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                 01/21/2018 11:35 PM  
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11/12/2009 10:46 AM ID: 81677 Permalink   

School Offering to Give Students Extra Points on Exams if Parents Will Give a Donation


North Carolina: Rosewood Middle School has instituted a controversial program in which students can have 10 points added to two tests of their choice if the parents will donate $20 to the school.

Principal Susie Shepherd says that ten points for two tests shouldn't change a the grade a student gets but the state Department of Public Instruction's chief academic officer Rebecca Garland expressed some reservations about the scheme.

"If a student in college were to approach a professor to buy a grade, we would be frowning on that. It might even be a reason for dismissal. We're teaching kids something that if they were to do it later, they could get in trouble for," said Garland.

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donations have yet been collected", then i think the value the donation should be reduced.
  by: vizhatlan     11/12/2009 12:38 PM     
Wow and I thought the schools here had some pretty bad ideas. They think funding is bad now wait until every grade they give is in question.
  by: splicer   11/12/2009 12:52 PM     
  This is insane....  
What kind of morals does this teach our children? You can buy your way out of trouble? And these people are ´educators´?

I can see this being perverted very quickly. Give all the students failing grades so they can exploit money out of the parents for a passing grade. Kinda like the prison work gangs in the 20´s, just pick up innocent poor people, convict them on trumped up charges and you have slave labor. It will happen again, it always does.
  by: valkyrie123     11/12/2009 02:06 PM     
  Stuff it  
If nobody else will troll then I´ll have to.

Hooray for free market!
Three cheers for capitalism!
  by: ixuzus     11/12/2009 02:13 PM     
  Well I guess they came to their senses....  
This idiotic idea just hit the circular file.
  by: valkyrie123     11/12/2009 03:34 PM     
  This is always going on in North Carolina  
I been in school here since middle school and that has been going on for a while
  by: Devil Chink   11/12/2009 04:38 PM     
so what does teach the kids? As long as you have some type of money you can buy your way out of stuff. Unless these kids become celebritys or sport stars they will be in for a rude awakening
  by: willyshawker     11/12/2009 08:16 PM     
  Ix &Valk & Cheaper ideas  
Ix-You owe me one 20ounce Pepsi when I finally make it to Austrailia sir.

Valk- Thank you for the update and for what you said before that. I have 2 children that work very hard for the grades they get and if something like that was to happen here they would probably question why work so hard when you can buy your way through school. I have NO idea what parent advisory council came up with this idea, they need to all be let go and have some parent´s with actual brains replace them.

I could fix a majority of the schools problems when it comes to fundraisers. Stop sending home those stupid wrapping paper for $25 and anything else like that. Nobody can take it to work and sell it like they used to and no one has the money for that crap right now.

I could give them 2 ideas that were the BEST thing I have seen so far. Lollipops. Before someone moans my oldest was selling them a few years ago for the class trip and these things sold so well that I would be picking up a box of them each day with two bags in them and the next morning she would take $40 in and bring another box home that night. We had people knocking on my door at 10p.m. in the rain asking if she had any more left. It got so crazy that after a week she not onlt paid for ALL of her class trips, she actually had enough left over to pay for 2 others who wouldn´t have been able to go. I haven´t seen anyone else do this and her old school never had it again, I think it was because that teacher left but it was a really great idea and for .50 each it was very affordable and people didn´t feel pressured for something they wouldn´t use.

The second one was a "gym sale" A huge yard sale inside the gym. There were two ways to do this. #1 Students would be there to sell their stuff and at the end, or whenever they left that money would be put towards their trip.
Here is one link that has even more choices than we had, but it is still only 50 cents each.
and here is the ones we sold and they have Sugar free ones too so those with Diabetes or those that prefer sugar-fee can still enjoy.

#2 If you weren´t going to be there but donated things, it would go towards the whole class for their trips. What we did at the end of this was to donated what was left to the clothes closet for those at the abused shelter and those that need clothes but couldn´t afford any.

Both things raised so much and it is something that people can do that isn´t forcing them to get something they don´t want and that they can´t afford. People need to think outside of the typical school sales and think about ways that are cheaper and often liked much better.
  by: TaraB     11/12/2009 09:05 PM     
  It happens now anyway  
Where I went to college, I was amazed at how well the knuckleheads whose parents paid full tuition did in school. They didn´t go to class, cheated on tests, and had the overall IQ of a box of rocks. But somehow they passed all their classes and graduated.
  by: cranky_paranoid     11/13/2009 01:38 AM     
Don´t be mean to rocks.
  by: ixuzus     11/13/2009 02:07 AM     
  Teacher: "Young man give me that knife..THUD!"  
If money´s an issue, and obviously the administration has no morals, why not take a page from the Detroit police and actively promote forfeiture of items found on students. Laptops, Ipods, games, books, phones, mp3 players... all can be resold at the school store. Problem solved.
  by: WickedWarlock   11/15/2009 01:35 PM     
Oh yeah, instead of teaching our kids how to bribe someone, we can teach them to steal.

  by: bbeljefe     11/15/2009 04:41 PM     
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