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                 02/20/2018 06:30 PM  
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10/28/2009 10:39 AM ID: 81377 Permalink   

FBI Rescues Child Prostitutes in Three-Day Campaign


A series of FBI raids in 36 cities across the United States, conducted over three days and in conjunction with local law enforcement, resulted in the rescues of 52 children who had been forced into prostitution. The youngest was just 10.

Sixty pimps were arrested in the raids, the latest in Operation Cross Country, which includes nearly 1,600 agents and officers. 691 suspects were charged in the latest raids.

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  Now this is good use of police resources.  
With all the wars we have going on these days.. I can´t remember hearing about the war on child prostitution, yet it would be the most sensible war we could wage....

  by: bbeljefe     10/26/2009 06:13 PM     
  What in the F*k!?!  
This is just F´d up! I am so upset right now I am shaking. So 691 suspects and 52 children 10 and up. I wonder if they will find any children that were reported missing, hell some might have been and not even remember.

The thing is how many more of these digusting f*ks are still out there right now and because of this will start being more cautious. Then there are those that will simply reply that putting these criminals behind bars is not going to help because it is simply revenge we are looking for.

I wonder if we should send those who are guilty out of the 691 to their house and put them in their neighborhoods to visit with these men and women.
  by: TaraB     10/26/2009 06:27 PM     
this is happening all over the world, in Mexico i just hear a report that in the downtonw of Mexico City police has detected around 20 to 30 child prostitutes and around 6 pimps (several of them foreigners) working everyday, and sex turism is incresing every month around the world, specially the countries tha have been more damaged for the recent world crisis or natural disasters (like Philipines), and there are really very few police forces working to erradicate this world wide crime.
  by: demonh8   10/26/2009 06:48 PM     
Well, I think that putting criminals behind bars is the best way of stopping their criminal behavior and protecting law-abiding society. I just wonder if there could ever be any hope for a person capable of doing such things to a child.
  by: Ben_Reilly     10/26/2009 06:52 PM     
I don´t say this much anymore but AMEN PREACH IT MY FRIEND!

It is a war we should have with the war on drugs funds. Most of these children, boys and girls, have to belong to someone and unless they are listed as abducted or missing that means the parent(s) are aware and have done nothing to stop it. As soon as I read this the face of that little girl from Florida came to mind, the one who was gone at least a year before it was noticed and that included the social workers. She was around 3 when she was taken and if she was put into something like this she wouldn´t know her real name or that she is missing.

What makes me ill even though I know these sick and disgusting people will all have a trial and jury so our system will do its job. Since it isn´t considered a serious enough offense many will be let out or just stuck on probation and there they go right back to their favorite habit. It might take a few weeks or maybe a month to figure out another way to get access and not let anyone know what they are and then we get more victims of their ´habit´ and it all starts over again.
  by: TaraB     10/26/2009 07:08 PM     
  Ben Demon  
Ben- I can handle prison if it would actualy be truth in sentancing. I really don´t think there is a cure and I have been thinking about this and while I know someone will point out all my faults and how wrong I am I still am going to throw it out there. I think the reason we have been seeing so many more cases of this than even 20 years ago is because those that were abused and didn´t get the help they so needed, and a few that have, are now finding victims. Since they say before a child molester is rarely caught with his first victim who knows how many men and women out there were abused and are now abusing.

I know I haven´t asked that the men and women be shot yet, I´m thinking it would be justice, but I also know it can´t be done and is just my anger and emotion.

Demon- I think it would be great if we could all get into some agreement and work together to help save these children and send these molesters to the country that they are accused of it. I know everyone will give me all the why that won´t work, it is just a idea people no need to think it would ever happen anyway with the way we can´t get along with each other and someone would cry foul.
  by: TaraB     10/26/2009 07:18 PM     
  I mean where are the parents?  
We´ve made jail a profitable biz, I hope we´re getting back on track and locking up the REAL criminals. Since people lost control of their kids,(afraid discipline would be con-screwed as child abuse) and there are no good role models, a weak family unit due to the disposable relationship mentality, well our kids will be preyed upon. They drug the kids, gang rape them then beat the will out of them, then the abused get Stockholm syndrome, so even if you free them, they go back. Monsters are real...
  by: OrIgInAl_ThOuGhT   10/26/2009 11:04 PM     
Tara, very few of those who where mollested as childs become pedophiles as grown ups, and those who become molesters prefer to molest childs around them, of their own family or neighbors. The Pedophiles that where never molested as childs, prefer child prostitutes because that will guive them less troubles and consecuences, and sadly, most of them are never caught since they learn to hide they habits.
  by: demonh8   10/27/2009 12:26 AM     
  would be good...  
if they did the same thing worldwide...
  by: eodeo   10/27/2009 02:51 AM     
Mexico´s City Police captured around 12 ppl, 5 of them Hotel owners who let a child prostitution ring use their hotels as operation base, also a cab driver who take the clients and childs to hotels, and rescue about a 12 of childs forces to work as prostitutes, and police chiefs promised they will attak other know child prostitution zones, ah they also close down the hotels.
  by: demonh8   10/28/2009 04:07 AM     
I am glad you posted again, I didn´t see the comment you left for me I´m sorry.

I agree they do end up finding ways to hide more, even more after they are caught and not in jail/prison. I am glad to hear about the people in Mexico that have been caught. I hope that all the law enforcement around the world would catch these people. I know some places pay the police to look away I can only hope one day they will do the right thing.
  by: TaraB     10/28/2009 04:28 AM     
Wow, this still happens in the US? I´m shocked. Torture them and then hang em! All you need is a bucket of water, some rope and a tree. These sick *#($*@´s gave up all their rights when they started forcing children into prostitution. I don´t believe in "certain unalienable rights" for all people. Some people forfeit these so called "rights" when they commit atrocious crimes. But thanks to the late-great George Carlin, we know that "human rights" is all BS and its bad for ya.
  by: shaohu     10/28/2009 08:57 AM     
i´m not sure in it but i can imagine the poor parents sell their children to pimps.
  by: vizhatlan     10/28/2009 04:05 PM     
  I am not impressed...  
for years we have known thus was going on and the police have been dealing with this for generations. All I say about this news is, well you took your time! Shame the past 30 years of study into this criminal behavior has not been exercised long before now and a prevention put in place.
  by: captainJane     10/28/2009 04:19 PM     
Yeah it is still happening here in what is supposed to be so rich and so perfect. What worries me is how many more of these f*g scums are out there all over the world everyday abusing and torturing children and adults, boys/men and girls/women.

Another thing that many people walk around daily and have no clue about or like to ignore is the human trafficing. The Russian mob is probably better than any of the other trafficers, but there are many and the amount they estimate is staggering. The US underground is a second layer most will never know about.

That is a ´war´ they should be working on instead of the war on drugs and Afghanistan.
  by: TaraB     10/28/2009 04:22 PM     
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  by: Ben_Reilly     10/30/2009 06:22 PM     
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