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                 02/23/2018 09:50 AM  
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01/29/2010 03:22 PM ID: 82681 Permalink   

Courts Allows "Doctor Death" to Resume Practicing in Gosport


Dr Jane Barton claimed she was pushed to the extreme during the 1990s and claimed her work was overly demanding and therefore being the cause of the chain of events which resulted in 12 patients´ untimely deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

At the trial, Dr Barton said: "The consultants who had overall responsibility for the patients never expressed concern about my treatment and working practices." The decision was made by the self-governing fitness to practice panel, in London.

One relative, Iain Wilson, whose father died, shouted in resentment: "You should hang your head in shame." The independent panel agreed Dr Barton had caused her patients´ premature deaths, but practiced adequately for 10 years previously.

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  More on the case...  
Niall Dickson, GMC chief executive, said: "We are surprised by the decision to apply conditions in this case.

"Our view was the doctor´s name should have been erased from the medical register following the panel´s finding of serious professional misconduct.

"We will be carefully reviewing the decision before deciding what further action, if any, may be necessary."

Eleven conditions have been placed upon Dr Barton, including a ban on injecting opiates for three years.

In a statement after the panel´s ruling, Dr Barton said: "I am disappointed by the decision of the GMC panel.

"Anyone following this case carefully will know that I was faced with an excessive and increasing burden in trying to care for patients at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

"None of the nurses who gave evidence were critical of my care of the patients in this inquiry.

"The consultants who had overall responsibility for the patients never expressed concern about my treatment and working practices.

"Throughout my career I have tried to do my very best for all my patients and have had only their interests and wellbeing at heart."

The hearing follows an inquest into 10 patients´ deaths which found drugs to be a factor in five cases.
  by: captainJane     01/29/2010 03:29 PM     
  The Dr is...  
"disappointed" in the GMC? They should have rule over her, and can you now see how these DOCTORS can do as they bloody well please. Even kill! Mistake or not we are talking about 12 lives 12 families.

They are still above the law. WHY?
  by: captainJane     01/29/2010 03:36 PM     
  @ Shaohu and Max.  
You know what. I am starting to think what you guys said on justice is right. How about the independent bull crapped up panel and a few doctors around here being served justice for starters.
  by: captainJane     01/29/2010 03:40 PM     
  Barton should be ashamed  
... and that´s really the least of it.

What kind of a person has a job in which people´s lives literally depend on her, yet doesn´t speak out or even resign when she feels too "pushed to the extreme" and over-worked?

Because if she´s making these excuses, she obviously knew she was a risk to her patients even as she cared for them. I wouldn´t want that sort of thing on my conscience ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     01/29/2010 04:36 PM     
  The Governing bodies are leaving...  
loose cannons out on the vulnerable, it does not matter if they are mentally disturbed an addict, nothing now prevents them from harming, not even when it results in them KILLING the patient.

I have found something on the search Ben and will be hoping for your guidance.

Nial Dickson
GMC Gets it Wrong Yet Again

This is Niall´s first business plan. Apparently, the General Medical Council protects patients. A notable and expected result by the General Medical Council is that Gosport Killer Dr Jane Barton has been allowed to practise. There are a number of sanctions left to the General Medical Council, from suspensions to erasures. The General Medical Council opted for neither.
"Iain Wilson, the son of Robert Wilson, shouted:
"You should hang your head in shame."

Well, we all agree with Iain.

The GMC in the meantime is shown to be a regulatory body incapable of regulating anyone let alone doctors had the following to say
"Despite the serious professional misconduct, the panel took into account that Dr Barton has continued to work safely as a GP for 10 years. And instead of striking her from the register, it decided to apply 11 conditions relating to her practice"

Iain though has the right idea and told the world :-
"Iain Wilson, whose father Robert, 74, died on Dryad ward in October 1998, said: ´We´ve been totally stitched up. I have no confidence in doctors or the General Medical Council.

´How can they say they are protecting the public and maintaining confidence when she´s allowed to keep practising?´

Quite right. Everyone gets stitched up by the GMC.

Because the GMC fear being mobbed by the patient kind, this is what their new Chief Executive weakly stated
"However, the GMC´s chief executive Niall Dickson, has expressed his surprise at the panel´s decision.

´In a statement he said: ´Our view was the doctor´s name should have been erased from the medical register following the panel´s finding of serious professional misconduct.

´We will be carefully reviewing the decision before deciding what further action, if any, may be necessary.´

Well, if the Chief Executive feels that these doctors should be erased, let him put his money where his mouth is and engage a new panel to strike Dr Jane Barton off. Let us see him practise what he preaches in the “public interest".
  by: captainJane     01/29/2010 05:17 PM     
  A few more cases..  
David Glass

13 year old, severely disabled. He was admitted to St. Mary´s Hospital, Portsmouth with a chest infection. Instead of following a curative route, diamorphine was administered to David on 20 & 21 October 1998, without his mother´s consent or an authorising court order, in the full knowledge of the medical professionals concerned, that diamorphine would cause his death. On 21 October, family members managed to resuscitate him. Afterwards a ´Do Not Resuscitate´ notice was put on his notes – against the wishes of his mother. She took him home and he has been successfully treated by his GP despite the predictions of the hospital doctors that David was dying. He is still alive and enjoying his normal role within a loving family.

Both a Judicial Review and appeal were refused by the High Courts. The Appeal Court suggested that the best way forward was for the family and the hospital to agree a course of action in David´s best interests. Mrs. Glass is now taking a case of manslaughter against the hospital.

Grieving widower Rex Patterson launched a protest campaign after spending almost a year trying to find out why his wife died in hospital.
Thelma Patterson, 59, died two days after being admitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham with a blood clot on the lung.
hospital did not operate the machines at the weekends. And he says medical staff left her even though they could not find a pulse or reading for her blood pressure.

The 61-year-old has written to the hospital 16 times since his wife´s death on January 11. NHS guidelines say most complaints should be resolved within 25 days.

Mr Patterson says that on nine occasions his letters were ignored.

He has sent the order of service from his wife´s funeral to the hospital on the 11th of every month to remind it of his case

And in a desperate bid for attention, this week he parked his wife´s car, covered in the words ´Killed by medical neglect at QA Hospital´, in the hospital car park.

´I have tried so hard to get answers´, said Mr Patterson, a former police officer of Swanage Road, Lee-on-the-Solent. ´But I have just been ignored or told they´re investigating and will be in contact, and then I´ve heard nothing. What else could I do to make them listen?´

Recalling the hours leading up to his wife´s death, Mr Patterson said: ´She was told she´d need a scan to locate the clot. But then we were told she would have to wait until Monday as the machine wasn´t operated over the weekend. All they did was put her on blood-thinning drugs.

´She was getting weaker and weaker. At one point she actually said to me "I´m going to die in here. They are not doing anything."´

Mr Patterson said a nurse checked his wife´s blood pressure and pulse at 3pm on the day of her death. ´There was no reading for either. But the nurse just said "I will do it again later."

´Several more nurses tried over the next few hours and still got no reading. One even said "Maybe the machine´s broken." I was pleading with them to call a doctor. I even said to them, "You are killing my wife.´"

A senior health official arrived about 6.45pm.

Mr Patterson said: ´They said they were treating her with a drug that would kill the clot but their concern was that she had been left too long and her body was too weak to recover.´

A cardiac team then arrived and at about 7.30pm Mrs Patterson died. A post-mortem examination revealed she died of a build- up of fluid on the lungs.

Mr Patterson said: ´I feel she was killed by negligence. She was left too long.´

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs QA, said it had reviewed Mrs Patterson´s case and her husband would now be invited to the hospital to discuss the findings.

Peter Mellor, the trust secretary, said: ´A thorough investigation has been carried out. Because the investigation needs to be thorough, it takes time.

´We recognise that the death of Mrs Patterson is a tragedy for which we are sorry. If we have not kept Mr Patterson as well informed about our progress I can only apologise for that. That is a shame on our behalf.´

Mr Patterson says she was refused a scan that could have located the clot because the
  by: captainJane     01/29/2010 06:30 PM     
"The consultants who had overall responsibility for the patients never expressed concern"
She is just trying to blame someone else for her own malpractice.
The "independent panel" is a gaggle of nincompoops. This woman should never practice medicine again.
  by: Lurker     01/29/2010 07:48 PM     
  Here is someone stung from within the NHS  
The problem with England’s NHS and they also have no idea how utterly ridicules the whole sector is and now looks to everyone in the UK and the management appear to be oblivions of how vile and stupid ALL governing bodies appears to the outside world.
As one very angry doctor said in 2007 which in this part I agree with 100%” .Raj Mattu said: “I have the view that all NHS Management are irrelevant, incompetent, disorganized, selfish and greedy. And this part I only half agree with,” All doctors will understand this view.”
Not all Raj, a large portion of them, now have their greedy fingers in all of the pies. But what do we expect with the corrupt management.
The General Medical Council hounded him for almost 7 years. That is enough for all your hair to fall out. Raj though has a full head of hair because he has been kicking the Trust´s butt for more than a decade. My question is, how long does a whistleblower need to be harassed?

In 2007 the Trust has not reacted well to being questioned by Councillor Rob Windsor. Apparently, the Trust has failed to enrol its management into the nearest anger management programme so the fur has been flying everywhere. The result of this is war and a refusal to answer simple questions. The problem with responding to simple questions leads us to question management´s comprehension problems. It isn´t clear how many O Levels this Trust´s managers have between them. Rumour has it that it may just be the one in Playground Bullying. It might help if Trust management actually did a full day’s hard work.
  by: captainJane     01/29/2010 11:30 PM     
  That was in the area of..  
Coventry and Warwickshire not far from where i live.
  by: captainJane     01/29/2010 11:33 PM     
  Death Panels  
And they chide Americans for talking about Death Panels, well. They have doctors unilaterally taking up the cause themselves, and then they reinstate them after a suspension. It´s like hiring Dr.Kevorkian to care for the elderly. That´s the government solution. It´s sly like a fox of them to do things like this. Let the fox guard the henhouse, a model of government efficiency. Next up, gas chambers to weed out the inferiors, right? Enlightened liberalism at its finest workings.
  by: Big Bird     01/30/2010 10:11 AM     
  @Big Bird.  
This may well be the breed Hitler wanted in place. His work was not effortless after all. They are not all blond and blue eyed but their methods are the same.

The elderly the disabled and kids. To over dose a 13 year old then to make the decision to write "Do Not Resuscitate". Double attempted murder I would call it and any decent law abiding citizen would to. So why are these people getting away with it? WHO has given them this RIGHT?
  by: captainJane     01/30/2010 01:49 PM     
  I just want to add this before it closes..  
This is for @ All the British, get a load of this.

Equality and human rights and the NHS

Key things for NHS organisations to know about human rights
- They belong to everyone - they are universal
- They cannot be ´taken away´ from us, only limited or restricted in some circumstances
- They are primarily about how the state (including public authorities) must treat everyone
- Sometimes they require NHS organisations to take steps to protect human rights when they are put at risk by organisations or other individuals
- They give expression to a set of core values including fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy´

´Human rights are about our basic needs as human beings. They capture the core rights we are all entitled to so that we may develop our potential and live our lives with dignity and respect.´

´Human rights act as a set of minimum legal standards that need to be met if we are to build communities and a wider society based on fairness, dignity and respect.´

´How do human rights relate to health and well-being?
Human rights relate to our health and well-being and to the core functions of NHS organisations and how they perform them in three main ways:
1. Abuse and/or lack of respect or protection of human rights can actually cause or worsen poor health
2. The way that NHS organisations and other NHS bodies deliver healthcare services to those in poor health can impact both positively and negatively on people´s human rights
3. Bodies undertaking ´public functions´, such as NHS organisations, have a key role in respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights.´

´Human rights - the core values
A good way to understand human rights is to see them as a vehicle for making fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy (FREDA) central to our lived experience as human beings. These core values are brought to life by a range of different human rights that make them real. For example, "the principle of dignity is what lies beneath the right not to be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way," while the principle of autonomy informs the right to respect for private and family life.

This means that obligations placed on NHS organisations and other public bodies to respect human rights can give these principles real meaning in people´s lives.´

This beggars belief!
  by: captainJane     01/30/2010 02:25 PM     
  This Country  
is becoming a cesspool and it is not because of foreigners. It is the cancer from within. How is a doctor allowed to continue practising, if they admit mishaps killed more than one patient!!?
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/31/2010 08:40 PM     
  ha ha  
Not trying to hijack, but I was hoping the article was going to be about Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
  by: shaohu     02/01/2010 11:20 AM     
No it is not about suicide. The managers would not put up with that, it likes to employ nasty screwed up psychopaths to kill our parents and children here.

@ Sckuss. There was a very competent Iranian locum here professional and caring which is rare. He did not come back to many times, I think the pigs he worked with were envious that he could actually do his job plus he was trusted and respected by his patients.

Your pass card to a locum here is, you treat your patient like crap and hold back tr4eatment them and make sure you completely screw up their medical files when they attend the hospital appointment,that you have been paid for to arrange for them.
What ever you do do not be helpful of you are out.

So now we have the students, they will be held back, so we cannot count on many of these kids making it into the surgeries here. What a fantastic future UK has.
  by: captainJane     02/01/2010 04:28 PM     
  NHS Chief Operating Officer Wanted.  
£125k, London

Make a real difference for patients and the NHS

So may have a improvement then.

  by: captainJane     02/17/2010 03:22 AM     
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