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                 01/22/2018 09:19 AM  
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10/22/2009 09:48 AM ID: 81306 Permalink   

Stop Dithering, Obama: Cheney


Dick Cheney, the former US Vice President, has told US President Barack Obama to 'stop dithering' and to "do what it takes to win" in Afghanistan.

Cheney made the statements while collecting a reward from a conservative national security group, saying: "Make no mistake. Signals of indecision out of Washington hurt our allies and embolden our adversaries."

Mr Cheney claimed, "The White House must stop dithering while America's armed forces are in danger," adding: "It's time for President Obama to do what it takes to win a war he has repeatedly and rightly called a war of necessity."

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the man who had such a tremendous sense of urgency on getting things done in Afghanistan between November 2001 and January of this year ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     10/22/2009 10:04 AM     
Isn't that Ozzie slang for "sodomizing" ?
  by: shaohu     10/22/2009 10:39 AM     
I don't like Cheney but I agree with him. I think the United States needs to flood Afghanistan with troops and basically just rape the land of all Taliban and just get it over with. But, on top of that, I think they should also work to rebuild communities (homes and such), increase education, increase trade skills, find some way to jump start their economy to bring jobs, bring security to their lives, etc. I think they should make it so that the Afghanistan people actually want us there, instead of like Iraq.

But then, I never said I was realist :P
  by: nimira     10/22/2009 01:21 PM     
That guy seriously needs to get a hobby.
  by: splicer   10/22/2009 02:00 PM     
So let me get this...

What Cheney couldn't accomplish in how many years wasn't dithering.

BUT, Obama's few months are now considered "dithering". Interesting timescale this Cheney guy works on.
  by: philosoraptor   10/22/2009 02:15 PM     
should shut the f**k up. Go back to your cave, scumbag.
  by: nephew     10/22/2009 02:21 PM     
"rape the land" ?

How would I do this?
  by: Ec5618   10/22/2009 02:29 PM     
You don't actually "get it" do you?
  by: Kuhl   10/22/2009 02:32 PM     
"I think they should also work to rebuild communities (homes and such), increase education, increase trade skills, find some way to jump start their economy to bring jobs, bring security to their lives, etc."

Hell we can't even do that for ourselves right now.
  by: TaraB     10/22/2009 02:45 PM     
  It's amazing  
Cheney is the biggest murderer and genocide caller in the States, yet no1 seems to do anything about it.
  by: jhax   10/22/2009 03:32 PM     
  Oh, Dickey, Baby....  
You are no longer Dr. Stangelove. So, STFU!
  by: Lurker     10/22/2009 03:48 PM     
"Strangelove" (edit button)
  by: Lurker     10/22/2009 03:49 PM     
"I think the United States needs to flood Afghanistan with troops and basically just rape the land of all Taliban and just get it over with."

Did the Taliban attack the US on 9/11? I really don't know, I wasn't there, but I do have a lot of questions concerning 9/11 that don't make any sense to me. I'm not saying I support the Taliban of course, I'm just asking. If we flood the country with troops, IMO all that's going to happen is we are going to amass tons more civilian deaths, perhaps kill a lot of other people that while having very questionable ethics by our standards still had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, risk the lives of our soldiers, and of course run up our debt even more. There are atrocities committed the world over that we (the US) don't get involved in because they serve no immediate benefit for us. We don't seem to do humanitarian missions, or else we would have invaded places in Africa and South America long ago.

Let's keep some focus. What are we in Afghanistan for? Is this just going to be another pointless war like Iraq?
Supposedly we're there because we're looking for Bin Laden and the terrorist network responsible for 9/11 and other attacks, but all indications point to them hiding in the outskirts of Pakistan (our allies, who supposedly want them gone as much as we do).

My only point here is that from what I hear Obama is trying to determine and reassess our intent and strategy in Afghanistan. Why send a ridiculous amount of our troops in to counter small arms fire, and IEDs from small pockets of resistance that are interspersed with civilians, goat herders, farmers, etc if it has nothing to do with our main objective. The generals have said that we need lots more troops if we are to continue with our current strategy - but Obama (again from what I understand) is re-assessing our strategy. There's no reason to go in and napalm Afghanistan, they've had a hard enough time over the years as it is. The very fact that Cheney would criticize someone for anything is an immediate sign to me that perhaps they're doing something right. I try not to believe in good and evil in the classical sense, but that man is just evil.
  by: spiggy   10/22/2009 04:14 PM     
"or else we would have invaded places in Africa and South America long ago."

Sorry dude but South America is in waaayyyyy better shape than the US is.

Please don't throw random continents as examples if you've never been there.
  by: jhax   10/22/2009 04:21 PM     
May I also ask why such sentiment?

Lets ask Russians where did they fail? So we dont take the some route. Oh mighty USA, how long have you been in Aghanistan now? How many soldiers have returned to US in body bags?

How about let them deal with this situation on their own. If Muslim countries, really dont like Talibans way, because it is not Islamic, why not let them deal with their own brothers, instead of US keep medling.
  by: skcusswentrohs     10/22/2009 05:08 PM     
He has one, but he shot some guy in the head.

@Lurker, right on the money (especially about the <edit button>)

I suggest you go enlist and show us how its done. I've seen enough of my friends come home in body bags from several wars including this one.
  by: valkyrie123     10/22/2009 05:28 PM     
  How Terrorist Groups End  

How do terrorist groups end? The evidence since 1968 indicates that terrorist groups rarely cease to exist as a result of winning or losing a military campaign. Rather, most groups end because of operations carried out by local police or intelligence agencies or because they join the political process. This suggests that the United States should pursue a counterterrorism strategy against al Qa'ida that emphasizes policing and intelligence gathering rather than a “war on terrorism” approach that relies heavily on military force. "
  by: Kaleid   10/22/2009 05:29 PM     
  by: reverend j roach     10/22/2009 05:55 PM     
  @reverend j roach  
Ask a Comlombian how life is there, you'd be surprise.

Also, South America has more than 1 country, same goes for Africa.
  by: jhax   10/22/2009 06:06 PM     
That's why I said "places in (the continents of) Africa and South America". I am actually aware that those aren't countries themselves believe it or not and wasn't trying to lump all of the countries on each continent into the same bundle. You're right I've never been to South America and I'm sure the average Columbian is quite content. I was referring to locations known for human rights violations in countries within those two continents. And I didn't say the US is any better either... I think we should spend a lot more time fixing the issues within the US than attempting to police the world and invade countries we have no business in.
  by: spiggy   10/22/2009 06:15 PM     
  by: jhax   10/22/2009 06:24 PM     
Ooooh, so many @nimira :D

I love how all you guys missed the major point I was trying to state: if at all possible, we should rebuild their communities and their economy. If we can do that, what is the point of having someone like the Taliban around?

Second idea: hey, lets leave. Leave some already pissed off people to their miserable lives because we came in and ****ed up their lives. So, did we have terrorists before? If we didn't we do now, not from one country but two.

Those are pretty much our only two options at this point. We fight and help the communities or we leave and ... well you see. Why is my opinion so horrible to you people? I mentioned "lets rape the land of the Taliban" oooooo. It wasn't "lets kill everyone there and rape their land of their natural resources". Lets assume the Taliban is actually as bad as they project on the American television (which we all know is a lie since it is America, unlike all the European countries where everything is reported truthfully). Why wouldn't you want to get rid of a group of people like that?

But I know this post will piss you guys off because you won't really read what I am trying to tell you, so I give up. I don't want war but you think I do because I want to get rid of some bad people. I don't want anyone else to die but you think I do because that is the only thing you read. I want peace, plain and simple. I want all you anti-religious idiots to accept all of us religious idiots and what we believe and vice versus. I want everyone to have an education and be enlightened. I want all of these stupid idiots who beat their wives and hurt their children and other's children to just stop.

Then again, read the last of my original post: I never called myself a realist. I can only dream, and you have shown me that.

Oh and btw valk, I didn't enlist because my best friend was in Vietnam and had his legs blown off by land mines. I didn't enlist because my best friend's brother died in Iraq. I didn't enlist because my teacher was called into action during the (second) Iraq war and has yet to come back. I am very much aware of how this effects you and I am sorry. I did not intend to make it seem like I was heartless.
  by: nimira     10/22/2009 07:42 PM     
Some random dude goes to your house and then trashes the place, he has two options:
A - Help you clean
B - Leave

The option is clear, he should leave, you wanna know why? Cuz you are going to be too god da** pissed at the dude to have him around.

Imagine if he just didn't trash you house but killed your family and friends?
Your solution to the problem is extremely irrealistic.
  by: jhax   10/22/2009 08:30 PM     
  @ nimira  
Um, you seem to forget about the surge that already happened, and guess what...didn't help..
  by: jediman3     10/22/2009 10:09 PM     
doesn't this man put his life in Afghan, if he is so brave.
  by: captainJane     10/23/2009 02:32 AM     
is failing to conduct himself in a manner that exudes his position as the Command and chief of the armed forces. His recent indecision, statements are causing great unease with the American people and allies, while it feeds the enemy's confidence.

Recent political decisions he's made regarding defense were bad enough, but agreeing to allow the Russians into our nuke facilities so they can count/estimate our arsenal is just plain stupid at it's best. The Russians have been making power plays since he took office, and he just keeps bending over for them.

And even worse is we have 3 more years of this crap to endure.
  by: Synister1   10/23/2009 03:11 AM     
We leave and we have some pissed off dudes anyway. What matter does it make? Either we stay and we´re hated or we leave and we´re hated. It isn´t my fault that Bush decided to declare war on a country most people in the United States have never heard about because our school systems suck. I was just trying to give a good solution such as rebuilding their communities.

@jedi yes, but weren´t we doing a lot better when there were a lot more troops there? I don´t know, I think this country we may have a chance at fixing our mistakes in.
  by: nimira     10/23/2009 05:48 PM     
How about you stay and you get killed?
That´s can´t happen if you leave.
  by: jhax   10/23/2009 05:53 PM     
Let´s hope that it is 7 more years that right-wingers have to ´endure´ Obama and stay pissed off. I love pissed-off conservatives.
  by: Lurker     10/23/2009 06:40 PM     
"His recent indecision, statements are causing great unease with the American people and allies, while it feeds the enemy´s confidence."

That´s the problem with so much of western thought - here in the west, taking a balanced approach has so many negative connotations: "sitting on the fence" - being "indecisive", etc. You´re either with us or against us, and things are all neatly black or white. But life just simply ain´t like that. This is a complicated issue. Maybe you think we should just carpet bomb the entire Middle East, and that act of strong decisiveness will earn the respect of our enemies? The Iraqis weren´t/aren´t our enemies. The Afghan people are not our enemies. The people that are supposed to be our enemies are indistinguishable from the civilians, they don´t wear uniforms, in most cases they live within the civilian population. We´ve sent our military in to fight phantoms that appear and disappear at will, and the longer we stay there the more enemies we CREATE. Our troops have no clear enemy and no clear goal. Perhaps this is why Obama is being "indecisive". They´re reassessing the situation.

And the thing with the Russians... it´s called diplomacy. He´s trying to create some transparency in order to ease/deter proliferation. What does it matter if they know how many nukes we have? I´m sure the US and the Russians each have enough nukes stockpiled to completely decimate each other´s countries, and probably more than enough combined to end most of all life on the planet. Each of us supposedly knowing the tally of warheads the other has is a good thing, IMO.

@ Lurker

Yeah, 3 years is wishful thinking. ;^) It has been a hoot watching the right wing implode. They just can´t understand why there are so many of us idiots out there who just don´t "get it" and still fail to see that they have become a minority.
  by: spiggy   10/23/2009 09:16 PM     
  George And Cheney Ignored Afghanistan  
They screwed up worse in Afghanistan than they did in Iraq. Now this gang of "Killer Clowns" think they have the credibility to second guess the current administration. It is amazing to experience the gull of these "Chicken Hawks". They wasted the lives of so many.
  by: ichi     10/24/2009 07:27 PM     
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