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                 01/20/2018 06:18 AM  
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10/25/2009 04:25 AM ID: 81352 Permalink   

Sex with Horses Then, Sex with Horses Now


TN - James Tait, 58, and Kenny Thomason, 44, are charged with felony animal cruelty after being arrested for having sex with horses on their farm. Tait, facing three counts, and Thomason, facing two, are both being held on roughly $100,000 bail.

Police are investigating if the farm was a destination for zoophiles and have found videos of bestiality taking place on site. Investigators believe sex on the farm involved dogs, ponies, and full-grown horses.

In 2005, Tait was charged with criminal trespassing on an Enumclaw, WA farm on the same night a man there died after his colon was punctured during sex with a horse. In 2006, Washington state made bestiality a Class C felony.

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The man who died in 2005 was Kenneth Pinyan, a Boeing engineer ( As the source said, the events involving him were the subject of the film "Zoo" (
  by: nicohlis     10/25/2009 04:32 AM     
  SN Reported  
Man Dies after having Sex with Horse (
  by: nicohlis     10/25/2009 04:34 AM     
think animal cruelty like this occurs elsewhere as well.
  by: vizhatlan     10/25/2009 12:47 PM     
  now remember kids,  
Sex with a horse causes colon punctures.
  by: djskagnetti     10/25/2009 01:37 PM     
What traumatic events took place that caused a man to say, "I think it would be swell to have a horse screw me." ? ? ?
At least it wasn´t in FL
  by: shaohu     10/26/2009 02:31 AM     
Nah, but this one IS from Florida (

Laszlo Horvath, a 21-year-old aspiring cook, is being allowed to attend culinary school after a judge partially lifted a home confinement order. Horvath was confined after he injured his whippet-mix so seriously during sex that the dog had to be euthanized. Bonus: he didn´t want to pay for the dog´s treatment.

"(the dog) Silvy´s legs were duct taped closed with a cloth pressed against her lower half"

Hmmm... wanna eat at the restaurant he ends up working at?
  by: nicohlis     10/26/2009 02:58 AM     
  I really wish..  
I had not read this at all after the last comment. No offense. Is this Horvath still locked up? I hope he is with the worst there is, if he is.
  by: captainJane     10/26/2009 06:52 AM     
  Nicolis, That´s @#$% sick  
But I still think dying from a horse penis up the butt is worse...
  by: shaohu     10/26/2009 09:18 AM     
  Gives a new meaning to ROTOR ROOTER  
Surely there are better ways to cure constipation, its called fiber, whats wrong with these people.
  by: OrIgInAl_ThOuGhT   10/26/2009 11:11 PM     
  Good Goddess  
I don´t know which one of the stories made me feel more sick this one, the old shortnews one or the FL one..I´m going to say the last one.

You would have thought that the guy would have gave up on it when his partner in animal molestation died from horse-sex in 2005. How the heck did he somehow get his own place within 4 years and set up another farm for all the beastiality that two men can find?

This is just beyond sick.
  by: TaraB     10/27/2009 12:50 AM     
This is an oldie but a goodie. The title actually almost doesn´t do it justice.

Having Sex with Dead Animals Just Doesn´t Pay (

There ain´t nothin´ like raw human depravity.
  by: nicohlis     10/27/2009 01:09 AM     
  Taking Mr Ed to Bed---  
  by: Zmethod     10/27/2009 04:22 AM     
"Oohhhhhhh Wiiilber!"
  by: shaohu     10/27/2009 09:39 AM     
  Just a thought  
Getting done by a horse can´t be all bad. Pamela Anderson has been humpin´ Tommy Lee for years!

And if farmers do horses and pigs etc, do scuba divers get whale tail?
  by: womenareviolent     10/29/2009 07:00 PM     
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