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                 11/29/2015 06:35 PM  
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11/28/2009 02:39 PM ID: 81882 Permalink   

Prime Minister Loses His Parliamentary Seat Over Simple Paperwork Blunder


Vanuatu's parliament is set to elect a new Prime Minister after a major oversight led to the incumbent prime minister's seat being declared vacant for violating a standing order prohibiting three consecutive unexplained absences.

Prime Minister Edward Natapei was attending a Commonwealth summit and missed three consecutive sittings of parliament without notifying the speaker. A note explaining he was absent on official business would have seen him retain his seat.

The event is not unprecedented in the small island nation. In the 1980s another member of parliament lost his seat to the same standing order. He launched a legal appeal but was unsuccessful.

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  It´s a pity we don´t have those same rules  
here in the US. Of course, it probably wouldn´t do any good, since our elected representatives will almost never impose the laws they make on one another...

  by: bbeljefe     11/28/2009 04:14 PM     
If we could make that work, I´d volunteer to handle the paperwork for a lot of our elected representatives.
  by: cranky_paranoid     11/29/2009 06:57 AM     
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