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                 01/22/2018 11:34 AM  
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12/05/2009 09:23 AM ID: 81957 Permalink   

Amanda Knox Sentenced to 26 Years


Two years after being accused of murder, Amanda Knox has now been sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder of her British roommate. Raffaele Sollecito, her ex-boyfriend, has been sentenced to 25 years.

Her family and friends are devastated, and her parents intend to push forward in fighting this sentence and undoing the charges against their daughter Amanda. Knox "began weeping and [murmuring], 'No, no,'" and subsequently hugged her lawyers.

There is much blame being fired at the Italian court, saying they were not handling the matter properly and that the defense for Amanda Knox argues that she is radically different from how the court has portrayed her.

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as described or not. She still played her part in causing a young girls death.
  by: captainJane     12/05/2009 10:26 AM     
I have to disagree, they don´t have any hard evidence to convince her.

There´s no murder weapon, there´s no motive, and there´s no conclusive evidence to put her at the scene of crime at the time of the murder.

Prosecution made up a story with the little evidence they had ans push some nice marketing to it.

In my opnion, no1 should go to jail just on marketing bases.
  by: jhax   12/05/2009 10:50 AM     
European Justice at it´s finest. I always thought physical evidence, and motive were useless anyway, the real evidence are things you make up to assassinate the defendants character.
  by: alcred   12/05/2009 03:59 PM     
First thing "Poor" Amanda did while questioned, was to lie and blame the homicide on an innocent man (Patrick Lumumba) which risked getting 30 years for doing absolutely nothing. Besides that, prosecutors were rather clear on motive (Meredith refused to participate to an orgy organized by "Angelface" Amanda). As for comments about the prosecution and how they handled the case, I doubt you do work into Italian Justice Department, as I doubt you have fresh and up to date informations which would entitle you to express a judgement. Anyway, What puzzles me though, is that while many have sympathetic words for the "poor" Amanda, only a very small minority of people take into consideration the british family of the victim. Meredith was killed, this was the TRUE injustice, one that can´t be ´undone´.
  by: Mafia2020     12/05/2009 05:57 PM     
This entire case is disturbing. Her INITIAL story actually surrounded around her and her boyfriend having sex and smoking pot on the night of the supposed incident. It wasn´t until hours after interrogation that she implicated someone else. Furthermore, she claimed Itallian authorities assaulted her and she had facial lascerations to prove it during some of her public appearances.

The simple fact remains, in the US court system you are innocent until proven guilty, and the ´evidence´ they have is circumstantial at best. If there ever was any good evidence the Itallian authorities completely botched it up due to their inept behaviors.

The entire case against her is a completely fabricated series of events with absolutely no proof. The DNA evidence... oh wait it was her appartment? I mean think about yourself in this situation, you live in an appartment and some cracker off the street comes in and murders your room mate and you end up getting implicated because your DNA is present, IT WAS HER APPARTMENT I SHOULD REPEAT.

This case is absolutely rediculous and I think it casts an amazing amount of doubt on the Itallian legal system and their ability to be effective.

If you are interested about this case, please read this:

All accounts from people her knew her in Seatle made her out to be a good hard working person who, I know this is going to be horrible, was young and liked sex with her boyfriend and smoking pot.

  by: offy   12/05/2009 06:52 PM     
What was terrible is that she, along with her boyfriend and a third man (Guede) slaughtered an innocent girl. I am no prude and I certainly hold nothing against sex, murder however is against my principles. As for ´people from Seattle´ saying she was such a good girl, I have no doubts about their good faith, facts though proved them wrong. If what friends and parents mattered in a courtroom, probably jails would be (almost) empty by now.

Besides the DNA stuff, Knox had no alibi, certainly it didn´t help things the fact she lied and contradicted herself multiple times when questioned by the authorities. As for the Italian Court System it certainly is slow, but they convict less innocents than other systems since it is all centered on the civil rights of the citizens.

As for the allegations she was misthreated and beaten by the police, they were proven not true (her parents were also accused of spreading false claims about that and they will appear in front of a judge soon for that reason).

Once again, I invite everybody to think for a second about Meredith Kercher, the only true victim here.
  by: Mafia2020     12/05/2009 08:51 PM     
  @Offy (Part II)  
From the link you provided:

"Still, there are plenty of people who argue that Knox positioned herself in front of the firing squad. Why did she contradict herself, telling investigators that she had been present at the scene of the murder and that Patrick Lumumba, her boss at the bar where she worked a couple of nights a week, assaulted Meredith? She had originally stated that she´d spent the entire night at Sollecito´s home."
"Indeed, when Lumumba´s airtight alibi got him released from jail, after a couple of weeks, Knox wrote ecstatically about it in her prison journal ("Patrick got out today! Finally! Something is going right!") and later wrote of her remorse at ever having implicated him, saying it was under extreme duress and a result of police "brainwashing.""

Yeah, she was so happy that an innocent man got free, so happy and so remorseful that WHILE he was unjustly incarcerated she didn´t even think for a minute to tell the police she LIED about him, but then she was happy when HE got himself out of trouble thanks to his alibi.

Sorry but a woman like that, which uses lies, doesn´t refrain from implicating innocents and is used to make false claims has absolutely no credibility in my book, and apparently the judges think the same.
  by: Mafia2020     12/05/2009 09:43 PM     
My point is simple, innocent until proven guilty (I realize it´s the other way around in Europe´s judicial system), and there is no hard evidence that PROVES she was involved in the murder. It is irrelevant whether or not she lied, there are many potential explanations as to why she might lie.

Can you find a single piece of news that seems to offer this inconsequential proof that she was involved?

She may not have an alibi (besides her BF), but that doesn´t make her guilty. I think it´s disgusting that someone could get charged without hard evidence linking them to the crime.

In the end this trial has way too many holes in it and I hope that the outpouring of support can allow a retrial to be more fairly done.
  by: offy   12/05/2009 11:24 PM     
We weren´t present during her questioning so we can´t be sure of what was said or the circumstances under which she said it. We do know that there is very little physical evidence of her involvement in the crime and there is no motive. Not wanting to participate in an orgy is not generally a motive for murder.

As I understand it the only "evidence" was a knife which had her dna on the handle and Kercher´s on the blade. The knife was considered unlikely to be the murder weapon because it was the wrong shape. It was a random knife in a house that they shared.

Whilst there may be enough evidence for "suspicion" there was not enough for a conviction in my opinion.
  by: Eidron   12/06/2009 12:59 AM     
  @Maffia/Offy/all of it  
I think it´s clear that the Italian justice system is a complete joke. The whole angel vs. devil portrayal, the games, the contamination of evidence - all of it - a complete joke.

The media circus has been ridiculous too. Knox has been sexualised (´Foxy Knoxy´) and the entire focus has been on her - not sufficiently on Meredith, as Mafia2020 points out - but more worryingly not on Sollecito and Guede.

Despite the character assassination against Knox and the like, I do still find the evidence against Knox and Sollecito compelling. Knox claimed she was with Sollecito having sex and smoking pot. Sollecito claimed he was downloading stuff when his ISP can demonstrate that he wasn´t. Knox falsely accused a local bar man. Knox behaved very strangely, cartwheeling and giggling ´to calm down´. The false claims that Knox had been beaten by police during interrogation. Sollecito´s evidence was found on Meredith´s bra. Knox´s DNA was found on the knife - as was Meredith´s. It all adds up. One can argue it´s not water-tight and that the case has been mishandled...

...But bah - it´s late and I´m tired. Bottom line: I think Knox is guilty. That said, I think the overall handling of the situation by the Italian authorities hasn´t been great. I am aware also that this sort of trial becomes very partisan - Europe vs. America almost. Americans (eg. Offy? I mean it looks like you´re going completely out of your way to argue Knox´s corner) will perhaps have a tendency to assume Knox´s innocence while English people will tend to think her guilty. We´re probably going to see a lot more debate over the nuances of the case and the principles of justice - innocent until proven guilty, etc - but once more and finally: bottom line: I think Knox, Sollecito and Guede are guilty.. the balance of evidence certainly swings that way.
  by: rcavi     12/06/2009 02:28 AM     
I´m not suggesting that she´s innocent, only that there is resonable doubt.

With relation to the bra, I read somewhere that it wasnt administered as evidence until after it had been hanging around for 2months around the appartment.
  by: offy   12/06/2009 03:24 AM     
They killed her because she would not participate in an orgy? That´s such a made oup motive. Not willing to participate in an orgy doesn´t bring any1 to an anger level to murder.

DNA evidence? Yeah, it was her apartmente, of course there´s going to be DNA from her. In a US court the DNA would mean nothing.

You put me as a guy who´s defending this girl because she´s an angel, Im not, to me she could be the devil and she could have done it.
But what I am saying is that they have absolutely NO HARD EVIDENCE that she did it, therefore she shouldn´t go to jail.

Ruining some1´s life because you did better marketing than the defense is something despicable.
  by: jhax   12/06/2009 04:45 AM     
  @Offy + @Jhax  
In Italy, there is no such thing as "Reasonable Doubt", either you are guilty or you are innocent and that´s it.

Yes, but she was NOT in a US Court Room, but in an italian one. And please do spare me the "Italian justice is so inefficient" since US Justice is rather famous for occasionally sending people to the death row and realize after their death that it was a ´mistake´. As for the "She shouldn´t go to jail" remarks, go write that in a letter to the Kercher´s Family.
  by: Mafia2020     12/06/2009 03:02 PM     
So you are saying that we shouldn´t offend a victim´s family by ensuring that we actually did put the right person in jail?
  by: Eidron   12/06/2009 08:13 PM     
Not at all. I am saying the concern is misplaced since it should be directed to the victim´s family, and I am also saying that Amanda Knox, along with her mate Raffaele Sollecito and their buddy Rudy Guede are all guilty of murder as stated by the court.
  by: Mafia2020     12/06/2009 08:18 PM     
  @ All That Thinks She didn´t have a fair trial  
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, expressed NO concern about either how the case has been threated or about Italian Justice´s System; as well as Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs never expressed concerns about Enrico Forti´s case, which is held in Miami´s Jail. And you know why? Because they were found guilty, and therefor they have to pay their debt with justice, possibly by rotting in jail as long as possible.
  by: Mafia2020     12/07/2009 01:44 PM     
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