: skcusswentrohs     10/14/2009 02:18 PM     
American teens haven't seen a war in in nearly 150 years. No one hear is starving. There's plenty to eat. The water is clean and fairly reliable. Education, though not perfect, is mandatory.

One thing America lacks? Horror. Apparently when humans lack horror we invent our own. As evidenced by Stephen King, John Carpenter and the Pang brothers.
  by: VermiciousG     10/14/2009 03:17 PM     
of you people.. yeah "do the same to them, execute them, punish them for jesus" blah blah blah. what will that do, besides further make it seem like an acceptable thing to do to another living being if the "situation" calls for it. that type of stuff is why the US has been heading down the crapper for the last few decades, and it's just about at the bottom now. Probably time to flush and try again.
  by: o9k   10/14/2009 06:22 PM     
Are teens more violent now?

Stories like this and drive-by shootings, school shootings, teen violence etc lead me to believe kids are committing more violent crimes now than in the past.

I'm not talking about violence in general, but rather youth violence specifically. And I am a firm believer that video games, tv and movies aren't the reason people are violent.
  by: barryman9001   10/14/2009 07:27 PM     
think the most terrible is at this case that a few of them were laughing about the incident.
  by: vizhatlan     10/14/2009 08:51 PM     
I don't want to say that teens and crimes are worse now than before, there were plenty of youth violence and even school violence for decades back if one researches. I know that Columbine is falsely called the first time there was high school killings, there were others before that and one of the child killers that took aim on school kids even had a song written about her and what happened.

There are crimes where boyfriend kills the girls parents and then go on a crime spree so they can be together back in the 40's and 50's.

Youth violence isn't new at all, we just get to see and hear about it more because of 24 hour news networks that contiues to show the same thing or the story over and over and giving up to the minute news on everything they hear, much of what turns out to be false or incomplete information. We also have the internet and online sources that we can watch or check up on over and over which makes us much more aware of incidents.

I think there is more awareness and more of a spotlight put on it than before. Is there an increase? Yes, there is a spike in violence with our youth but it isn't because of movies or TV or the music they listen to. I think that we are not allowing our kids many outlets for the anger that they feel. You can't write about anything that expresses anger or you are plotting to kill someone, you can't draw anything that is mean or angry because then you are going to actually do what you draw, you can't say you wish someone was dead or that you want to kick their ass because then it is a threat and not just letting out frustration.

We also have cut recess and gym so much over the last decades that our kids are not getting their excercise or a release of energy that can also calm them down. Add to that so many whiny parents have complained about kids getting hurt playing games like kick ball, tag, touch football, dodgeball and so on that they really have no outlet for the frustration, anger and hormones so it gets bottled up until it explodes.

Then you have the parents that really are non-parents and have not taught their children ways to let out anger and frustration properly. Some even encourage violence and would expect their sons especially to be "tough", a 'fighter', "don't be a wuss" and other manly ideas. Parents need to be there to teach and demonstrate what is right and wrong to their children or they will look towards other things to get their expectations from.
  by: TaraB     10/15/2009 02:12 AM     
"Charity begins at home." "You left and went on to help others, you should have stayed behind and Help Floridians."

I disagree. I can't count how many times I've been told this and I'm getting sick of it. I lived in Africa for almost a decade helping people in some of the worst situations, I survived 3 civil wars and now I help children that wander the streets digging through rubbish to survive.

There is nothing in FL that even compares with the desperation and injustices that goes on in these places. So why would I waste my time with Floridians? America consumes and wastes enough to feed the whole world. America has all sorts of programs and charities set up to help those in need. Sure it may not be perfect, but I am attracted to placed that have REAL needs. How many churches does America have? How many charity groups? A lot! At tax time just look at all the non-profits seeking money. So just because I was born in a certain country, that means that I'm obligated to stay and help people there even if people in other countries have needs that are much greater?
How many child soldiers does the US have? How many kids living in dumpsters? How many people illegally evicted by the police? How many people sold into prostitution by their own families? How many children are sold into slavery? If that number is greater than the places where I work, then maybe I would consider moving back the the US to help people there.
So NO, I shouldn't be living and helping people in a country that has the highest percentage of obese people. No, I won't move to a country that excessivly wastes food while the rest of the world starves. America has so much more than the rest of the world, so where is the logic in dedicating my life to helping people at "home"?
I was born in America, but my home is with the desperate, impoverished and rejected. If you don't like it, I don't care, but don't tell me that I should be helping Floridians.
Let the thousands of churches and charities and government organizations in America do that. I'm American by birth only and not proud of it because I reserve my pride for things that I accomplished, not something I had absolutely no control over. I did nothing to be born American, so why should I be proud? I'm lucky that I was born in America where people have so many opportunities, but its nothing to be proud of.

VermiscousG hit the nail on the head.
  by: shaohu     10/15/2009 09:38 AM     
  I saw this on the news this morning  
I am just sick about it. I hope and pray for his recovery!
  by: reehaw     10/15/2009 07:31 PM     
It is people like this which make me think the death note should exist.
  by: JimmyDaFang   10/15/2009 10:03 PM     
  No Hope  
I don't believe there is a corner in hell hot enough for these little bastards.
  by: ONTIME   10/16/2009 07:44 PM     
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