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                 01/17/2018 02:23 AM  
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11/16/2009 08:57 PM ID: 81724 Permalink   

The 280-Euro Caruosel Ride


In Germany, some 14 thrill-seekers at the Star Gate fairground in Berlin got more than they expected on the carousel. Fifty feet off the ground, the ride broke down and required rescue services. The ride owner has refused to pay for those services.

Now, the local fire department has sent a 280-euro bill to each of the rescued riders. The ride owner refuses to payout on the grounds that they didn't call nor require rescue services. The riders were stuck on the carousel for 45-minutes.

Thorsten W, who was on the ride, said: "We have been punished enough. Our son never wants to go on a carousel again. And now we have to pay almost 850 euros? Never!" The fire department has stated they "performed a service" and that they are not "being cheeky or nasty".

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  Original Source  
I posted the source from BBC (for all you english readers) but here is the original source (in german):

I´m with the riders. Screw paying for the rescue services. I´d forward that bill straight to the ride owner.
  by: modom56k   11/16/2009 09:00 PM     
  Don´t these people  
pay taxes?
  by: walter3ca   11/16/2009 09:29 PM     
The ride owner is such a dirtbag. Hopefully this story reaches enough people as to drive the ride owner out of business.
  by: smarta$$     11/17/2009 12:08 AM     
At first I thought this was about some people firing that machine up after hours and then getting stuck, so I didn´t agree with any of you. After reading the source, screw that ride owner, that is BS.
  by: nimira     11/17/2009 01:02 AM     
  Well, being mono lingual,  
I can´t speak to the actual facts of the story but it would seem to me that the owner of the ride should have insurance to protect against an event of this nature.

Also, after having been brow beaten in so many threads about how much more taxes other countries levy on their citizenry (than the US) and how much more wonderful life is there.... I can´t help but wonder, is Germany on that list or is memory failing me again? Or perhaps, maybe the fire department looked at this event as a non emergency call. If that´s the case, they should have allowed the owner of the ride to go about its prescribed repair/evacuation policy.

  by: bbeljefe     11/17/2009 03:02 AM     
I think it would be something like a charge for a rescue from a non-life threatening situation.

There is a multi thousand dollar callout fee for fire services here in australia, at least for false alarms at commercial properties.

I agree that they should have let the owner perform his emergency evacuation, however it was 45 minutes, which sounds like long enough wait to me.
  by: jendres     11/17/2009 04:37 AM     
I agree that forty five minutes is a long time to wait but, without knowing the details of the failure I can´t say it was too long a period of time.

Also, I would hazard to guess that damn near every person on that ride has been to a restaurant and has waited at least forty five minutes for a seat so that they could pay an establishment to make them wait another half hour or so to bring them some shitty food to eat.

Forty five minutes is a millisecond when compared to a lifetime, especially when lives are in danger.

  by: bbeljefe     11/17/2009 05:14 AM     
  I think something is lost  
in the translation. I worked in a carnival and the merry go round was known as a carousel, but I never seen one that was as much as fifty feet off the ground. Did the source actually mean a FERRIS WHEEL, or some such ride?
  by: OLD MAN   11/17/2009 06:07 AM     
  Strange Laws  
The ride was not insured? The minimum liability is too low? why is it the riders´ problem?
  by: kmazzawi     11/17/2009 09:53 AM     
  Its not as bad as it seems  
Er vertröstet auf den Schadensersatz, den seine Haftpflichtversicherung den Fahrgästen zahlt. Der Betrag steht noch nicht fest. Agtsch: „Aber es wird schon genug sein, um das Geld für diese Rechnungen abzuzwacken.“

This means the ride owner has got insurance, but it is not clear how much the insurance company pays and this takes some time to work out. The fire department wants its money immediately, so they are so crazy to ask the people on the ride to pay it to them, because they will get it back from the insurance later. I don´t even know if this is legal, i am sure its not!

„Normalerweise läuft das nach dem Verursacherprinzip. Eigentlich dürften die Opfer nicht zur Kasse gebeten werden“, sagt Sprecher Jens-Peter Wilke (42). „Es könnte sich um einen internen Ermittlungsfehler handeln.

This is the fire departments spoke person. He answers to the BILD Newspaper: Usually the ride owner has to pay. The victims should not have to pay. This may be an internal accounting error and we are investigating this.

It does not wonder me that this happened in Berlin because our capital city is totally broke and tries to squeeze out money wherever possible. They City Government is well known for this. They don´t even care if it breaks the law. I did read countless news where they issue wrong traffic and speed tickets just to make money or where they rip-off customers of the subway system.
  by: evilrat   11/17/2009 04:26 PM     
It is not possible to operate a ride without insurance. The checks for this are very strict in Germany and the security is very high. I know a ride operator he told me a lot about it.
  by: evilrat   11/17/2009 04:28 PM     
You are right, surely they should have charged him in the first place, and make him sort his ride out before allowing anymore of the public to use it.
  by: captainJane     11/21/2009 11:48 PM     
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