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                 02/24/2018 09:05 PM  
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12/09/2009 09:20 PM ID: 82033 Permalink   

Mysterious Spiral over Norway


A strange aerial phenomenon appeared over Norway Tuesday night, and has the whole country wondering what caused it.

Presented as a swirling spiral with an accompanying glow, the strange spectacle was recorded on film by people throughout the country. The current speculation is that it was caused by a missile launch, though no one is claiming responsibility.

"We are used to seeing lots of auroras here in Arctic Norway, but on my way to work this morning I saw something completely unexpected," said witness Nick Banbury. "...A green beam of light similar in colour to the aurora with a mysterious rotating spiral at one end."

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  looks pretty neat  
although i´m a little frightened at what might have made that. hopefully just some idiot nerds with a giant laser...
  by: m.i.a.elite     12/09/2009 09:32 PM     
Is that a spotlight lighting the spiral up? In the video it looked like they re focused the light.
  by: Luc1dDr3am     12/09/2009 10:45 PM     
  Must be  
that Norwegian swamp gas ;-)
  by: DoubleTake   12/09/2009 11:14 PM     
  wow thats crazy!  
it´s the vortex bringing in more bilderberg aliens from the alternate dimension
  by: djskagnetti     12/09/2009 11:21 PM     
  it´s a sign from God!  
  by: John E Angel     12/09/2009 11:25 PM     
  The blue part  
Reminds me of the railgun from Eraser
  by: caution2     12/09/2009 11:30 PM     
Heard on t.v. that it´s an russian ballistic missile launched from a sub while they were running around in the southern white sea.

They´re saying the launch didn´t quite go the way they planned it. ;p
  by: splicer   12/09/2009 11:58 PM     
  Update on Site  
Confirmed rocket failure. There is even a simulation video of said failed rocket failure.
  by: smarta$$     12/10/2009 12:02 AM     
  Missile my butt  
If it is, its the first rocket failure not applicable to the laws of gravity.

I would more believe it as some kind of spontaneous wormhole to another dimension than rocket failure.
  by: DoubleTake   12/10/2009 12:12 AM     
  Similar video from China..  
  by: Kaleid   12/10/2009 12:21 AM     
Its global warming!!
  by: nimira     12/10/2009 01:31 AM     
  Brookings Report?!

Ghost rockets! It´s happened before people...LoL
  by: Zmethod     12/10/2009 01:51 AM     
  what about  
chainsaw rocketz!?
  by: djskagnetti     12/10/2009 02:15 AM     
  oh noes!  
the scientologists did it!
  by: Clea   12/10/2009 03:22 AM     
  cosmic toilet flush  
  by: Key2000     12/10/2009 03:54 AM     
  I keep....  
...thinking of Howard the Duck
  by: tuogh     12/10/2009 04:19 AM     
  Seen it before  
It´s just a G´ould mothership exiting hyperspace. Not to worry. SG-1 is on the case.
  by: VermiciousG     12/10/2009 04:14 PM     
  Russia comes clean  
They admit it was their rocket that caused this:
  by: Lurker     12/10/2009 07:01 PM     
  I´m not usually one for crazy talk but...  
I have seen astrophysicist simulate what would happen if there was a magnetic shift in the earth´s atmosphere. The pictures seem eerily reminiscing of the possible polarization and depolarization.

Military scientists have been working on ways to control the earth´s natural reactions, magnetic fields, and jet streams using low frequency emitting
radiowaves. Sounds like some futuristic shit, but they had an expose on weather warfare not too long ago on the Discovery channel. Guess what? Russia was one of the leaders and may have caused the drought of the 1980´s in the U.S.

Sounds crazy, but sometimes fiction is truer than reality.
  by: questworldz     12/12/2009 01:20 AM     
They also seem eerily similar to a spinning piece of space trash!

Pull it together folks, It´s just a pissed off rocket.
  by: VermiciousG     12/12/2009 04:13 AM     
  doubt it  
i doubt that was a missile malfunction... if indeed there was a missile than perhaps they were testing a way to take one down via a high-engery weapon of some kind.
  by: HAVOC666     12/12/2009 10:07 AM     
Questworldz... You were talking about polarization and depolarization. I too am about to go to crazy talk. Anyone remember how close we are to 2012?
  by: Dolphin Commando   12/14/2009 11:16 AM     
  Polarization and Depolarization  
Sounds Bipolar too me.

(double entendre intended)
  by: VermiciousG     12/14/2009 02:14 PM     
  In reality it was...  
antimatter collected with a super collider and released in the atmosphere creating a temporary black hole... just like Angels and Demons.. the movie.
  by: aysos   12/14/2009 03:15 PM     
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