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                 02/19/2018 10:52 AM  
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01/19/2010 07:23 PM ID: 82535 Permalink   

NJ Medical Marijuana Law Signed by Governor


On January 18th, Governor Jon Corzine made New Jersey the 14th state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. The State Health Dept has the power to add more ailments in the future, but presently only a selection of illnesses are approved for marijuana use:

Cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, seizure disorder, Lou Gherig’s disease, severe muscle spasms, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn´s disease, and terminal illness (if life expectancy is less than one year).

Growing of marijuana is strictly forbidden; caretakers who pick up the marijuana are subject to a mandatory criminal background check. Opponents say this sends the wrong message to children and promotes crime, despite marijuana being sold at authorized dispensaries.

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  @ Opponents  
I would like to raise a few very important points:

1) Some people, such as Dr. Drew (the TV reality star who helps Celebs get sober) suggests that there are several other drugs out there to help cope with these illnesses. My arguement is, so what? If something helps someone, with fewer adverse side effects, let ´em do it. Its their body, let THEM decide what to put in it.

2) INCREASE Crime? Wrong message to children? Lets pump the brakes here for a minute people.

a) Crime involving MJ is a problem only because the product has been black marketed. People are willing to jump the boarder to sell their wares because people can´t get it here on their own. The moment our Government allows people the HUMAN RIGHT to control what they want to put in their body (ie, legalizing MJ), overnight the MJ cartels would be out of business. They wouldn´t be able to compete. How exactly are you going to increase crime by having legal, authorized and established dispensaries selling MJ vs. some shady street corner thug?

b) What will it say to the children? It says a GREAT message: Guess what son, mommy and daddy were able to work past their predjudices and see that a natural growing plant is capable of bringing other people pain relief and better health.

Lets stop worrying about what things are SAYING to our children, and worry more about RAISING our children. It sickens me to no end that ´our poor defenseless children´ are subject to these crazy and wild ideas! Give me a break! Perhaps you shouldn´t abandon them and actually TALK with your kids. TEACH them right and wrong. Show them the way and they won´t abuse any drug--alcohol or tobacco included!

If alcohol is acceptable, I can´t see why MJ isn´t! It´s a drug--just like alcohol or cigarettes--that´s known to have far, far fewer negative consequences! Worried about smoking it? That´s fine, EAT IT!

Bake it into a PB sandwich. Make it into a butter spread on some toast. Make a tea.

Meanwhile the rest of high-and-mighty minded people scowl with their beer in one hand, their cigarette in the other, and say, "YOU CAN´T DO THAT! THATS a DRUG!"

  by: vex   01/19/2010 07:38 PM     
  I had a firend come here last week...  
this friend cannot live a single day with out drink, highly educated and living a good life within law, yet in the pub and downing alcohol at every opportunity. They are hypocrites as much as I love my friends. They look down their nose at someone that finds the only pain relief there is in the old MJ, as you put it, yet will swill any form of alcohol there is at any time of the day or night and swallow any old crap the doctors here prescribe.
  by: captainJane     01/19/2010 07:50 PM     
  I agree.  
I too struggle with alcohol and I have an anger issue as well which is a terrible combination. But why should it be illegal if someone wants to ingest something that makes them dossile and silly instead of aggressive and combative? While Alcohol only numbs me, MJ makes me a more intense thinker, more reflective, and more prone to correct behavioral issues.

I think it´s funny that "Partnership for a Drug-Free America" is partially funded by Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Alcohol companies! WAKE UP PEOPLE. They´re not doing this for rainbows and hugs. They´re stomping out the COMPETITION while at the same time collecting a nice tax-credit! Hows that for corrupt values?

Is this really what opponents of MJ are supporting?
  by: vex   01/19/2010 08:13 PM     
  Increased Crime? Haha  
First off, this argument is completely unfounded and a total lie when looking at CA. I´ve seen studies that show crime is actually DOWN in most CA counties since MJ was legalized for medicinal use.

I love the argument that they "bring crime" simply because a couple of them have been robbed. Couldn´t we say the same thing of One Stop convenience stores? Those things get robbed all the time, so obviously, they cause the crime... right?
  by: barryman9001   01/19/2010 08:45 PM     
  I used to be against legalization until I did this  
Replace the blanks with Beer or Alcohol, and really think about how you feel. Then try it with MJ.

____ is bad for you, it destroys your body! You´re not allowed to have any more ______ because of this!

_____ is going to cause major traffic issues because everyone will be taking it all the time and crashing their car!

What if children get a hold of _____ ?
(overdose on one and get sent to the hospital, the other you´ll just fall asleep!)

If we allow ____ to be legal, who will regulate it so no one is poisoned?

I don´t want people in my place of employment abusing ______! Because once its made legal everyone will be!

It´s really silly to pop in Beer or Alcohol into those lines. But yet, somehow people will drop MJ into them and they think they have a foot to stand on. WHY?
  by: vex   01/19/2010 09:03 PM     
We still somewhat live in a "Reefer Madness" society. An entire generation was brought up on fear propaganda. Joe Friday´s seminal speech on drugs ( - great additional scene: only reinforced it. It´s getting better, however, as the older generation becomes less and less influential in policymaking.
  by: caution2     01/19/2010 09:26 PM     
Making it available in a legal purpose increases crime?
What are these people smoking?
  by: Kolman   01/19/2010 09:28 PM     
of the many reasons why I am moving here.

I dont know why some people are backwards. Between MJ and Neproxen, I will take the side effects of MJ anytime. If you are in pain, these places will welcome you with both hands, offer you a drink (non alcoholic), give you a form to fill, you compl with the rules and send you off.

Few days they will give you a call, to let you know, the procedure has been complete and you can start buying from them.

Forms are to verify your illness, police get a copy and you are done. You can sit in apark and puff away, if police, or anyone else is offended, you provide the name and no one has the right to harrass you from there on.

Whatever you do, dont sit at the park with your GF/BF and puff, puff pass! That is when you get into troubles with authority. They take it very seriously, when it says for medicinal purpose only. All bags have a weight, date and time stamped on them including the strain purchased. NOt allowed for resale, you get caught, your privilleges are gone and you may get criminally indicted..

But for those who need it to help them with pain.... Oh! Heavens.

Why cant the rest of the freaking world follow this example?
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/19/2010 09:42 PM     
  Another state pulls the head out of their arse...  
Thank you NJ, it is rare and wonderful to see our Government practicing some sensibility.
  by: Valkyrie123     01/19/2010 10:02 PM     
is a good thing :-)
  by: Key2000     01/19/2010 10:51 PM     
  The Conservatives  
Won´t let it fly, they will only send the DEA to bust the growers, sellers, possessors like they´ve done in California, where licensed growers have been raided and arrested. Also we all have a drug be it coffee, being in love or a relationship, or sex. On the other note, MJ makes a great renewable resource, the plant cultivates in poor soil, grows in 2 weeks to a 6ft high plant, you can make great quality fabrics, paper, and can press oil from the seeds for various purposes, and Fuel! Bio-diesel, also the hemp milk is supposed to be good for you too.
  by: OrIgInAl_ThOuGhT   01/20/2010 04:31 AM     
  2nd hand tobacco smoke has been found  
to cause cancer, does 2nd had MJ make you high? Sorry gotta ask, and its out of nieve ignorence, never done it and dont plan to, I just dont want to be affected, not realise it and go drive and kill someone cause my reactions were dulled.
  by: ssxxxssssss   01/20/2010 07:46 AM     
Yes, 2nd had MJ smoke does have an affect if you are in a closed space where ppl smoke. But you wouldn´t get so high as to have your driving skills impaired imo, unless you spent a long time in the smoke.
  by: baraka     01/20/2010 09:27 AM     
It is possible, but you would definitely have to be in an enclosed space, next to the smoker, for a prolonged period of time. It´s not like you get one wiff of it and you´re flat on your back.

Something noteworthy about MJ that at least I´ve experienced is that you become more thoughtful and less likely to hurt or harm someone. So chances are even if you DID catch a buzz off of it, you´d realize it and hang around somewhere to let it wear off.

It´s completely your choice what you choose to do or not do. But like I said, you don´t have to smoke it--there are healthier ways to ingest. Like a cookie or brownie. :)
  by: vex   01/20/2010 03:28 PM     
  vex brought up a good point  
I´ve seen more people pass off smoking if they are going to drive. There has even been studies of people driving better high than not.

On the whole Second hand smoke is not really a concern either. Unless someone is hotboxing a room I wouldn´t worry. Also the second hand smoking causing cancer is bs unless your in a room being hotboxed. Open air is ok.

Don´t take my or any of these guys word for it, the sources are out there :D
  by: vhan     01/21/2010 03:52 AM     
I agree with everything you´ve said except one thing: making tea. Have you done this, and if so, how? As I understand it THC is hydrophobic, and as such does not dissolve in water but will dissolve in fats. That´s why it´s good to mix it into butter then cook with it, while putting it in boiled water won´t do much. Maybe some compounds in the plant will get in the water, but nowhere near as effectively as it would in, say, milk.

On the driving note, in my experience it´s made me better. I´ve found that I tend to get into the flow of things much better, especially on a motorbike. I do leave it a little bit after smoking, though, as if you´re really trashed it can be an inconvenience but it´s less of one than being tired.

For second hand smoke, really it´s the same problem as with any form of smoke. Whenever things are burned (except in well controlled conditions) there will be a degree of incomplete combustion, in which carbon monoxide is produced. The thing is, cannabis doesn´t have all the harmful additives that are usually found in tobacco, and the vast majority of the harmful smoke is absorbed by the user. The worst you´re really likely to have to put up with is the smell, where again, in my opinion, cannabis wins hands down.
  by: TWeaKoR   01/21/2010 08:04 PM     
I´ve never tried tea, it was only suggested to me as well as soup. Both I find interesting. I have tried peanut butter and you better not have anything planned for the rest of the day. I never intended on wasting 12 hours... LOL
  by: vex   01/21/2010 11:59 PM     
My only issue with this is basically smoking it. Thats all, it puts more crap in your lungs than what you should put in there by default. I hate cigs too... and alcohol... basically if it ain´t natural i ain´t likin it!
  by: nimira     01/22/2010 03:34 PM     
That´s what vaporizers are for.
  by: caution2     01/22/2010 08:02 PM     
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