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                 02/18/2018 07:44 AM  
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11/08/2009 07:09 PM ID: 81600 Permalink   

Hair-Pulling Soccer Player Suspended Indefinitely


Elizabeth Lambert, from New Mexico, has been suspended from playing soccer for her school indefinitely after she pulled an opposing player to the ground by her ponytail and made the national headline news. New Mexico lost 0-1 to BYU.

New Mexico was playing BYU in the semifinal of the Mountain West Conference. Video footage shows Lambert using her elbows against players and being very physical in otherways before finally pulling Kassidy Shumway's ponytail.

In a prepared statement, Lambert said: "I am sorry to my coaches and teammates for any and all damages I have brought upon them. I am especially sorry to BYU and the BYU women's soccer players that were personally affected by my actions."

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  See for yourself... has a clip of her behavior on the field. Even though Bucky Katt (Get Fuzzy comic strip) called soccer players a bunch of "swan-diving, shin-grabbing mama´s boys", there can be thugs in the game. And this woman definitely falls into that category. Her coach also needs to be held accountable for her behavior.
  by: cranky_paranoid     11/08/2009 10:44 PM     
  How rotten and nasty!  
I am glad she was suspended indefinitely, what a horrible show of sportsmanship! I understand that a game like this much have some pressure and you want to win, but you don´t throw a young lady down by her ponytail that is kindergarten behavior. I also think the young lady who elbowed her earlier should get in trouble with BYU also, it goes both ways for sportmanship.

Cranky, I am sure her coach is in some sort of trouble. I am shocked she didn´t pull her out before it got to that point, I mean the yellow card would have been it for her if I was the coach.
  by: TaraB     11/09/2009 02:37 PM     
  by: walter3ca   11/09/2009 05:29 PM     
  i can only say  
That she will have a great career in wrestelmania or something like that
  by: demonh8   11/09/2009 05:47 PM     
"Her coach also needs to be held accountable for her behavior."

Why, is the coach her father? =P Bwhaha.
  by: Dayron   11/09/2009 05:54 PM     
Nice one. :)

I should elaborate - accountable for her on-field behavior. If she gets into sacrificing black bulls to Jupiter, her coach should not be called to account for that. But he should be called to account for this happening on the field.
  by: cranky_paranoid     11/09/2009 09:49 PM     
Did she get called for any of those fouls before the hair pull?
  by: barryman9001   11/10/2009 02:02 AM     
  i have  
seen the video a couple more times, and the ppl and the media are over reacting, that girl only act as profesional futbol players do, and they keep that hard behavior untill the referee start punish them with yellow and red cards, so the girl is not guilty, is the referee for being gutless and not punish her earlier
  by: demonh8   11/10/2009 03:30 AM     
  few things  
1 i want her on my soccer team :D
2 that girl can play dirty
3 my god i think i found the best soccer player :)))
  by: BAD   11/10/2009 04:37 AM     
  If all else fails...  
She could put those urges to good use as a dominatrix. :-P
  by: forg0ttenclone   11/10/2009 03:30 PM     
I´ve seen the videos, she punched a girl in the head, dragged another to the ground by her hair and was generally violent whenever she got near a member of the opposition.

She deserves to be banned, she is no more than a common thug.
  by: TabbyCool     11/11/2009 02:26 PM     
this was greatly blown out of Proportion?, maybe because the American people are not so familiar with the football (soccer) game?

what she did was nothing more than child play compared to the real things we see happening in football (soccer) games.

for example take a look at this blow delivered by the Brazilian Leonardo to the American Ramos in the 1994 world cup, this hit fracture Ramos malar bone

and guess what, Leonardo punishment was four matches suspension only.
  by: paparoach   11/11/2009 07:38 PM     
And yet this was twice as aweful. Elizabeth Lambert, is a disgrace to female soccer. My daughter watched this, and literally got wobbly foot, every time when she goes to play soccer.

She keeps asking what would I do? t has traumatized her and I can honestly understand why. Girls say a lot of ansty things to each other in the field, but to actually see it, not once, or, twice by the same person and with that tenacity is just wrong at any level.

Oh! I almost forgot, she looked evil.
  by: skcusswentrohs     11/14/2009 03:56 PM     
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