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                 01/19/2018 06:53 AM  
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10/14/2009 03:52 PM ID: 81149 Permalink   

Berners-Lee Sorry for 'Slashing' the Web


Sir Tim Berners-Lee, regarded as the creator/inventor of the Web, has apologized recently for requiring forward slashes in URLs.

Sir Tim stated that the forward slashes were "unnecessary" but "seemed like a good idea at the time." Now, 30 years later, he lightheartedly admits that he had no idea the slashes would cause "so much hassle."

Those who may have hoped that Sir Tim would get rid of the slashes will most likely be in for a disappointment. As the director of the World Wide Web Consortium, it appears that Sir Tim has no desire, or ability, to change the format of URLs.

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Even if forward slashes annoy some people; you have to give it up to this man. He pretty much is main person responsible for the creation of the World Wide Web.

I remember that day and I remember the first time I got connected to the Web. I just thought this was kind of interesting in that it came from the creator himself.
  by: modom56k   10/14/2009 04:02 PM     
  The first time I used the web  
I fell in love with it.
  by: Claridus   10/14/2009 04:25 PM     
Do slashes "offend" some people? PC has gone WAY too far!
People just sit around and wait to be offended.
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   10/14/2009 06:14 PM     
You are probably right in your assumption. It does appear that we have far to many people scouring the web just to find things that annoy or offend them.

I guess then it is a good thing that I took a typing class. Wait a minute..I think I figured it out. People gotta start using that home row again and then you just tap your little pinky and wham...///////// slashes. Uh, I guess that's to much.
  by: modom56k   10/14/2009 06:18 PM     
what else would they use to deal with separating the various folders on a website? periods? Yeah right... at least the / separates them website into readable elements.

@modom56k - people use their pinkies to type? hmmm... hunt & peck here!
  by: nimira     10/14/2009 08:24 PM     
Hunt and Peck... ah yes this is my bosses favorite method and can be heard two blocks away.

And the article is in regards to the two forward slashes at the beginning of the URL. Technically those are not needed... but what the hey, extra is always better.
  by: modom56k   10/14/2009 09:04 PM     
get some mavis beacon in your life.
  by: autocannibaldnb   10/14/2009 11:11 PM     
Actually, hunting and pecking can help cut down on down repetitive stress injuries. Besides that, I type with a very unique form where I keep my fingers basically hovering over the keyboard (while typing), not in the old fashion way. It is basically a cross between the REAL method and the hunt&peck method. I pretty much never rest my hand on the keyboard, but I never look at the keyboard and I can type over 90wpm, without errors. So take that for your mavis beacon trickery! My pinky never hits that forward slash!
  by: nimira     10/15/2009 12:31 AM     
Actually I see a great use for it: ascetic. It separates the protocol from the command in a readable condition. If you were to remove the //, why would you bother having the protocol listed there? I mean whats up with file:/// on Windows platforms? What format would you find to be the best?
  by: nimira     10/15/2009 12:33 AM     
Very true. But I think the point is that he didn't technically have to put the slashes in there. Like you said, it makes it easier to distinguish between the protocol used and the string given after. I mean heck, why didn't he decide to use 1 slash instead of 2? I don't know, but it was an interesting tid-bit of info to me.
  by: modom56k   10/15/2009 03:13 PM     
  @hunt & peck....  
I've found that most secretaries are just hunt'n peckers...

  by: bbeljefe     10/15/2009 08:10 PM     
An excellent story. Still, I have to point out that the information in your third paragraph wasn't available at the source, except that he is the director of the WWW Consortium.

On the story, I rarely even notice anything before the //, so I think it separates information that is less important than the URL itself. Who actually types http:// these days anyway, except when coding, where again it's useful as you can clearly see where the beginning of a URL is? Half the links on offline advertisements are just '', and then the browser works it out for you.
  by: TWeaKoR   10/17/2009 10:34 AM     
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