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                 01/22/2018 03:38 AM  
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01/03/2010 06:37 PM ID: 82305 Permalink   

Six Decades and Experts Still Can’t Find the Lady´s G-Spot


Men have been left feeling useless groping around their woman’s body for years in their attempt to find the magic G-spot in their efforts of bringing sensational sexual pleasures to their women.

On in depth research there seems to be no indication that the G-spot even exists. It appears that the G-Spot is merely wishful thinking on the ladies part along with misleading information from sex psychotherapists and magazines.

Professor Beverly Whipple of Rutgers University in New Jersey made famous the G-spot in 1981 after conducting a study on 400 women, however, the study did not include bi-sexual women or lesbians.

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  Did they check under the couch?  
  by: VermiciousG     01/03/2010 06:41 PM     
  I never thought of that.  
Leaves to go and have a look!
  by: captainJane     01/03/2010 06:44 PM     
*behind* the couch. Always behind.

Oh and the article itself tells you what the problem is:

"however, the study did not include bi-sexual women or lesbians."

We have Gspots, ladies. Don´t let this article lead you astray. And if you want proof, I´m more than happy to assist in your education :P
  by: deadvenusblue     01/03/2010 06:47 PM     
  by: VermiciousG     01/03/2010 06:50 PM     
  Then they are not experts.  
How can one be an expert in something one can´t locate?

They´re at the same place on all women and it´s not a question of whether or not they exist. The problem is that some women don´t know how to react to the feeling of g-spot stimulation as it differs from clitoral stimulation. Most women will report that they have a feeling of needing to urinate when the g-spot is stimulated but if you´ll just relax honey, what happens next is going to make you shake and quiver.... ;)

  by: bbeljefe     01/03/2010 07:03 PM     
I´m not sure what to call it, but what you´re doing is essentially cock-blocking (minus the cock of course) Stop! You´re ruining my chances of educating the womenz on my own! :)
  by: deadvenusblue     01/03/2010 07:13 PM     
Stop it! You´re killing me!
  by: VermiciousG     01/03/2010 07:15 PM     
  Sorry Venus.....  
I notice you didn´t argue my point.

I´ve always heard that women have half the money in the world and all the pussy, but you lesbians take it to the next level.... :)

  by: bbeljefe     01/03/2010 07:20 PM     
Verm - sorry hon, I´ve only taken 8 calls in 5.5 hours, if it weren´t for my book I´d be dreadfully bored :)

BB - nope, you´re absolutely right, and your wife must be one lucky lady :P It feels awkward the first few times its touched, but patience does reward.

Honestly I think emotions play a lot more in to the female orgasm than the male. Men are so easy to please...a bj and a sandwich and they think you´re gods personal gift to them. Women on the other hand require a lot seems like if there isn´t some sort of emotional attachment its just not happening for them.

All and all, I think women should be pretty offened that some researches determined they know more about womens bodies than we do.
  by: deadvenusblue     01/03/2010 07:40 PM     
Gspot! It´s location is further than what many peep think. It is located above your shoulders women, not in the bottom, or between legs.

Mechanical stimulus is to enhance the pleasure of the erogenous area being stimulated, but mind is what makes it happen.

What works for one woman does not mean the same stimulation will do the trick to all women, hence I believe Gspot does not exist.

Sexually, everything is individually preferenced, some women will swear their Gspot is located in their a$$, without any stimulation from their rear end, no matter how much you rub on that spongy thing, it just doesnt cut it.

And by the time a second digit is prying the rear orifice, all inhibition are out the window and moaning and groaning with intensity starts. Thats where the "Dont Stop When I Turn Red" Bumper sticker originates from. LOL

But then, in my honest opinion, I think the person to question about Gspot is not these researchers wo ask questions, but rather the man who actually tells a woman I can make you gush and as BB says it ", what happens next is going to make you shake and quiver.... ;)"

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Butt Seymore. If there is one person whom I believe may find it for you is this guy. Second person would be BB.. LOL
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/03/2010 07:48 PM     
  Some woman  
must´ve invented it one day (or night) in her frustration.. it´s a way of saying to the harder!
  by: Kaleid   01/03/2010 07:59 PM     
  my wife´s g spot  
Eighteen yrs of being married and I finally found it, it turned up in my wallet
  by: monstrddg   01/03/2010 08:31 PM     
  Give me a break!  
Not directed at you Jane, the article is awesome, I just happen to have an issue with this study.
The replies so far are great and I had a good laugh at some of them.

DVB, BB and Jane- I agree that it is total bullshit they did not include lesbians or bi-sexuals and I think it is a crock of shit to try this on twins and I can use the article to prove they have nothing that is conclusive or even a decent study.

I am going to pick the study apart on a seperate comment, I have to much to say first.

Women DO often feel inadequate or as BB and DVB mentioned and I think the researchers knew that by including lesbian and bi women they would be foiled since women know where to find it. Now when they did this studies did they only have twins who have no reproductive or sexual problems? If they would have attempted to find a G-spot on me before I was 25 they would have said I didn´t have one either and left it like that. I have a retroverted Uterus( TMI maybe but read on first please). I had always suffered menses so bad that I needed to go to the ER a few times, add in ovarian cysts and endometriosis. Having sex was painful most of the time and until I was pregnant with my daughter I didn´t know that my uterus was ´tipped´ and how that changes things like positions that could either help or hurt the experience.

I had had a few G-Spot hits before then, but nothing like after we found out. BB is correct about being afraid you might feel like you have to urinate so women empty those bladders before hand. DVB you need to start a practice where you can assist those who wish to know and needs a professional G-Spot Locator(your title) to assist them.
  by: TaraB     01/03/2010 11:03 PM     
  by: keanu1982     01/03/2010 11:36 PM     
  @ Tara...  
I will see you later my friend. ;) There are a few things I would like you to point out to me.
  by: captainJane     01/03/2010 11:40 PM     
  What The Heck Is A Man Doing  
trying to tell a woman about what rocks her. Audacity. She is the only one that knows and if your lucky she´ll show you.
  by: ichi     01/03/2010 11:42 PM     
it´s a combination of things that can bring pleasurable heights, dialog, wording you choose and how to deploy phrases, touching, all kinds of things .. however, immerse yourself in the feeling and go with it, become one together, the warmth of breath on the neck, and verses of hunger with a glance into the eyes, and touching firm and yet touching enjoying soft skin .. and massaging deep up inside, not to firm .. hell, the g-spot is no secret alot of men know it and the ones that don´t are the ones who basically don´t care .. in other words, they are not passionate. more like caveman style ugh

immerse yourself in passion, adventure, and spontaneity .. :)
  by: Key2000     01/03/2010 11:45 PM     
  The "Research"  
"All that the myth of the G-spot has done is make men and women feel inadequate about their sex lives.
This is by far the biggest study ever carried out and it shows fairly conclusively that the idea of a G-spot is subjective."

This is from the First Author who is a man and honestly I am not going to listen to a man tell me there is not G-Spot when he probably is done in 5 minutes or less.

"Andrea Burri, the other author, said she was concerned about women who feared they lacked a G-spot were suffering from feelings of ´inadequacy or underachievement´.
She said: ´It is rather irresponsible to claim the existence of an entity that has never been proven and pressurise women - and men too."

Obviously the second Author is a female and her comments come across (to me) as she is talking about herself rather than a serious research project.

"If a G-spot did exist, it would be expected that both identical twins would report having one. But in cases where one twin reported having the erogenous zone, the scientists found that no pattern emerged of the other one having the spot."

IF a G-spot did exist..well IF you are testing only on twins your research should be "Twins left out, no G Spot Allowed." Just because twins are identical it does not mean they would both react to one the same way. Have you ever seen Identical twins that will actually be night and day? The reason why women can´t find the "G-spot" or even have an orgasm without using the clitoris as a control is that they have some mental block going on. Either bodyimage issues or self-esteem issues. When a woman feels that something is wrong with her or OMG it´s ugly, or Im scary when naked, turn off the light! What do you mean you want to LOOK at it EwWwW! Those women? They are the ones that con´t find their spot. I know sknny girls that won´t turn off the lights and larger women who hate having them off and it comes down to the control each woman has over her own sexual experiences. I have never enjoyed sex as much as I have with my husband and it intensified after we found out about my uterus. If I ever did get divorced I could always as DVB for some extra lessons ;-)

  by: TaraB     01/03/2010 11:47 PM     
  It exists alrighty..  
and @Key I will see you after Tara you sound alright mate, or mate´esss. LOL

I love the back of the neck bit! ;)
  by: captainJane     01/03/2010 11:51 PM     
..ok sounds like a plan :-)
  by: Key2000     01/04/2010 12:02 AM     
  I am willing  
to work around the clock in search of this.
  by: cranky_paranoid     01/04/2010 12:55 AM     
It exists!! (rolling my eyes) In your head.

Why do girls kiss each other on the dance floor, again?
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/04/2010 01:08 AM     
  This is gonna be a fun thread....  
Venus: Thank you and yes, she is one lucky lady. Mostly because she enjoys her sexuality and has no inhibitions where fulfilling her sexual needs is concerned. Oh and, she also mentioned she´d be willing to offer herself up if you and I wanted to hold a g-spot finding competition. :)

Hey skcuss, it´s Seymore Butts and the "assgasm" isn´t what´s on trial here. I must say though, I like the way you think..... That being said, women do have a g-spot and it´s located inside their vagina, between the pelvic bone and the urethra. Lastly, it´s been my experience that my wife kisses girls on the dance floor because she likes to kiss girls, which is precisely the same reason I like to kiss girls on the dance floor.

Key: No amount of romance, foreplay, butterfly kisses or bullshit lies can make a woman feel g-spot stimulation as pleasurable unless she is capable of shedding the negative images of sex she´s been taught since birth.

And of course, Tara, well I suppose I just defined you in the above paragraph. You get it, as does venus, who wants it. ;)

As for Jane... she´s beginning to get it and no doubt she want more of it, cheeky British MILF that she is....

  by: bbeljefe     01/04/2010 06:59 AM     
  DOH.... correction..  
the urethra lies between the pelvic bone and the g-spot.

  by: bbeljefe     01/04/2010 07:03 AM     
Is it getting warm in here?
  by: erasedgod   01/04/2010 07:09 AM     
  Reply 1  
Erased- HAHA! I am sure you heard a lot of chit chat like this before now, even though Jane was getting cheeky with Key, which brings me to the next thing.

Oh wow! l I have to help my buddy Jane out here because she misunderstood something I said and she is pretty red faced right now. I had sent her a message telling her that I would be back and that my husband was getting on for awhile and she thought I meant on ShortNews. Key I am sorry she thought you were my spouse and that is why she was so cheeky and when she found out she wasn´t it was a tad embarrasing for her so be gentle with my dear friend please. Not saying that she won´t be cheeky otherwise, but I felt I needed to save her on this one because it was sorta kinda my fault.

BB- I was trying to be as discreet as possible but you know I am not shy when it comes to talking about many things.

Skcuss-"Yea!! It exists!! (rolling my eyes) In your head.
Why do girls kiss each other on the dance floor, again? "

Behave or I might have Jane spank you later. ;-) The G-Spot is real Skcuss, the problem is that women have been told over and over either by church, society, exes or self image they think that if they enjoy sex then they are ´dirty, a bad girl, slutty, too fat, too skinny, has a freckle on her ass or maybe it´s a pimple she is too scared to look´ the list could go on longer than one of my rants. Add any one of those to a medical condition and a women might not ever be comfortable with themselves and may never talk to their spouse about it because they are too embarrassed and think they are not a good wife/gf and that it is all their fault. By the way once that downward spiral hits it is almost like an Avalance and before it settles it is her fault for everything including the Civil War and while that is an exaggeration the next thing isn´t, often she will quit having sex all together and throw herself into some kind of activity that leaves her too tired or not able to make the time to have sex.

And we kiss each other on the dance floor because we all are bi-curious even if they tell you they aren´t deep down inside they get fuzzies when they even think about it. We also like to see all the men drop their jaws and stare, and last of all we like to give our man a tease of his favorite girl on girl fantasy. If you don´t believe me as BB.
  by: TaraB     01/04/2010 08:26 AM     
@ General- I will say that I want to encourage all the SN women on here and husbands if you want to help your wives because you will know if she has body image issues from some recent gain or loss, even because she saw someone that makes her feel poorly about herself. Even before I had lost those 140 pounds total at one stage I was like Nancy Nympho (woo-hoo) until my back problems made things more difficult and even worse I gained up to 70 pounds back in the last year because of my mobility being screwed blued and wanting that tattoo.

Depression hit which always makes sex more difficult for either sex and chronic pain doesn´t help either. Bless my husband he has never ONCE complained other than to say he feels terrible that he can´t pleasure me (now THAT is a real man so any of you that needs a lesson) and I know he means it. Friday, he had helped me to get a shower here instead of me going to my parents(they have a full walk in shower and I have a tub/shower which is hard for me to get into) and when I was reaching for my towel he stepped out of reach and told me he wanted me to look in the mirror to see myself and after about 5 minutes of arguing and my ass having goosebumps on goosebumps I did and he said "You´re beautiful you see?" So I replied "No that is Shamu the whale in the mirror you need glasses." We battled back and forth with him trying to get me to admit I was beautiful and sexy and me hiding behind my smart-ass and self-depreciating jokes. It finally ended when my super shy 14 year-old yells out "For the love of the Goddess Mama tell him thank you and you are beautiful because you are and I have to pee PLEASE!"

It is pretty sad when your daughter has to tell you to admit you are beautiful and here I am preaching to them both that they are beautiful no matter what and they should accept themselves because that will do more for their esteem than any quickie diet shakes or pills will.
I had a whole glass full of Do What I Say and Not As I Do that day and ended up being on the recieving end of a lecture and many questions.

So what can you do to help your wife, girlfriend,partner get over being self-conscious or shy?
**Tell her she is beautiful and sexy every day and not just lip-service and not at the same time every day it isn´t a chore, and if it feels like one then there are other things going on.
**Write her little notes or send little emails randomly. I have opened my planner or even my address book and have a small note fall out that says *You are so sexy when you sleep* or *I´m so lucky that you married me* Some were hidden so long he had to think about when he put them there.
**Sing stupid songs, no really it works. He will be walking the house or a commercial comes on and he will hit mute and start singing to me, his favorite is "I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of" but he also sings Unchained Melody, Numerous Bon Jovi songs, Oldies songs and even some Weird Al on occasion.
**This one will probably be the hardest thing for you both, especially if either of you are not able to really talk about sex or have a woman be vocal about what she needs and what turns her on. You might be surprised at some of the answers but don´t get bitter or defensive because if you do then she won´t talk about it for a long time.
**Foreplay that isn´t a hey honey the kids are gone for a few hours, we got 15 minutes before the baby wakes up quickie. Take turns exploring and not only ask how it is, but if they really like that specific thing. You might be surprised what a few weeks of doing any of the above and this one here is a must try and once she and you are relaxed you will find something that she has been forbidding to be allowed.
  by: TaraB     01/04/2010 09:35 AM     
  Such a joke  
If I didn´t know where the G-Spot was my girlfriend would never get any enjoyment from sex; she doesn´t respond well to any other stimulus.

It definitly exists, this study has ignored the fact that many guys don´t care about making their girl feel good during sex, and therefore don´t try to make it more enjoyable for their partner.
  by: G1itch   01/04/2010 03:38 PM     
for those who think that it exists. can you show it, or specifically point it out in a scientific manner?

Because until 2008, scientific Data says, some women have it and some dont. This is science. If I were to follow BB and say "They´re at the same place on all women and it´s not a question of whether or not they exist." Scientist begs to differ according to Dr Emmanuele Jannini.

" Lastly, it´s been my experience that my wife kisses girls on the dance floor because she likes to kiss girls, which is precisely the same reason I like to kiss girls on the dance floor." Thank you for making this part clear and I am not in anyway going to doubt that. But not all girls kiss other girls because they like it. Some are Lipstick Lesbians, you know the type " I am so&so I come from here&there and I am a lesbian, or Bi-sexual?? WTF

now-a-days every one wants to have a Gspot, after all! Why not? I f I say I have one, am cool with my sexuality and on and on, but not one person can say, that stimuli was because "Oh yea my Gspot"

BB: Find out about Katereru. Google it, since it is not an English word. You will find something about katereru very amusing. And yea you will also find that, it is taught to girls before maturity. So, not all little girls are taught that sex is Bad or as you say "g-spot stimulation as pleasurable unless she is capable of shedding the negative images of sex she´s been taught since birth" Some are taught the pleasures of sex, starting at 4 years of age.

"ASsGasm" No buddy.. I was talking about Lelo Mona endorsed by Mr Seymore.. LOL

Science says, there is no place in a womans body that can be defined as, AHA here. X marks the spot.

I am not claiming to be an expert, but I have had my share of women from literally every corner on this earth. I have been in as many countries as 78, from every continent, I have seen people do things which makes you go whaaaaa for pleasure and they will tell you, if you´d do this you ae going to experience heaven inside of you in a sexual manner.

Women from different parts have a different ways to enhance their pleasures, and all of a sudden comes the mythical Gspot.

By my saying it does not exist, does not mean there is no pleasure. Or one woman can experience it and others cant.

What I am saying is, ones Gspot can be another´s something else, with the same intensity.

Oh yea! Including Assgasm.. LOL
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/04/2010 05:56 PM     
My dear, not all women reside in USA, or Europe. Kamasutra´s origins are from Asia ad these women dont know a priest, infact it is part of their religion to be sexually active participants.

I will be back in UK next week, if it does not snow again, but if you can promise me that, if I continue misbehaving Captainjane the "cheeky British MILF " will spank me, I will have no choice but to misbehave.. LOL.

However, I still say, it does not exist. However MEN have a Gspot, when stimulated they lose it completely. It is here
If you are offended by looking at human anatomy in a scientific manner, please do not click the following link.
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/04/2010 06:27 PM     
  I can verify  
through years of personal research that not all women have a G-spot. Some woman NEVER have had an orgasm, even with masturbation. Some women are just like men, in that, when they climax they are done and spent for the night. Human sexuality is very complex and diverse. Everyone is different. There are no rules.
  by: Lurker     01/04/2010 07:05 PM     
  Skcuss & all  
Skcuss- I don´t think that everyone lives in one of two places. What I do have and I am sure DVB, Jane, NTAC and possibly other females here will back me is something men rarely have~ Girl talk. Us girls will say things and talk about things very few straight men ever get to hear, in fact if you heard some of the conversations you would be stunned. I will say BB is probably aware of some of the things and I am not sure how many, but I know Mrs and him have a very secure and satisfying relationship sexually, marital and friendship which is why they are still married and raised a very well mannered young man.

That picture isn´t anything I have seen enough of them in mylife and cathed more than my share. What I am saying is if a girl is raised by having sex be this scary thing that a woman only does to have babies and you can´t have a light on or be outside the marital bed and on and on they are never going to learn what makes them feel good and can help them climax. I will even go as far as Lurker said and give it that some women sadly don´t have a spot or doesn´t know how to find it and use it. It doesn´t need to be a X marks the spot at all and I know a few women that have them elsewhere than where my spot is. Once you have experienced it with your female companion neither of you will forget it and the other thing I would say is for women to not TRY to find it or stress over it, let it happen naturally and enjoy the whole package.

We don´t hit the Big O (and I don´t mean Oprah) every single time which is actually good because it would get boring. In the end it doesn´t mean life or death if it isn´t found, but I wish every woman could reach it at least one time because they will be looking forward to the next time and that ends up being more exciting, sensual, intense working at it.
  by: TaraB     01/04/2010 07:25 PM     
  All i can say is that there is no universal spot  
Every woman I have been with has been so different. Each with a different spot and literally a spot on one woman may not work whatsoever on another but rather it may be somewhere totally different...

Just adds more to the confusion about women IMO. Men we are easy. Women always complain that we are so complicated but we are really quite simple. I think that they are just over complicating the issue.
  by: slavefortheman     01/04/2010 07:58 PM     
  Thinking as I write.  
"Some woman NEVER have had an orgasm,"
My reply to you young man is that some of us ladies like to keep things a little bit of a secrete. ;) some find it more fun that way.

@BB I have just got more of an imagination than the rest of the world my dear! That keeps me very happy. :)

skcusswentrohs I will meet you at the airport love, i will be the lady in long leather boots. After I give you a good spanking, we will have to drop in the North Star pub in Ealing for a hot toddy. :)

@ Tara. If I am ever lucky enough to meet a man that is as sweet as yours I would be made up. :) x
  by: captainJane     01/04/2010 08:31 PM     
As I said previously, it is located on the upper vaginal wall adjacent to the urethra.

This location is where the Skene´s Gland is located. It´s easy to find as the skin there has a different texture than the skin around it. In a female, the Skene´s gland is the equivalent to the make prostrate, which is a highly erogenous area for males. Both also contribute greatly to orgasm and the Skene´s gland in women is thought to be where female ejaculation originates. It, by the way, is also real.

All that being said, just as with men, some women are able to feel stimulation of that area moreso than others. No doubt sometimes that´s a purely physical phenomena but I would hazard a guess that it´s more mental than anything. I say that because again, if you´ll read my previous posts, stimulation of the Graffenberg Spot causes an initial feeling of needing to urinate and not many people (although there are some) care to bring urine into their sexy time. I´ve been with women who claim they have to pee and more often than not, they don´t. Those who´ve listened to me have been very glad they did, including my wife.

As for this study, it is completely flawed and in my opinion, without merit. The only accurate means by which to perform this study would be to demonstrate on each participant, the same technique of stimulation... not simply ask them a few questions.

I might have to reschedule a few things, but if I´m needed for this demonstration, I´m happy to offer my services. Purely in the interest of science, of course...

  by: bbeljefe     01/04/2010 09:59 PM     
"male prostrate"

  by: bbeljefe     01/04/2010 10:01 PM     
  My experience...  
is that its along the top wall of the vagina. Slide a finger or two in there facing upwards and move them back and forth like the "come hither" motion. Some girls will like if you make your fingers really flat and apply upwards pressure instead. Add some clitoral stimulation via your mouth and most girls will be pretty happy with this. I always thought up there was the gspot and have heard that its the back end of the clitoris feeling the pressure.

I´ve not yet seen this not work. The girl I´m currently with becomes extrmemely wet and at just the right angle sometimes you can literally see juice pouring out of her. Sorry if this seems a bit graphic. But as others have said everyone is different. This technique has worked on all the girls I´ve been with but this is the only girl who´s produced huge puddles in my sheets from this stimulation. G-spot? or merely highly appreciative girl? The world may never know.

Problem is, I thought the technique I described was fairly commmon knowledge and either way, I´m sure the "experts" know about this. So if that´s still inconclusive then maybe it just doesn´t exist.
  by: jonnysodoff   01/04/2010 11:03 PM     
  Just to say...  
I got a bit more than I bargained for on this subject. Wow. :)
  by: captainJane     01/05/2010 05:54 AM     
  Well Jane, everyone wants to get more  
than they bargain for so I take it you´re pleased. :)

Now then, I´ve booked a room round the corner from the North Star Pub for you, myself & skcuss because he told me privately that he would only believe the G-spot is real if I could demonstrate that you have one.

P.S. Wear that sexy yellow outfit for me my dear. ;)

  by: bbeljefe     01/05/2010 06:56 AM     
  Sleep for a few hours  
and the whole place gets crazy.

"@ Tara. If I am ever lucky enough to meet a man that is as sweet as yours I would be made up. :) x"

Jane if I could wish it for you I would. I found him or he found me (we aren´t sure yet) when neither of us were looking for a mate, just someone that was fun talking to and being around. My parents found each other pretty much the same way and are celebrating 40+ years of marriage this year.

I don´t know if the g-spot is the same for each person, but I do believe we all one and really why does it matter if some women aren´t shy about where it is for them or if it is a combination of their brain and their body? I would hope the one thing we all agree with is that making our partners and ourselves happy and complete during sex with each other is the best feeling not only they have, but we do too. It can be called whatever you want and you can have hours of fun trying to find out where it is as long as you respect your partner and enjoy pleasing each other. I know that I have a ´spot´ that my husband can find that will work everytime.
  by: TaraB     01/05/2010 07:25 AM     
  G Spot  
Can´t say for sure if I found it or not but I do know for sure I must have found something she likes, she keeps coming back for more.
  by: hellblazer     01/05/2010 07:54 AM     
  When We Are So Into Each Other  
That all there is is the moment. When we react to each other without conscious thought and the only thing is us and the moment we will both get there. The moments of mmmmmmm afterward together are pure heaven.
  by: ichi     01/05/2010 09:06 AM     
Cant keep a secret? Huh! This lady is already gearing up with whips and leather boots for asswhoopin, and I thought atleast I need someone else to help out and you are spilling em beans..

TaraB: You said.
"It doesn´t need to be a X marks the spot at all and I know a few women that have them elsewhere than where my spot is."

BB says: "As I said previously, it is located on the upper vaginal wall adjacent to the urethra.
This location is where the Skene´s Gland is located. It´s easy to find as the skin there has a different texture than the skin around it"

Without going any further, I think you have displayed what I have been saying. Which is
1) What works for one woman does not mean the same stimulation will do the trick to all women, hence I believe Gspot does not exist.

2)Women from different parts have a different ways to enhance their pleasures, and all of a sudden comes the mythical Gspot.

3)By my saying it does not exist, does not mean there is no pleasure. Or one woman can experience it and others cant.

4)What I am saying is, ones Gspot can be another´s something else, with the same intensity.
Which brings us to this study. It is not a specific place, it is like chi. It exists every where as a ball of energy ready to go kaboom. If women will tune themslves by self examining, or try reaching out areas without having to feel guilty, they may experience orgasms and someday those orgasms will be very intense; and they also will have these girl talks and talk about, how they found their Gspot.

Then, you have the Ferengis Their ears are their main erogenous zones, and the size of their earlobes is something they brag about. Like all Ferengi males, Quark considers himself quite the ladies´ man. And in every group of males they have their own Quark.

On a serious note. X is not the Gspot. It is a myth.

Cant wait to get back and have the occular spectacle of my life. British Milf in Leather with American Stallion.. Hahaha what a thought, thank you BB.
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/05/2010 04:40 PM     
  Now there´s a thought,.  
"Cant wait to get back and have the occular spectacle of my life. British Milf in Leather with American Stallion.. Hahaha what a thought, thank you BB."

Well he has booked the room, so we shall all meet there. :)

  by: captainJane     01/05/2010 06:27 PM     
  Oh dear @ BB  
It looks as if skcuss has backed out of the deal! We win mate, she is way to shy after all. :P ;)
  by: captainJane     01/07/2010 02:27 AM     
  I love it bbe!...x  
Hi jane, its hanna here... i just thought i´d say i think ur a wicked writer and i luvv u loads lol ;)...
and i totally agree with it lol..x x
  by: Hanna Louise   01/08/2010 05:32 PM     
Hey Girl. What a surprise! Lol.

You will love a lot of peoples summaries in here, take no notice when we bite each other. Just jump in the ring and have a good go your self. xxx

Thank you for joining. :)
  by: captainJane     01/11/2010 02:00 PM     
  Different strokes  
For different folks :) If it was always in the same spot it would not be as fun to find.
  by: UnknownElement   01/12/2010 03:45 AM     
"start a practice where you can assist those who wish to know and needs a professional G-Spot Locator"

I think you´ve just helped me find my sole purpose in life. Everyone is here for a reason. Since in learned to stimulate that spot in women, I have not failed to find it in every woman since. To be a little blunt, here, (so out of character for me), if you get your woman in the 69 position and use your thumb as hard and deep as you can, curling it backwards like you are trying to push it out through her lower abdomen, it´s kind of hard to miss that magic spot. And don´t spare the tongue, either. Believe me, you´ll know when you´ve hit the right spot! The reward will be obvious.

Did I make anyone blush?
  by: WillyMaykett   01/13/2010 07:20 PM     
  LOL @ Willy  
You´re gonna have to try way harder to make any of these broads blush....

we got some nasty minded women here.

  by: bbeljefe     01/13/2010 10:13 PM     
Being open isn´t the same as being nasty! :)
  by: deadvenusblue     01/13/2010 10:20 PM     
Skcuss I´m sorry but you shouldn´t use me as an example or I should have been much more specific than I was.

"TaraB: You said. "It doesn´t need to be a X marks the spot at all and I know a few women that have them elsewhere than where my spot is."

Skcuss I have a tilted cervix, endometriosis, PCOS and what might be my spot surely isn´t most women´s. Add into that where my "spot" is could easily be an inch off from someone elses, it doesn´t mean I think it is somewhere else totally and I am sorry if I wasn´t very specific. It is there and it is real and I am sorry but I can´t show it to you because I can´t "see" it myself. ;-)

Willy I rarely blush when it comes to sex or intimacy. It is a natural part of our existance and one of the better parts. BB, thank you but I have to agree with DVB and being open and not afraid to talk isn´t nasty minded. Nasty minded is what my ex married *barf*
  by: TaraB     01/13/2010 11:18 PM     
  Uh... Tara, you can´t bullshit me like you can  
some of these others. :P

Venus... spend some time in chat with Tara, Jane, NTAC or a few others here and get back with me on nasty... the first time I entered chat here I thought it must have been hosted by an AOL fetish chatroom....


  by: bbeljefe     01/14/2010 01:21 AM     
  @ BB  
No that was my deep sea diving gear mate, the rubber got you a little confused. Plus Tara in her red and black bask and clown in nothing but a thong. I would not say that was fetish, would you? You should see what caution wears. ;o)
  by: captainJane     01/22/2010 01:32 AM     
  Don´t midunderstand me Tara & Jane.  
I think the world would be a much nicer place if we had more nasty minded women. ;)

  by: bbeljefe     01/22/2010 01:54 AM     
what you mean by nasty. @BB
  by: captainJane     09/23/2011 03:14 AM     
  Resurrected thread  
This is a good subject to resurrect. ;)
  by: Lurker     09/23/2011 11:20 PM     
  It is indeed. @Lurker  
Now can someone tell me where I put mine please? I have looked everywhere and I still can´t find it. :(
  by: captainJane     09/25/2011 04:56 AM     
  Just marvellous....  
Still looking and no answers! Grrr
  by: captainJane     09/29/2011 06:03 AM     
I found it, but I can´t remember where I put it. :(
  by: Lurker     03/04/2013 01:06 AM     
  Dang it, Lurker lad...  
you are getting as useless as I am.

  by: captainJane     03/04/2013 01:45 AM     
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