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                 01/22/2018 11:35 AM  
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01/19/2010 04:51 PM ID: 82533 Permalink   

Pakistani Stem Cell Donor Refused Visa to Enter Canada


Repeated requests from doctors and politicians have yielded no results in obtaining a temporary visa for a man from Pakistan to his sister to enter Canada to donate stem cells, despite numerous letters explaining the urgency of the given situation.

Azeem Ahmed Khan, who entered Canada as a political refugee, is currently suffering from acute myeloid leukemia. In order to survive, his chances are in the hands of a visa-issuing officer in Pakistan and the government are mum in informing the patient.

Politician Peter Julian, New democrat member of Parliament, has written to CHC in Islamabad, but to no avail. “There should be no problem in approving the visa,” he said, which normally take two weeks to process.

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is so much more from the source.

This Prime ministers government is bent with following USA with war on terror, that have yet to ask for one alleged child terrorist Omar Khadr to be returned to Canada. This given situation hangs in the balance, because it is the only help he can get without complications. It is sad to see politicians like Mr Harper have a crooked spine, when it comes to helping people. Even though PAkistan is on the watch list of the countries according to USA, not every one from Pakistan is terrorist.

Given that, this legitimate case has the backings of politicians and Doctors, it goes to show the sitution may turn fatal if this man is not given a chance to have the stem transplant. I dont know why Mr Harper´s government turns a deaf ear when it comes to peoples lives.

He plays politics, I hope he doesnt get to be the prime minister in the next election.
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/19/2010 05:03 PM     
I know it´s not going to be Québec´s fault if he is elected. :P
  by: Rv3   01/19/2010 05:41 PM     
Why you think so?
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/19/2010 06:50 PM     
Looking at how badly they do there, no chance of seeing them win a majority because of Québec.
  by: Rv3   01/20/2010 05:57 PM     
RV3. I am planning to apply for landed immigrnat status, I hope I get through the cracks. It is a very nice and beautiful ciy, very cosmopolitan, with European facade to it, incase if I am hme sick. I will have to brush up on my french, as there a language cops making sure French is Dominant.

Besides all this. It is freaking Clean and peacefull. I have not seen any North American city this peacefull and women, oh! Oh! my goodness my neck has been hurting. I likeyAlot,ALOT.
Are you from there?
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/20/2010 07:45 PM     
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