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                 01/23/2018 11:06 AM  
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01/21/2010 12:55 PM ID: 82567 Permalink   

School Staff Given Insulin by Mistake -- Meant to be Getting Swine Flu Shot


Staff at a Massachusetts elementary school have been accidentally injected with insulin, causing them to suffer from low blood sugar attacks. The school´s superintendent said that the insulin belonged to diabetic students.

It was in the school with parents´ knowledge. Also, all of those accidentally administered with the shot have recovered with no serious side effects and the school nurse has been put on paid administrative leave while she is investigated.

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  Well damn  
I guess it is good thing that the students weren´t given the injections AND none of the students with Diabetes were not given the vaccine in great amounts or had any kind of problem of not getting their medication on time.

I don´t understand why the nurse had these at school in the first place. Our schools are not offering them for students because our county is still waiting for them PLUS the Health Department would have to bring them and give the injections not the school nurses.

I feel bad for the school nurse because one mistake and she might be placed on probation or lose her license. In addition she is probably beating herself up and wants to apologize, but anymore if you apologize for anything it is an admission and guilt and then you get sued. Stupid.
  by: TaraB     01/21/2010 01:47 PM     
  Lois, Lois...  
Hi! Just a typo no biggie should say "School Staff" instead of stuff---
  by: Zmethod     01/21/2010 02:13 PM     
  Use your ´Edit Button´ Lois....  
That nurse was lucky she didn´t kill anybody.
  by: Valkyrie123     01/21/2010 03:18 PM     
the cure for low blod sugar is to eat some candy; a different switch could have been much worse.

There are multiple protocols in place to prevent exactly this kind of mis-dosing. The nurse should be on leave and a thorough investigation done to determine whether it was human error or a process flaw.
  by: cranky_paranoid     01/21/2010 05:13 PM     
The main one is called "read the label".
  by: Eidron   01/22/2010 12:32 AM     
  Reading the label is important  
but in a medical environment, processes are in place to ensure that the label is read correctly and the medicine administered appropriately to the correct person. The whole process thing is designed around eliminating potential for human error. When in my clinic, for example, the nurse to give me my shots always asks my name and date of birth. Medicines and doses are also checked by 2 staff.

Things like that prevent people from administering curare instead of vitamins.
  by: cranky_paranoid     01/22/2010 03:53 AM     
Cranky "When in my clinic, for example, the nurse to give me my shots always asks my name and date of birth. Medicines and doses are also checked by 2 staff. "

You have an exception for a clinic because most practices depending on size have 1 Medical Assistant whom they always call *The Nurse*(a pet peeve of mine) and possibly a LPN or an actual RN who is usually Office Manager and will take certain calls to determine if a patient has an emergency or can wait until the next day to be seen. If you have specific medication that is left at the practice they will take out the box that is yours, check the discard by date and double check the record to make sure you are still getting the same dosage as your previous visit. I rarely had my birthdate asked and rarely my name since I have went to my center for so long I have seen the original Dr who built the place, the Dr´s that purchased it from him when he moved south and then the group that bought them out. They even break new MA´s in with me because they know I will be patient enough and gently correct them if they have done something wrong.

I am curious as to what happened before the injections were given to see how the mistake was made. This particular school system is actually one of the best in the country and hire in private nurses, not use health department nurses. Wellesley public and private schools are some of the best there is and the parents not only pay a nice bit of school taxes without complaining, but the school rarely needs to be concerned about fundraisers and not meeting goals.

Hopefully whatever happened can be found out and new guidelines put in to prevent this from happening again.
  by: TaraB     01/22/2010 04:20 AM     
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