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                 01/23/2018 11:08 PM  
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10/24/2009 11:20 AM ID: 81344 Permalink   

New Hope for Microsoft


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer released his latest hope to keep his company in the top position amongst its competitors.Windows 7 adds some interesting touch screen features to the PC: You can zoom a pix by touching it with 2 fingers and separating

Unfortunately you need a PC with touch screen capability. Also you can touch something and then right click it with a second finger basically turning your fingers into a mouse.

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  two fingers  
NO WAY! this has to be the most amazing invention for computing of all time... I can´t believe numerous other companies haven´t already implemented this exact feature already.
  by: Silentace   10/24/2009 02:15 PM     
multi-touch is old technology...but the people who upgrade, and people who buy new computers to do only that, will probably find this feature really cool...

you know...the people not like you and me, but the ones that barely know how to use word...
  by: ludwitr   10/24/2009 02:33 PM     
  Touch screne?!?  
Did you mean touch screen?
  by: evilrat   10/24/2009 02:37 PM     
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