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                 01/17/2018 09:09 PM  
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01/23/2010 06:27 AM ID: 82590 Permalink   

Camera´s Face Detection Thinks Asians With Their Eyes Open Are Blinking


A Nikon Coolpix S630 purchased for a Mother´s Day gift last year by Joz Wang and her brother, both of Taiwanese descent, noticed that the digital camera´s face detection technology kept asking if someone blinked when nobody actually did.

The brother got the message to stop after giving the camera a bug-eyed look. Joz attracted attention after posting the discovery on her blog, prompting one person to ask how a camera firm in Japan managed to let such a problem slip by them.

This unintentional affinity for Caucasian faces has also been found elsewhere, such as HP´s Pavilion laptop webcam, which made news last month at a Texas RV store after it couldn´t track a black worker´s face, yet worked fine with his white coworker.

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  if we are going to have any progress as humans  
we need to end racist camera equipment right now.
  by: djskagnetti     01/23/2010 07:05 AM     
  I was pretty sure...  
that my Bosch dishwasher muttered something anti-semitic the other morning.
  by: Handbanana   01/23/2010 07:11 AM     
Gosh I recall once when my raciest camera refuse to take pictures of my friends of color. wait or was it the raciest batteries. Wait it was the raciest cameras discriminating against the batteries. Stupid raciest cameras they keep killing the batteries. Dam there is genocide going on against the batteries perpetrated by raciest cameras and no one is doing any thing about it. THIS IS A SICK WORLD
  by: justus4all   01/23/2010 07:37 AM     
  Hahaha Idiots  
  by: Zmethod     01/23/2010 09:22 AM     
  lol @ DJ & Handbanana  
And @ Just - I didn´t know you could get racy cameras and batteries.
  by: Maggie the Cat   01/23/2010 12:35 PM     
  all this tells me is  
the technology is basically beta and every company wanting to jump in and beat the other guy at sales with facial reconition beta crap ..
  by: Key2000     01/23/2010 02:38 PM     
  i bought a humidifier and a de-humidifier  
I left the two of them in a room to fight it out.
  by: redstain   01/23/2010 05:02 PM     
Which one won?
  by: deadvenusblue     01/23/2010 05:58 PM     
good Steven Wright quote!
  by: gryphon50a   01/23/2010 07:28 PM     
  @camera folks  
What is the point of the "Did someone blink?" message? With digital cameras, you can look at the picture after a few seconds and see if anyone´s eyes were closed.
Also, I´ve used some cameras with face recognition, and quite honestly I´ve seen pictures of just as good a quality with a disposable 35mm camera. It´s always been about lighting, and it always will be.
  by: meshak1025   01/23/2010 10:58 PM     
  Yeah this really has to stop  
I heard there is a video camera in the works that is going to stop and ask if anyone was speaking ebonics...
  by: treyjazz   01/24/2010 01:41 PM     
This is awesome.
  by: vex   01/25/2010 05:20 PM     
this is pretty funny, im Asian myself, Vietnamese actually and i think this is hilarious
  by: baozytools   01/26/2010 08:07 AM     
I know cameras. I am something of a Photografaire’. Although an Artiste, I’m quite aware of how fickle new technology can be.

Yesterday, I was taking pictures with my brand new Chinese made camera from Shenzhen Optics: The “Zap Now, Fun Fun XQ T5000.” It’s the latest 50 zillapixel, 800 function digital SLR, with 5 terabytes of storage. This baby is so advanced, I was certain it could read my mind. Unfortunately, for me at least, in New Hampshire, Its FDT* appears to be East-Asian oriented.

Every time I attempted to take a portrait of my uncles Clive and Winsloe, my Fun Fun froze and asked;
“Did some peoples be frightful?”

*FDT; “Face Detection Technology “ BGW 1-28-10
  by: Dr Opus   01/29/2010 12:19 AM     
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