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                 01/19/2018 10:10 PM  
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01/29/2010 02:10 PM ID: 82680 Permalink   

Mother Leaves Her Daughter Outside a Bar While Drinking


A woman, Christine Yvette Lobe, 41, from Nevada, is in jail for leaving her one-year-old toddler daughter, wearing only an infant bodysuit, in a stroller outside in the cold at a bar while she was drinking inside.

She left her sleeping 2-year-old daughter at her apartment, police said, and also found the 1-year-old toddler around midnight, not knowing for how long she had been outside. Now the children are with their father.

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  Stupid parents...  
so many of them don´t know how to be one. =/
  by: SunDown   01/29/2010 03:46 PM     
Yet it seems to be common sense not to do that but I guess their 2hrs of fun is worth more than the child´s life.
  by: nimira     01/29/2010 03:57 PM     
  C´mon chillout  
The Kid´s only one year old, it´s not as though it´s getting into any trouble
  by: spacechimp     01/29/2010 04:58 PM     
It is very unfortunate kids are the ones to pay the price, either father took off and left this miscreant to care for children alone, or she demanded full custody and now mistreats them like this. 30F is freaking cold.

At 41, 2 kids age 1 and 2!? And she thought if she has kids later in life, she will be matured enough to raise them properly, so you´d think ;(?
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/29/2010 05:04 PM     
30F is almost perfect temp, that´s not even close to cold. As a matter of fact, its 4 degrees right now and that´s not cold yet. We haven´t had one cold day yet this January which is weird.
  by: importfanaticr34   01/29/2010 05:40 PM     
30F is *below* freezing....and this is a one year old child. If you think that is okay, to leave a child out in that temp, for ANY reason, please, please don´t have kids. Please.
  by: deadvenusblue     01/29/2010 05:44 PM     
The ´F´ here is short for Fahrenheit, 30 degrees is is is below freezing and can cause frostbite after long exposure.

It may be a good temperature for Celsius but not for Fahrenheit
  by: jbloodthorn   01/29/2010 07:11 PM     
  @ jbloodthorn  
Oh that´s what that stood for. Never woulda guessed at that one, being from minnesota and all. I never said it wouldn´t be cold for a 1 year old toddler.
  by: importfanaticr34   01/29/2010 08:29 PM     
I can´t help but shake my head.
  by: The Kushman   01/29/2010 09:07 PM     
Well, er, in his defense, he really never said it. Actually, importfanaticr34 really never commented on the story at all. He just commented on skcusswentrohs´s line that reads, " 30F is freaking cold."

No harm there.

  by: Dayron   01/29/2010 09:35 PM     
This woman is such an idiot. She leaves her 2-year-old home sleeping and takes the 1-year-old with here to leave outside in a stroller so she could get her drunk on.

She is nothing more than a drunkard who should have never had children in the first place. I am sure that her biological clock was ticking and she thought she HAD to have children until she actually had them. Scum

I also hope that some of the people who love to comment on younger parents being ignorant take a look at this woman and see it isn´t the age of the parents, it is the responsibility each person is willing and able to undertake.

This woman, she is NOT a mother, got pregnant around the age of 39 for her first pregnancy and a quick follow-up for number two.
  by: TaraB     01/30/2010 01:14 AM     
  Don´t Blame the Father  
Nowadays you tell a woman not to do this or that and you 1) End up in jail for harassment and get an order of protection against you (in NYC no gun, no law enforcement or even sometimes any city job) 2) When the child is born the mother has automatic custody so if the father were to happen along and see his kid outside and do the right thing, he could be brought up on KIDNAPPING 3) No high dollar lawyer, You Lose in court because it favors the woman for all the years women were taken advantage of. So you can´t only blame the father maybe she just wanted kids and the guy donated. Like many of us would do. She is a dog though, a discredit to all women, seem to be a lot more like her though, (just a personal observation from my job)
  by: OrIgInAl_ThOuGhT   01/30/2010 04:55 PM     
My Daddy drank a lot when we were kids, not that that is a good thing of course, but at least he never took us with him and he sure never left us alone or outside a bar!
  by: LDRWeber   01/30/2010 06:47 PM     
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