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                 02/17/2018 10:06 PM  
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12/19/2009 02:47 PM ID: 82139 Permalink   

Husband Wedding Ring Comes Back in Time for His 35th Anniversary


Last August, Carl Mondy from Odessa in Texas was visiting Caernarfon Castle in Wales when as he reached the tower, a gust of wind almost swept his hat away. As he managed get a hold of his hat, his ring somehow managed to come off of his finger.

Luckily Kelly Webb recently found the ring standing out of the grey stone work. She was very pleased she could get the ring returned to the rightful owner.

Returned in time for the couple’s anniversary, Mr. Mondy was most thankful not only to the finder but to the owners of the castle too. He said: "I have had a ring on my finger for 34 years and six months, so its absence felt really strange."

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  That was a stroke of luck.  
can someone please add another f to what should have been off please. :)
  by: captainJane     12/19/2009 02:53 PM     
  Nice Things Do Happen  
When everything looks like it is hopeless and the world is totally ruined, a little something like this reminds me that good things happen and nice people make it so.
  by: ichi     12/19/2009 08:54 PM     
  Yes they do @ Ichi..  
And make things all worth while. ;)
  by: captainJane     12/19/2009 09:08 PM     
  good story  
happy, i like it
  by: ludwitr   12/23/2009 03:27 AM     
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