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                 02/25/2018 10:42 AM  
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10/28/2009 10:28 AM ID: 81414 Permalink   

Soldiers Killed in Florida Car Crash


Two soldiers have been killed after they were struck by a car in Florida after they had paid a surprise visit to their families before their deployment to Iraq. The pair apparently got in a fist fight with each other in the car.

Tim Frith from the Highway Patrol said: "We think that one of the subjects may have been, certainly had, consumed alcohol. To what level, that's what we're waiting to determine." The soldiers had stopped their car and got out to keep fighting.

An oncoming car managed to swerve and miss the pair, but the car behind the first didn't have time to react. Two passengers in the soldiers' car were uninjured.

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  Fist fighting in a car.  
That´s how men do it.
  by: Dayron   10/28/2009 10:36 AM     
That´s just wonderful, why don´t we get into a fight in the car and then pull it over and fight in the middle of the road? They visit their family one last time because of the risk they face in Iraq and then get into a partially(one of them at least) drunken fight. Stupid and a waste.
  by: TaraB     10/28/2009 11:12 AM     
Just stupid.
  by: nephew     10/28/2009 12:52 PM     
  some people  
shouldn´t drink.
  by: John E Angel     10/29/2009 02:40 AM     
  No they...  
shouldn´t, should they John. :P
  by: captainJane     10/29/2009 04:38 AM     
  Heart breaking...  
for the families, it is really sad, they make it through the war then something like this!
  by: captainJane     10/29/2009 04:41 AM     
  by: HAVOC666     10/29/2009 04:48 AM     
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