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                 02/20/2018 08:45 AM  
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10/28/2009 12:40 AM ID: 81407 Permalink   

Pilots of Flight That Missed Airport Lose Licenses


The Pilots of Northwest Airlines Flight 188 from San Diego to Minneapolis, Capt. Timothy B. Cheney, 53, and First Officer Richard I. Cole, 54, had their licenses revoked by the Federal Aviation Administration today.

Both pilots deny being asleep durring the flight, but admit there was "a concentrated period of discussion where they did not monitor the airplane or calls" from air traffic control. Cheney has over 20,000 flight hours, Cole has 11,000.

"Each pilot accessed and used his personal laptop computer while they discussed the airline crew flight scheduling procedure," the report said. "The first officer, who was more familiar with the procedure, was providing instruction to the captain."

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The circumstances surrounding their indiscretion don´t matter.

Now they can check their email, update their facebook pages and surf ashleymadison without endangering the lives of others.

  by: bbeljefe     10/28/2009 02:07 AM     
All while collecting about 75% of their base salaries while on unemployment.

In a case like this I believe that they should not be able to collect any gov funds.
  by: CaveHermit   10/28/2009 03:02 AM     
  Good point Hermit..  
but I can´t think of a case where anyone should draw taxpayer funds for not working.

  by: bbeljefe     10/28/2009 04:19 AM     
  It´s the Union Contracts  
I am neither pro or anti union and I know there is the good and bad to having them.
It is all spelled out in their union contracts just like I was telling someone on the cop assault thread. The whole innocent until proven guilty comes in and until they are officially let go they can still collect.

No these two idiots do not need pay or anything at all other than charges and never get their license back. I know someone will say, but this was one small offense and all they did was look at their laptops for work-related stuff. Too bad.

Ignoring traffic controllers, not paing attention to the flight and it´s course, being so wrapped up and having an intense conversation about their new scheduling program and whoops no need to worry about that now. Notonly did they put themselves at risk, but the crew, customers, other planes that might be using that air space and of course all the people on the ground.

What makes me think about now is how many other pilots do some stupid stuff like that and just never get caught??
  by: TaraB     10/28/2009 04:47 AM     
  You make a good point Tara but...  
union contracts don´t (or shouldn´t) dictate a person´s work ethic.

I´m a vocal opponent of labor unions in today´s world but I will never allow labor unions to take the responsibility for someone´s lack of same.

  by: bbeljefe     10/28/2009 05:17 AM     
I think there´s more to this story.

It doesnt quite make sense in my head how a modern airliner can ´miss´ an airport.

The whole route the aircraft takes is firstly selected by the pilots, then submitted to the FAA via a flight plan, and then input into the flight management computer of the aircraft. After takeoff, once positive climb rate has been confirmed, the landing gear is retracted, the autopilot engaged, and upon air traffic control command to resume the flight planned route the aircraft will really fly the entire route by itself, including the descent (upon air traffic control approval to do so), approach and even landing (depending if the Instrument Landing System at the destination airport has a CAT3 system installed).

These pilots must of disengaged the autopilot from flying its route and simply dialed in a heading and altitude and even put their headsets down as not to hear ATC, completely ignoring the flight planned route thats right in front of their eyes on the NAV display and FMC.
What a big no-no.

I would really like to hear the cockpit voice recorded and from the pilots themselves.
  by: itts   10/28/2009 01:42 PM     
dont know whether there is a hope of getting back their licenses at any time.
  by: vizhatlan     10/28/2009 02:35 PM     
  On a positive note  
the Colombians will give them gainful employment!
  by: kristmen   10/31/2009 08:17 PM     
"These pilots must of disengaged the autopilot from flying its route and simply dialed in a heading and altitude and even put their headsets down as not to hear ATC,"

Yeah, I was thinking that too. Wouldn´t the plane simply go into orbit around the airport? Well, that is, until it ran out of fuel.
  by: groovedaddy   11/04/2009 04:15 AM     
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