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                 01/20/2018 12:04 PM  
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10/28/2009 05:53 PM ID: 81427 Permalink   

Ahnold: "F--- You" is a Concidence


In a recent veto, the governator of California enclosed a message back to the bill's author. Although these messages typically explain the reasoning behind his action, this one coincidentally includes a less-than-welcome phrase.

"What a coincidence" was the response of spokesman Aaron McLear, noting that previous messages have spelled out other words.

The assemblyman receiving the note had previously heckled the governator in his appearance at a Democratic fundraiser.

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  @ cranky_paranoid  
You didn´t just cite Faux as your source did you? Holy ****.
  by: NicPre     10/28/2009 10:25 PM     
  I have to side with Ahnold on this one...  
They have some very serious problems in California and the legislature is not doing anything about them. Instead they just waste their time with frivolous BS. They need a big FU, and a size 12 boot up their collective ass. At least someone in the legislature is considering totally legalizing and taxing marijuana. That´s a step in the right direction if it passes and that a big ´if´.
  by: valkyrie123     10/29/2009 02:35 AM     
America´s first Failed State
  by: Hugo Chavez     10/29/2009 09:50 AM     
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