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                 01/17/2018 12:17 AM  
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12/23/2009 02:24 AM ID: 82179 Permalink   

Advisory Board Will be Unrevokable


Senator Jim DeMint has uncovered language in the Senate health care bill which effectively blocks future Congresses from repealing the Independent Medicare Advisory Board provision.

"It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection."

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  video at source  
This was a bit hard to sum up effectively, the video just speaks for itself though.
  by: DaReapaMan   12/23/2009 02:42 AM     
  So much  
for the will of the people.
  by: walter3ca   12/23/2009 04:50 AM     
  In other words.... DeMint displays his ignorance  
for all of America to see...

Per Senator DeMint, "This is not legislation. It´s not law. This is a rule change. It´s a pretty big deal. We will be passing a new law and at the same time creating a Senate rule that makes it out of order to amend or even repeal the law.

"I´m not even sure that it´s constitutional, but if it is, it most certainly is a Senate rule."

WTF??? Since when did "rules" over ride laws and who taught this retard that legislation isn´t the creation, manipulation and abolition of laws? There are no laws that can´t be repealed by legislation... not even the rules set forth in our Constitution, which I might add, Mr. DeMint doesn´t seem to be familiar with.

Some of you actually voted this mental midget into office, btw.

I don´t like this health care bill at all but FFS, let´s debate it on its flaws and merits rather than making up some completely contradictory, fearmongering, horseshit argument against it.

  by: bbeljefe     12/23/2009 05:47 AM     
  I agree bb  
He´s not doing us any favors by employing half-ass reasoning, but it´s prevalent in today´s politicking.
  by: Jenkie     12/23/2009 06:28 AM     
  Thanks, BB  
The closest Congress can come to doing what somebody apparently tried to do in this bill is to pass an amendment to the Constitution, and as you point out, even those aren´t absolutely permanent (though monumentally difficult to overturn).

Is it just me, or does anybody else think that if the Republicans really expected the HCR initiative to turn out so bad for the country, they´d register their principled objections but then let the Democrats wear that monkey on their back for a few election cycles?

I think the Republican Party leadership is terrified that Americans are going to love health care reform and that it will make the Democrats more popular, and that´s why they´re pulling out all the stops to try to keep it from happening.
  by: Ben_Reilly     12/23/2009 06:53 AM     
  I agree  
No one bothered to seriously attempt to figure out what would be an excellent health plan that the citizens wouldn´t mind paying for. Instead we have more of the same ol same with even more stupidity than most sessions. These dipwads had a chance to sit down with their fellow Senators and figure what could have and SHOULD have been one of the most comprehensive andWhere the tax payerhhhhhh
  by: TaraB     12/23/2009 06:55 AM     
but couldn´t they just pass a bill that removed that provision later? Where does it end? As for this "Independent" Advisory Board, I don´t buy it. The article mentions that the reason for the board in the first place is to "reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending." How can you be independent when you have an agenda like that?
  by: groovedaddy   12/23/2009 10:40 AM     
  time out!  
this bill is not about health care reform, it is about control. what to change health care? really? how about changing the real problem, the health insurance? health care does not cover existing problems? is that health care or the insurance does not cover it? this bill is all about taking over our choices anddictating or just plain forcing you into heahlth insurance. you are also being forced to get coverage like it or not. a free country? sure, if you can not afford it, every one else pays out more to pay for yours. why work? this bill is about power of the government over you. remember, an elephant is a mouse built to government specs!
  by: shannon853   12/23/2009 03:32 PM     
This bill contains two very powerful reforms of the insurance industry itself:

1) It bans discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. That means that they have to insure everybody.

2) It bans dropping people from their insurance when they become sick, a practice known as "rescission."

Imagine never being able to get on health insurance, and now being able to get it. Imagine all the bankruptcies and other misery that will be prevented once insurance companies can´t just cut you off when you become too expensive.
  by: Ben_Reilly     12/23/2009 05:22 PM     
  not having read the bill  
I have one thought: this seems to have happened awfully fast. We´ve got a major sector of the US economy as well as a couple of huge government entitlement programs, and this bill is getting written and passed this quickly? good or bad, and all politicking aside from both parties, it seems like there´s a huge rush to market with health care reform, some good ideas, and a lot of "this will get me votes" coming together.
  by: cranky_paranoid     12/23/2009 06:33 PM     
  misuse of the word retard  
calling someone a retard Brandon is just wrong. plain and simple. even 7th graders like you living under a rock must get what I´m saying. why insult people with special needs just because you can?
  by: missionmom   12/24/2009 03:36 PM     
  LOL, missionmom  
Madam, you are now on the internet. Kindly check your PC handbook at the door as the internet does not acknowledge forcible attempts at controlling and censoring everyone´s language so as to soften and obscure it.

I used the word as an adjective to describe a public figure who is to expect criticism. To that, you accuse me, a private citizen about whom you know little of nothing, of being 12. Well, you do know my full first name but I have to tell you, I didn´t feel intimidated when a busy body used it on me at age twelve and suffice it to say, twenty nine years later I still don´t.

Have a good day,

  by: bbeljefe     12/28/2009 03:23 AM     
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