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                 04/18/2014 12:45 PM  
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01/03/2010 07:42 PM ID: 82306 Permalink   

Las Vegas Real Estate Snafu Evicts Condo Owner


Coming back from a snowboarding trip, a student at the College of Southern Nevada finds only a satellite dish and a curtain rod remaining in her condo. A Henderson Real estate group sent a crew to evict a foreclosed property, but they went to the wrong unit.

Nilly Mauck's living room, dining room, bedroom and computer are said to be in a dump in Sloan.

A new Nevada law allows triple damages for personal property lost due to hasty and inappropriate actions taken by realtors. The law, new since October 2009, awarded $2.2 million in a similar suit against Country Wide Home Loans.

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would really stink - for all parties involved. The lawful resident loses all her stuff, and the real estate company loses triple damages and suffers the bad publicity.
  by: cranky_paranoid     01/04/2010 01:32 AM     
If you read the article you´ll see "had fallen behind on her mortgage and had agreed with her bank to list the property for a short sale". Funny how she has money for snowboarding, though.

That being said, she is still a victim in this case and is due full damages. Guess they should make a law saying that personal effects and furniture must be held in storage for 90 days before disposal vs. just hauling the stuff off to the dump and local pawn shop.
  by: adhemar   01/10/2010 05:26 PM     
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