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                 01/21/2018 11:36 PM  
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11/25/2009 04:59 AM ID: 81838 Permalink   

Boxer Dies After US Boxing Association Title Fight


Philadelphia: Super bantamweight Francisco Rodriguez has died following a US Boxing Association title fight. Rodriguez lost consciousness in the ring after the referee stopped the bruising contest and never awoke despite emergency brain surgery.

Rodriguez, aka 'El Nino Azteca', was born in Mexico but fought out of Chicago. He won the Chicago Golden Gloves several times and the national Golden Gloves once before turning pro four years ago. The 25-year-old had a 14-2 record and was well liked.

"It is with heavy heart that we make this announcement. Francisco was family to us and we all loved him very much," said fight promoter Dominic Pesoli.

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  too bad  
He was a good boxer
  by: shaohu     11/25/2009 05:15 AM     
  This is why boxing should go back to bare knuckles  
People didn´t die back then. Why? Because you didn´t hit people hard in the head very often, because it´d hurt your hand too much. Body shots and jabs to the head - hands more likely to get hurt than brains.
  by: tantryl   11/25/2009 05:39 AM     
Would it only be kinda bad if he was a mediocre boxer or not too bad if he´d been a shitty boxer?

  by: bbeljefe     11/25/2009 05:51 AM     
  oh my  
boxing a bad sport which is up there with football on brain injury sports....
  by: flukemol   11/25/2009 08:17 AM     
think for those boxers who succeeded many times is difficult to get out of it even knowing they can get any trouble at any time.
  by: vizhatlan     11/25/2009 03:37 PM     
  This is really sad...  
The guy had a family. He was a decent guy.

But i was thinking as i was watching an announcer speaking introducing an mma fight (wec). I noticed that he had that blank funny reflection in one eye and i could see all the scars on his face - he was a champion mma fighter brought in as a guest announcer. I thought: in MMA elbows and knees are allowed. KOs occur more often and more violently. Furthermore, submissions include cutting blood to the brain.
Now, i´m wondering if it took years to figure out that boxing could cause brain damage (and it´s still being argued), what is MMA doing to people brains.
In the brown vs aldo fight, brown still had the bruising and swelling from his last fight on his face.
It is obvious that these fights occur more frequently than boxing matches, and the fighters are paid less so they have to fight more frequently to make the same as a pro boxer. Also, their stats are hidden: for instance Yahya is considered 13-4 but you can find that he´s been fighting for years all over the world.
  by: mexicanrevolution   11/25/2009 09:07 PM     
The loss of his life and his family´s loss notwithstanding, the saddest thing to me here is the fact that our society somehow still embraces physical violence. Most notably in its love for boxing, wrestling, et al.

I mean seriously, we openly accept and even sponsor, the abuse of one another yet we still can´t bring up the subject of sex without being censored, censured or just down right hated.

IMO, there is something horribly wrong with that line of thinking.

  by: bbeljefe     11/26/2009 06:21 AM     
they were separate comments

The first comment was "It is too bad he is dead" and the second comment was "He was a good boxer" I wasn´t implying that it is too bad he is dead beause he was a good boxer. They were just two statements. It would be too bad even if he were a crappy boxer.

Regarding the MMA comment. Does anyone know how many deaths or parapalegics there has been due to MMA? I remember in one of the first UFC´s Tank Abbot hit a big somoan guy so hard that it look like it broke his neck, but they just cut to the next fight and never said anything about if the guy was ok or not. I never saw the Somoan fight in another UFC after that, but he wasn´t really ever mentioned again.
  by: shaohu     11/26/2009 09:53 AM     
I like boxing, it is sad that people at times die but that is only a normal thing after getting their brains bashed in by a fist that must feel like a lump hammer.

Rest in peace Francisco.
  by: mad_maggot   11/28/2009 11:11 AM     
Understood. Thanks for the clarification.

  by: bbeljefe     11/28/2009 03:56 PM     
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