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                 01/19/2018 08:38 PM  
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10/18/2009 12:55 AM ID: 81201 Permalink   

Woman Blasts Porn out Home near Elementary School, Assaults Police Officer during Arrest


Grand Forks, ND - Citing concern for students, employees at the Lake Agassiz Elementary School called police to a nearby residence where, with windows and doors open and volume maxed out, porn was playing on a TV.

The employees claim the porn was visible from the street and from the school. Nicole Altendorf, 37, was arrested at the residence after police arrived. However, she did not go peacefully.

For playing the porn, Altendorf is charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. However, because Altendorf bit an officer's arm, kicked his groin multiple times, and spit in his face during the arrest, she also has 3 felony charges.

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This news link ( identifies the address (+ video). This link ( loads the Grand Forks county interactive property search tool center on the address (+ links for tax information - yippee!). Given that information, this link ( is Google maps + Street View for the address. The school is a little more than 3 lots south of the address, on the other side of the street.

People are awesome.
  by: nicohlis     10/18/2009 12:58 AM     
  Link Correction  
The news link for video should be (
  by: nicohlis     10/18/2009 01:01 AM     
  What is the world coming to  
when you can't watch porn in your own home. She should be thanked for giving a free sex education class to the students.
  by: walter3ca   10/18/2009 04:35 AM     
  Windows and doors open  
In North Dakota, at this time of year.
That's not being discourteous. She was on a mission.
  by: VermiciousG     10/18/2009 04:59 AM     
What an inbred invalid! They should have just killed her and buried her right in front of her stupid CHILD MOLESTATION PORNOGRAPHY STATION! Disgusting that people like this are around us!
  by: rutgers   10/18/2009 05:03 AM     
Rutgers are you sure you are alright there? Whatever exploded from your hands into the comment box is pretty messy. She isn't an invalid,inbred though is a good guess, as for the rest wow and I thought I was tough on sex-offenders.

@anyone else- My guess is drugs other than maryjane since her actions are so insane. It is pretty obvious that she was not seeking to collect children to molest, instead she probably had some beef with the school that got more than just a little out of control. VG is right on it that in this weather and in the morning on top of that she had a grudge that she was announcing war over.

As for refusing to have her blood tested because she had a cold and claims she didn't touch his skin, watch a court order appear on that little deal.
"Prosecutor Thomas Falck asked if Altendorf would submit to a blood test to see if the officer faces a health risk after allegedly being spit on. Sandberg said his client did not want to do that.

“I have a cold and don’t believe I touched anybody’s skin when I spit on the cop that I did,” Altendorf said in court."

Whatever her problem with the school was I sure hope it was worth 3 felony charges and a few misdemeanors.
  by: TaraB     10/18/2009 05:59 AM     
seems the woman realised herself through this to point out porn to the publicity.
  by: vizhatlan     10/18/2009 01:38 PM     
causes swine flu.
  by: djskagnetti     10/21/2009 02:53 AM     
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