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                 01/24/2018 06:58 AM  
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12/16/2009 05:24 AM ID: 82099 Permalink   

Second-Grader Suspended for Jesus Drawing


An unnamed Taunton elementary school student was subjected to suspension and a mandatory psychiatric evaluation after drawing a picture of Jesus hanging dead on a cross for a school assignment.

The 8-year-old special needs student drew the picture after receiving instructions to create "something that reminded them of Christmas." The image, with the boy's name written above a crucified Jesus with x's for eyes, was considered violent.

After evaluation, the boy was declared a non-threat and allowed to return to class. The boy has since been approved for transfer to another school in the district, citing the trauma of the experience and the difficulty of returning as justification.

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  Can I draw a Jesus pic and go home?  
I´d just really like to get back to Dallas.
It´s F-ing cold up here!!!
  by: VermiciousG     12/16/2009 05:43 AM     
  Lets see how far we come....Sad world.  
Quote:The 8 year old special needs student drew the picture after receiving instruction to create "something that reminded them of Christmas."
elementary school student was subjected to suspension and a mandatory psychiatric evaluation after drawing a picture of Jesus hanging dead on a cross for a school assignment.

People are pathetic.
Did anyone notice the Crucifix is actually Jesus hanging on a cross??
I think he did exactly what he was told and those who decided this young person was in need of a mandatory psychiatric evaluation should in fact send themselves.

quote:with Xs for eyes, was considered violent.
For Gods sake, he is not Leonardo da Vinci he is a kid is in 2 grade. I think an X is a good way of portraying the eyes.
He parents should do one of the school officials. It would be easy, all they would have to do is draw a picture of a herd of Jack Asses, label them with names and send it to the school. I would.
  by: hellblazer     12/16/2009 06:40 AM     
  People are just stupid  
They made a fuss about this? The kid knew the true meaning of the circle of life and Christmas, (which is celebrated on an ex pagan holiday btw) The same morons that wear a cross are the ones doing this to the kid, individuality is going to be a thing of the past, yea drug and brain wash the kid so he has to think like everyone else.
  by: OrIgInAl_ThOuGhT   12/16/2009 07:26 AM     
  If the kid drew a picture of  
Jesus being molested by Micheal Jackson, it would still be a valid social statement. Adults with too much time on their hands creating a problem where there isn´t one, in my opinion.
  by: White Albino   12/16/2009 07:26 AM     
I´d be slightly disturbed by a child drawing any depiction of death, actually, but they really over-reacted in this case. A simple "what were you thinking about when you drew this?" would probably have worked just fine.
  by: Ben_Reilly     12/16/2009 07:38 AM     
  Matt 21:14  
Then the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them. But when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that He did, and the children crying out in the temple and saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” they were indignant and said to Him, “Do You hear what these are saying?”

And Jesus said to them, “Yes. Have you never read,

‘Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants

You have perfected praise’?”

Then He left them and went out of the city to Bethany, and He lodged there.
  by: faisal7   12/16/2009 07:53 AM     

  by: Stiks   12/16/2009 08:45 AM     
  They will let bullies run the halls  
but a kid doing what he was told causes the school establishment to have a melt-down. Good thing that they didn´t give him an assigment on Hitler. He would have been thrown in jail.
  by: walter3ca   12/16/2009 08:52 AM     
  I once got sent home from Christian school  
for drawing erections on all the characters in my picture Bible. Judas had a tiny one where as when Jesus on the cross had a massive beast. I didn´t understand what was so offensive about saying Jesus was well hung. What´s wrong with having a well hung savior?

At least the kid didn´t draw Mohamed, then we´d have had riots and killings.
  by: shaohu     12/16/2009 09:24 AM     
  What a shock! Associating Jesus with Christmas!  
How come I never got sent home from school for drawing comic books called "Ninja Boys", which had several fights end in Mortal Kombat deaths. Or, my even more violent series, "The Krillian", about a man who finds a demonic mask, puts it on, and then turns into the Krillian, a human-killing machine. I even did that one in colored pencils =)

I had my dad copy my comics at work, so I could staple several issues, and sell them at school for 10 cents a pop. I wanted to buy Honey Buns at snack time.

Funny enough, my mom found my Krillian comic the other day, while unpacking a bunch of boxes.

Anyway, yeah. This kid is definitely a danger to society. If I want to wear jewelry depicting a dead Christ on it, that´s fine. But I´ll be damned if 8 year olds are drawing that very image!
  by: Dayron   12/16/2009 10:12 AM     
  Hold on it isn´t about Jesus being drawn  
This has nothing to do with Jesus, this has to do with the fact he drew a violent image. We have talked about this on here before but I was was brushed off when I said it would happen.

Welcome to the world of pussified schooling people and blame yourselves for thinking that a kid drawing a gun on a cowboy or a monster or even a soldier meant his parents were doing something wrong. Out of everyone Dayron was the closest to what really happened. Before the media blows this out of proportion and I see a few already thinking this, only person that *was* assuming it was because of religion is the dad.

That is until all the people you will see upset over it including our more conservative media. Do children in school rooms all over the US a favor and demand that drawing and writing is read and taken into consideration on a case by case situation and that butter knifes aren´t considered weapons before we have kids that are not allowed to use their imaginations and common sense.

**“As far as I’m concerned, they’re violating his religion,” the incredulous father said.**

No idiot they don´t don´t care about WHO was on the paper, they don´t want ANY children drawing disturbing pictures or writing disturbing stories, welcome to the fall out of school violence and overreacting from parents who claimed at that time it(school violence) was for taking religion out of the schools(not sure when it was allowed IN but for yet another day).

We seriously need to change the way the schools are not only teaching our children, but slowly getting more and more rights to them that their own parents all in the guise of ´helping the children of today.´ If this keeps up for another 10-15 years you won´t have to worry about it because after you get done changing their shitty diapers and teaching them how to walk and talk you will be kissing them good-bye and get 30 minutes of video-conferencing at night and a 3 night vacation over certain holidays that aren´t yet to be disclosed.

The kid was declared not a scary evil monster and sent back to school, even if it isn´t the same building so all is well and we can just grumble about how are schools have changed because of a boy drawing Jesus when it is much more than just that.
  by: TaraB     12/16/2009 12:29 PM     
  Hey, what are you doing kid?  
We don´t want that mess in our schools... Get your Jesus out of here, we kicked God out of school a while ago.

Looked at what´s happened to schools since.

Let´s take Christ off the cross though. His work was finished, and He lives! I´m sure the kids motives were pure!
  by: C.O.G.   12/16/2009 12:44 PM     
Thank you for proving my point.

"We don´t want that mess in our schools... Get your Jesus out of here, we kicked God out of school a while ago.
Looked at what´s happened to schools since."

This has nothing to do with religion or Jesus other than what the boys dad and others who aren´t stopping to actually look at the WHOLE situation are making it about.

After Columbine we allowed ourselves to start Zero Tolerance policies to ´protect´ the children. If they draw violent pictures we must save them because it obviously means they are going to actually do something violent. Same thing with writing scary stories and if they find a list of names it has to be a ´hit list´ and so we expel the child instead of finding out what it was or how to help them.

Kids can´t bring their own silverware to school or be responsible to carry their own cough drops or teens their own Tylenol. You can´t play anything during recess because it is either excluding someone or someone one ´might´ get hurt.

The kid wasn´t sent to a psych eval because of WHO was on the page, it´s WHAT was on the page. Until that is realized and we start allowing our kids to use their imagination and start playing tag or dodge ball again this will continue to happen.
  by: TaraB     12/16/2009 01:34 PM     
  I think the dad´s defense...  
...of having "his religion" attacked is just an argument he´s using since there´s not much else he could say to defend his son. Violent images drawn by young kids is a "red flag" these days more than any other time because of the increased violence BY kids. So, luckily for the father, his kid draws a "violent" picture that so happens to be Christ. Free pass for the "religious" argument.

If we´re going to have rules in school that say, "If your kid is caught drawing violent pictures, we´re going to question it", folks drawing Biblical illustrations of stoning, crucifixion and burning martyrs shouldn´t be excluded. That´s favoritism.

Still, somebody get this kid a timeline. Shouldn´t he have drawn a nativity scene? =P har har.
  by: Dayron   12/16/2009 01:55 PM     
*If we´re going to have rules in school that say, "If your kid is caught drawing violent pictures, we´re going to question it", folks drawing Biblical illustrations of stoning, crucifixion and burning martyrs shouldn´t be excluded. That´s favoritism.*

Exactly! Violence is violence when it comes to a school rule that is on paper. If this kid was given a free pass then whos to say that the gangbanger, mobster, cop, cowboy or even a evil SpongeBob should get a free psych eval? The rule was in place and honestly I wonder how many of those same people outraged will jump to the defense of the other children that were exposed to psych-evals or will they instead call out for the little ´future serial killers´ to be expelled now for the safety of the masses?
  by: TaraB     12/16/2009 02:39 PM     
I was thinking the same thing, if they asked him to draw a picture of something that reminded him of Easter, then nobody could complain about him drawing the crucifixion, but Christmas?

I still think it´s ridiculous that this little boy has been subjected to suspension and psychiatric tests just because he chose to draw Jesus on the cross - if his family are religious and go to church then this will be a very familiar sight for him - maybe he associates the crucifixion with Christmas because his family go to church at Christmas?

As for drawing violent pictures, it´s just nonsense! When I was in school we drew pictures of the crucifixion in RE, we drew pictures of knights in chainmail with swords and stuff in history too. This doesn´t mean that we were violent children or were a threat to others, it just means we were normal kids learning about things in a way that made them interesting to us.
  by: TabbyCool     12/16/2009 02:40 PM     
  Psycho kid, expel him...  
That was a picture of his teacher being crucified. Everyone knows Jesus on the Cross looks like this.
  by: valkyrie123     12/16/2009 02:46 PM     
  Excuse me while I press my ´Edit´ button...  
We´ll try again. Jesus on the Cross.
  by: valkyrie123     12/16/2009 02:48 PM     
  @TaraB & others  
Yeah, I mean, they need to be fair about this. Even though, in my opinion, the kid is totally normal, and he can´t be blamed for associating Christmas with Jesus on a cross.

But turning this into a religious thing is just what the father would like. Because then it looks like they´re being oppressed for their beliefs. I´m sure if a another kid drew a nativity scene the same day, he would not have been questioned. So leave religion at the door.

I wish some kid DID draw a nativity scene, so we could say without a doubt that it was about the violence. But deep down, I know all of those children drew a bunch of fat bearded men in red, some trees decorated with colorful glass, or a flying deer with a glowing nose.
  by: Dayron   12/16/2009 03:39 PM     
  This is ridiculous  
This is just a mild, mild depiction of violence, besides the religious implications that the school should have recognized.

Young boys will always be fascinated with violence, at least a good handful of them. Whether it´s playing with toy guns, stick fighting, wrestling, etc...the list goes on and on. Denying them that outlet denies them of the very thing that makes them human, and they lash out in other ways.
  by: DoubleTake   12/16/2009 05:02 PM     
  It was the XX as eyes  
If he had drawn normal eyes (if he had drawn a unrealistic version* of a crucifixion) everything would have been ok.

*It is fiction anyway.

I find the name of the source more interesting by the way "Patriot Ledger".
  by: MouseJunkie     12/16/2009 05:26 PM     
Maybe he was just a fan of this group:

Or maybe a Miffy fan:

  by: Lurker     12/16/2009 06:14 PM     
  Jesus Died to Show you he Loves you  
Aren´t we in the business of teaching those kids that Jesus died on the cross for their sins to show them his ultimate life?

Now it is violence all of a second when the kid actually internalize death on a cross?
  by: kmazzawi     12/16/2009 06:44 PM     
  correction: love not life  
correction: love not life
  by: kmazzawi     12/16/2009 06:44 PM     
  Dayron, Double  
Dayron- I agree the kid is normal and I think that it was a very important thing to him because of the trip his family had taken a short time before they had the children draw anything. He remembered enough that he connected Jesus crucified to the baby Jesus show at Christmas. You comment about what the other kids probably drew made me laugh here because I think you are right. I think I would have drawn a wreath, I remember liking those the best because I could add so much to it.

Double Take- Not only boys, but yes as little kids we often played violent games. Who remembers Cowboys and Indians and those little popcap guns? Sticks aren´t allowed anymore either they were lightsabers, every kind of gun depending on the shape, swords and anything else we could turn them into.
  by: TaraB     12/16/2009 06:58 PM     
  the ignorant teaching kids to conform  
The kid did not draw an image that the dumb ´educators´ wanted. Obviously, this is not to be tolerated. Give the kid drugs and electroshock until his THOUGHTS conform. Obviously ´school´ is used to mean the same it would for fish, when this one turns this way, the others must follow.

Where is George Orwell when you need him?
  by: bikermagi2   12/16/2009 07:18 PM     
  Clearly the kid didn´t do the assignment  
Christmas is about Jesus´ birth. Easter is about his death.
The kid did the complete opposite end of the assignment.
You might say he did the omega instead of the alpha.
  by: VermiciousG     12/16/2009 07:46 PM     

Turns out the kid was not suspended. He also was not asked to draw a Christmas related picture as part of a class assignment. The picture was just randomly found by the teacher and it was not known if the child even drew it at school or not. Apparently the teacher contacted the principle and a psychologist because the child had put his name right above the crucified stick figure as if he was identifying himself with the figure, and thus thinking it might be a cry for help of sorts. The boy confirmed that it was in fact supposed to be him, but then later changed his story and said it was Jesus. I feel the same way after some days at work. I personally drew all kinds of messed up stuff as a child. I think (not trying to be sexist) it´s something a lot of little boys do. Pretty cute pic though, I might set it as my wallpaper.
  by: spiggy   12/16/2009 08:37 PM     
  If what Spiggy said is true  
Then it´s fitting. The little boy is right... it was supposed to be us, but Jesus took our place.
  by: C.O.G.   12/16/2009 11:33 PM     
  God cracks me up  
First he makes what we do naturally sinful and then the best idea he can think of is to forgive his own bad design by sending his son (or rather himself) to be tortured and executed!

And this news still hasn´t spread across the globe with most people not being christians.

Astoundingly stupid.
  by: Kaleid   12/17/2009 03:58 AM     
People shove this image and story down everyones throats and then complain when a child depicts it in a drawing. Classic.
  by: o9k   12/17/2009 04:17 AM     
"Aren´t we in the business of teaching those kids that Jesus died on the cross for their sins to show them his ultimate life?"

I would have thought we were more in the business of giving children an actual education rather than drilling religious dogma into them. It´s school not church.
  by: barryriley   12/17/2009 10:32 AM     
  X )  
What if he had a peanut in his pocket while all of this was going on.... They would have had to evacuated the school and call in the hazardous waste team. Then he would be a terrorist with intent to harm his classmates.
  by: white devil   12/17/2009 04:02 PM     
christmas is about the birth of jesus, the wise men gave him gifts 1 of which was mur, an embalming fluid, so it is obvious that jesus will die so it is fine to put a picture of jesus dead on the cross, because the point of him being born is dying for our sins, the kid drawing x´s as his eyes is the only way he know how to show that something/someone is dead. also im going to assume since there were to draw something that reminded him of christmas that this is a catholic scholl so the idiots saying religion was kicked out of scholls, not all of them.
  by: jmac23   12/17/2009 09:45 PM     
  Violent or Not, where are the Parents?  
I do think that violent imagery is a cause for concern, whether religious or otherwise; and should be appropriately addressed by a school counsellor. The process of investigation should be made a least traumatic for the student as possible, particularly when they are of a very young age. A seven year old child may find that the only means for them to cry for help is through art and if they are punished for it they may be forced to continue to live in a home that is violent.

Last time I checked, the Christian story of Christmas, is one of the birth of a new hope for humankind, rather than that of the crucifixion; so at the very least the child has received some mixed messages about Christianity and Christmas. I believe that whatever the case, the child shouldn´t be suspended but rather the parents should be held accountable and made to take parenting classes, possibly in conjunction with their religious cleric in order to learn how to better impart the message of Christianity without confusing their child.
  by: zedemmonk   12/18/2009 01:36 AM     
  Like Spiggy Pointed Out  
This story was hyped. The rage against the the unholy school system is hyperbole.

If you need someone to castigate the dad juiced this one up and the touchy they´re persecuting the Christians groups got all over it.

A little truth and a ton of fantasy in the original story that was summarized.
  by: ichi     12/18/2009 06:18 AM     
I am so glad I don´t work for the American public school-system.... Primitive, litigation-fearing, god-fearing, under-funded, blind, under-trained, racist, and neurotic. Led by really short-sighted administrators and ´supervisors´ that don´t understand children and the learning process.

I am glad my kid is growing up in the IB system, far away from all that noise.
  by: theironboard     12/18/2009 03:37 PM     
  I would think...  
it would be far more appropriate to dismiss the pathetic teachers, for traumatizing that little boy.
He got mixed up with the stories the bloody fools.Get them out of teaching before they screw up more young lives.
  by: captainJane     12/19/2009 06:19 PM     
  This backs up my last comment.  
If past records is anything to go by…
in 2002, a 10 year old boy was suspended from that school after drawing a picture of a gun and later making what school officials considered a threatening statement. Do we have some old spinsters there that dislike young boys by any chance?
To add to their record another 10 year old was suspended because a teacher filed criminal charges against him over a stick figure picture that appeared to portray him shooting the teacher and a classmate.

I bet he was only going to shoot the teacher and I don’t blame him. LOL

  by: captainJane     12/19/2009 06:38 PM     
  Maybe the United States of America  
should also modify its national anthem, in the interests of shielding its people from violent imagery from cradle to grave.
It is the only national anthem I know of that mentions rockets and bombs.
By today´s standards it could have been written by a terrorist.

Does that not send the wrong message to the bleeding-heart liberals in America?
Probably not. The old double standard is still alive and well.
  by: White Albino   12/24/2009 01:00 PM     
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