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                 01/18/2018 04:59 AM  
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01/04/2010 05:37 PM ID: 82323 Permalink   

President Obama Hanged in Effigy


An effigy of President Obama was found hanging by a noose in Plains, Georgia, and the U.S. Secret Service is investigating. The effigy wore a sign with Obama's name on it.

The effigy was hanging in front of a sign that reads, "Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th President." The Secret Service said the effigy was removed on Saturday.

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Just wow.

I hope these idiots didn´t wear gloves.
  by: deadvenusblue     01/04/2010 05:39 PM     
  We shouldn´t be surprised  
We can´t be shocked that a southern town hooked a brotha up...literally. People are going to show their anger in really stupid ways and I seem to remember a few Bush effigy hangings also.
  by: TaraB     01/04/2010 05:57 PM     
They did this to Bush and Palin if memory serves. Speech is speech, and is protected, no matter how hateful or ignorant.
  by: Libertario Cubano   01/04/2010 06:08 PM     
  It´s stupid  
really,really stupid. But not criminal.
  by: cranky_paranoid     01/04/2010 06:24 PM     
I remember the Palin one (it was a Halloween display) but I don´t remember seeing Bush hanged in effigy. He was burned in effigy in the Middle East, but I don´t remember him being hanged in effigy in America.
  by: Ben_Reilly     01/04/2010 06:31 PM     
  Oh, also  
Hanging the president in effigy or otherwise suggesting his death isn´t protected speech. You´re free to say that someone´s horrible for the country, etc., but not free to suggest that someone should be killed.

And before anybody says otherwise, yes, I´d say the same if it was Bush or any other Republican.
  by: Ben_Reilly     01/04/2010 06:34 PM     
is there a no fly list? If these people can be on a NO FLY and it is OK, why dont we round them up and can them? Freedom of Choice seems more appropriate, than of speech. Freedom of our choices, everyone else can go to hell.

Now a days everything that we write is being monitored by some patriot, who really, really love USA, Canada, or UK. If you write things about US, or UK, or Canada, you have automatically given these governments the right to oppress your freedom of speech.

To make it worst, if you write these things and you are not Caucasian Christian, or a Jew, than you are definitely asking to be scrutinized and even thrown in jail without a day in court. These governments have passed a law which is called Security certificate, which makes them above the law, because you said something against your government.

If you wear a swastika on your T-shirt, B-Nai Brith will be on your a$$ for the rest of your life as an Anti Semitic, even if you are a Hindu.

Burn an effigy which connotates racist and hateful behavior, it is freedom of speech.

I say round them for Hanging a brother and ask them of their motives. If they are alliens, send them back to where they came from. They have no RIGHTS to perpetuate hate and influence negative stereo type.

Freedom! Where?
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/04/2010 06:59 PM     
I think it is criminal. Wouldn´t that constitute a death threat?
  by: barryman9001   01/04/2010 07:02 PM     
It may. Or it may not; I won´t quess the motives of the fools who did this.

I tend to be more libertarian regarding this - you have the right to say what you want, but also have the responsibility to accept consequences for your actions or the results of your free speech. Hanging the president in effigy may be a death threat and the perpretator should be interviewed by the Secret Service, but until he/she attempts to act on that threat, they haven´t actually done anything. And if you make a death threat against me, that grants me the right to defend myself with force if necessary.

Similar to yelling "fire" in a theater, I think you have the right to do so but should be held crimally liable for the injuries that result. If you yell fire and nothing happens, then you´ve only looked foolish.

Please note that I am not saying I support this action - I think it´s really,really stupid. But when we start imprisoning people solely for something they say, that marks the last gasp of part of the US constitution and its First Amendment.
  by: cranky_paranoid     01/04/2010 07:17 PM     
Jimmy Carter was right. (basically he´s always right) Racism is alive and well in the South. He was ridiculed for saying it, but knuckle dragging Neanderthals always ridicule Jimmy Carter. It´s part of their sport of bashing progressives.
  by: Lurker     01/04/2010 07:26 PM     
  Skcuss and Original  

"To make it worst, if you write these things and you are not Caucasian Christian, or a Jew, than you are definitely asking to be scrutinized and even thrown in jail without a day in court."

Well I am caucasian but not Christian or Jewish, I do however make Wonderbread look like it has a tan. I mean my skin looks like xerox paper and that is in the middle of summer.

It was fueled by race I would say at 95% of it(being generous) was just because they don´t like him in the WH. it is not considered a death threat and yes Palin had one as did Bush, at least ones if not a few more. I think it is a totally moronic thing to do but there is no law against it and it wasn´t a death threat.

I think these things are truly stupid and while I don´t get what it is going to prove I do support their right to do it. I would suggest we all start watching which rights we are allowing to go to protect or help our government.
  by: TaraB     01/04/2010 07:48 PM     
  And now for the lighter side of this story:  
Lighter side 1: I always knew he´d be the type of president who´s hung.

Lighter side 2: Idiots...Cheny´s not black...
  by: jediman3     01/04/2010 09:09 PM     
  @ Myself  
Or maybe # 1 should be:
Always knew that dude was hung, but this is rediculous!
  by: jediman3     01/04/2010 09:11 PM     
  Well sorry if I upset anyone here..  
but I just cannot believe adults would want to act in such a way. God help their kids if that is how they believe people should behave. We don´t agree so lets hang him. It is just stupid!
  by: captainJane     01/05/2010 05:20 AM     
  Cardinal et Duc de Richelieu  
Qu´on me donne six lignes écrites de la main du plus honnête homme, j´y trouverai de quoi le faire pendre.
  by: noisome   01/05/2010 05:52 PM     
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