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                 01/17/2018 12:13 AM  
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12/26/2009 06:43 PM ID: 82216 Permalink   

Magnetic North Pole is Heading for Russia


Earth's north magnetic pole is moving fairly rapidly -- nearly 40 miles a year -- in the direction of Russia, according to new research, and data points to a region of rapidly shifting magnetic activity on the surface of the Earth's core.

That in turn may be caused by a strange magnetic "plume" originating from deeper inside the core, scientists say. The magnetic north pole is being dragged by these changes from its long-time home in northern Canada.

Magnetic north is the place compass needles actually point to, and is near the geographic North Pole but not quite in the same spot. Though GPS has largely replaced magnetic compasses for navigation, many people still find them useful.

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Would a field reversal destroy the Earth? It´s happened many times over the centuries and the Earth has survived. But will it cause a lot of damage and death?
  by: Lurker     12/26/2009 07:25 PM     
Russia claims ownership of magnetic north pole. Demands all persons involved in the sale or use of compasses world-wide pay fees to the government.
  by: velger   12/26/2009 08:18 PM     
  North Pole  
Since Russia already claimed dominion over North Pole, this should satisfy them. Now they can shut the heck up.
  by: theironboard     12/26/2009 08:44 PM     
the magnetic north pole isn´t necessarilly where the natural resources are, which is what they, the US, Canada, greenland/denmark/norway are competing for.
  by: HAVOC666     12/26/2009 09:00 PM     
  Pole Shift  
The earth routinely undergoes a polarity shift (where the poles swap places essentially). It happens like clock-work and is scientifically backed by most major institutions.

No one knows the exact year that it will happen, but a pole shift will happen. Electronics will most likely bear the brunt of this phenomenon as a polarity shift would potentially create an EMP on a world-wide scale; although some scientist speculate that proper shielding would protect elections.
  by: modom56k   12/26/2009 09:23 PM     
elections = electronics.

Don´t know where I pulled elections from.
  by: modom56k   12/26/2009 09:25 PM     
  Don´t be so particular, havoc!

Close enough for mockery, I say.

  by: theironboard     12/26/2009 09:32 PM     
2012 is for real.
  by: fileno22   12/27/2009 12:46 AM     
"So 2012 is real?"

Under what is said above it is obvious that the EMP will disable the Mayan´s digital calender due to outdated shielding. lol
  by: pcfreak   12/27/2009 07:34 AM     
but that´s what system restore is fur .. :)
  by: Key2000     12/27/2009 09:31 AM     
  the real question:  
what effect of any does the magnetic north pole have upon the weather? since there is a magnetic field around the earth caused by the molten core, and teh field surronds the earth, can this effect the weather? it seems the field can effect electrical storms, make charged air move with the fields and hence move the weather patterns from their old stable positions.
  by: shannon853   12/27/2009 05:30 PM     
i want our north pole back... santa´s reindeer will be so confused next year :|
  by: thecoolh   12/27/2009 06:25 PM     
  in the instant when the poles shift  
earth loses it´s magnetic shield. it will likely be the cause of millions of the deaths worldwide in an instant from intense radiation.

only need to worry if your on the sun-facing side during the pole shift.
  by: sceptre_of_fertility   12/27/2009 09:50 PM     
  Oh no!  
Santa´s going to be a Commie!

Next on the Glenn Beck show...
  by: DoubleTake   12/28/2009 05:03 AM     
  Move along folks, nothing to see here...  
in a few years we´ll have to reverse the polarity of all our DC powered utensils. Other than that, the current in your house will reverse phase but all your home appliances will still work just fine.

You may notice a slight loss of speed on your internets when the poles change and perhaps a few nanoseconds of dimming in your lights but other than that you will all be fine.

Oh and, you´ll have to take your magnetic healing bracelets off, turn them inside out and put them back on, lest you´ll surely get cancer, H1N1, AIDS and Gonorrhea.

Oh and, last but certainly not least... you will have to start playing all your Black Sabbath records backwards in order to hear the lyrics of the songs as opposed to the Satanic messages. ;)

  by: bbeljefe     12/28/2009 07:01 AM     
  in Soviet Russia  
magnetic pole shifts you!
prepare for the worst, folks... :p
  by: calilac     12/28/2009 05:42 PM     
actually the other side is not safe either, the radiation is not coming only from the sun, there are plenty of other sources of high-freq. radiation in the universe
  by: gago   12/29/2009 04:31 PM     
  I still train  
my pilot students in the use of magnetic compasses. Going through about the middle of Tennessee, is whats called the isogonic where true and magnetic north are the same. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it´s about 17 degrees off of true north.
  by: av8rdav   12/30/2009 09:23 AM     
  Oh No, My Toilet  
Ever since this Magnetic pole switch, my toilet flushes the wrong way now and spashes my butt too much. I didn´t order a bidet....
  by: ChicksHateMe   01/01/2010 02:16 PM     
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