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                 01/18/2018 06:53 AM  
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01/31/2010 07:46 PM ID: 82699 Permalink   

China Talks Tough to America


Despite objections from the Chinese government, the US has continued supplying Taiwan with arms, which is currently a rival to China. China claims if the US continues dealing with the rivals, they will impose sanctions on America.

Chinese military leaders who were to meet American military brass decided to suspend the high-level meeting on these issues. The decision was "in consideration of the serious harm and impacts on Sino-U.S. military relations," said China´s Defense Ministry.

It´s a "rude interference in China´s internal affairs, severely endangering China´s national security," said vice Foreign Minister He Yafei, whom expressed "strong indignation." Last week, Hillary Clinton expressed her grievances ( reported).

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  And we talk about human rights?  
The way this is going China is another county that will come out looking like the victim. I really don´t fancy our chances if we lands up with a war with them. They could well land up ruling us!
  by: captainJane     01/31/2010 08:21 PM     
in this particular case, they are a victim. If USA wants to deal with nations in transparency, they need to look at both sides of the coin, not only what is good for them. Funny thing is, the rest of the world is just keeping quite.
  by: skcusswentrohs     01/31/2010 08:43 PM     
  This is the problem...  
it is a one way decision, I have never known this world to be as lax

I admit we are powerless to prevent all this injustice, but failing to protest in vast numbers is inexcusable.

It is like we are ALL sleeping dogs!
  by: captainJane     01/31/2010 08:55 PM     
  Chinese sanctions?  
Gee, maybe they will stop selling us their crap. Sounds good to me. Then we can refuse to pay what we owe China. How many hundreds of billions is that?
  by: walter3ca   01/31/2010 10:07 PM     
Then they will sell off their vast amounts of US dollers for under 1 cent euro. Thus making the US doller almost worthless on the international market. Possibly bankrupting the USA. They do have enough to do that.
  by: ssxxxssssss   01/31/2010 10:41 PM     
  @ssxxxssssss & walter3ca  
not only that but who would pick up the US debt that china has been, esspecially if they tried to refuse to pay them back.


you know the US sactions countries for less than what china is theatening to do to the US

this is the equivelent of the proposal poland missile defense system... and you can probably rememeber how pissed off russia was about that.

for some reason the US is hellbent on surrounding china and russia with their military hardware and military bases, yet americans shit a brick when it happens to them, or even when they THINK its happening to them; as when russia sent 2 ships or submarines to venezuela for training or something like that, which wasn´t all that long ago.
  by: HAVOC666     01/31/2010 11:01 PM     
what are they going to do? stop putting posions in the food products they send here or stop trading with us?
  by: shannon853   02/01/2010 02:57 AM     
"what are they going to do? stop putting posions in the food products they send here or stop trading with us?"

Are you really that daft? Not only is most of our jobs outsourced and we are demanding to pay very little for things and then disposing crap we buy for cheap that is filling up our landfills. We have also put ourselves(well not WE as much as dumbass presidents) into positions where we can be crippled by one country selling our debt off during a time when we are not worth very much.

We are not this huge superpower who has immunity from everything, Wake up!

P.S. We have dumbed down a generation who can not live without a computer and technology also so unless you suggest we start teaching our kids how to do things such as sewing, woodwoork, how to work with metals and other hands on real life things you will be stuck buying crap for a hell of a lot longer.
  by: TaraB     02/01/2010 03:40 AM     
Naturally americans , we are stuck up , dont give a damn attitude sleeping dogs, yes we say we want this and that , but I have yet to see any americans actually fighting for it since the 1970´s.

Maybe we need war , it seems like its the only way that our leaders and the american people are going to wake up and get the slap that is needed to realize that they shouldnt be dealing in this sort of bullsh!t.

@tara - Id have to agree , kids these days are hardly tought half the crap that we used to learn in school , its more of get on the computer and let it teach wait what? We are paying teachers these retarded salarys to watch them learn...or to teach them..... im confused...., this is the main reason that i choose to teach my 2 kids at night when i get the chance with hands on learning instead of them watching tv and sitting on a computer all day/night, or going hiking or building stuff with there hands. It shows them how to take pride in there work as well as the value of something you make and do.
  by: daxersic   02/01/2010 06:19 PM     
  But if Taiwan is China...  
When living in China, I had a group of Chinese business people get super pissed off at me because I refereed to Taiwan as a country instead of as being part of China. So if that is the case people of China, then how come the Chinese govt can´t control what Taiwan does? And how come you can´t go to Taiwan or Hong Kong the same way someone from Hong Kong and Taiwan can go to mainland China? And how come people from HK and Taiwan have a different currency? And how come the people of Taiwan concider themselves Taiwanese and not Chinese? How come people from Hong Kong loath mainland Chinese people (not all of them, but people in HK talk and act like they are far superior to mainland Chinese people. How come the Chinese govt refuses to allow their people access to Wikipedia or any other website that might not support Chinese propaganda?
Maybe its time the Chinese people got pissed off and demanded change...demanded freedom...death or freedom because he who gives up freedom for security deserves neither!

(Those of you living in America, if you think you still have freedom, you´re just as brainwashed as the average Chinese person)
  by: shaohu     02/02/2010 02:38 AM     
this has been going on a little over a year, it is just only escalating because iran is really close to nukes, when they get ´em you´ll see what happens .. the chinese have been helping iran establish nuclear power .. research their (chinese) history thoroughly in what they want to achieve.
  by: Key2000     02/02/2010 12:39 PM     
  @Key2- again  
Please do tell? What do you think will happen?

You are that classic example of what has been said. A generation of those who are taught by a computer.
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/02/2010 02:54 PM     
And what´s your beef with people that use computers as learning tools?
  by: DoubleTake   02/02/2010 08:54 PM     
  Passing Judgement On Freedom.  

Most of the people here that post here don´t even live in the United States and honestly unless you live here personally how can you understand what kinds of freedoms we enjoy from birth til death in the United States? I hate being judged by people that don´t live here, and only visit here and than pass judgement saying they know what freedom even is. We really have a lot more freedom than what a lot of foreigners might think. If you lived here you would most likely think differently.

I´m not pointing fingers because I am not against any country. I value human life over everything else and obviously freedom and the only thing I would ever hate is anyone who tries to go against those two core values. Americans enjoy a lot of freedoms that we definitely take for granted. Regardless, don´t be so quick to try to point fingers when you don´t even live here. Reading books and the news about this country doesn´t mean jack.

I think the World in a whole is going in the right direction. A lot more than it was 10 years ago. And about the China thing? The United States is too important to them, and they are too important to us. Regardless when it comes down to it, it´s all about natural resources anyways when it comes to bartering and showing off power. Sad as it is. Dunno just my opinion american idol is on atm so can´t say much more lol.
  by: Quintessence   02/03/2010 02:26 AM     
experience buddy first hand at seeing the way they live and view life and treat others that do not conform .. hell havent you been at least reading the news on the executions they (iran) are conducting and the reasons why?

heh, lets send you there (iran) and when you come back (if), then tell us what ya think ;-)
  by: Key2000     02/03/2010 05:24 AM     
1st off we dont learn from computers, they are machines. As we continue becoming tech savvies, we are also creating niched miscreants with a compulsive need for multi tasking, which in return it makes them think they are smart, but the reality is, the opposite.

2nd it is a tool to compute given tasks, not learn from it. fortunately they have already been taught how to tie their shoes, can you imagine the obvious?

@Key2 encore:

Now turn around and tell me your experiences of your own back yard?

Experience you brag about is the least I would even glee about.
"Reading news" !?? hahahaha, thats funny. NO! Seriously thats funny.
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/03/2010 05:55 AM     
experience with the people in that country you doof .. your reply implies you think you know me .. but you don´t, you don´t know where I have lived, my job, anything in my life.

buddy, you have no clue to who I am.
  by: Key2000     02/03/2010 06:13 AM     
  I agree  
with China. The US has no business providing arms to countries who are rivals to them. (sort of like the best man sleeping with the bride-to-be???)

China is a great country with great people and great food. I´m heading back there next week. I hope no American missiles blowup my hotel!
  by: womenareviolent     02/03/2010 07:02 AM     
  good times  
@quint- I´m American, and a disabled vet at that. If you´ve lived your whole life in America, then you are probably brainwashed with most of the other people into thinking you are free.
True, there are many advantages to living in America, but land of the free??? "whoever told you that is your enemy"
The US govt has been whittling away freedom for a while now.

@womenareviolent-- and what about China selling weapons to America´s enemies? Need any specific examples?
The situation with america supporting and selling arms to Taiwan is a very old one, its nothing new.
  by: shaohu     02/03/2010 08:33 AM     
American arms distribution is a major world problem. Does 70´s Iran ring a bell? How about Nicaragua? And literally dozens of other countries where the US has helped arm even those with which THEY were engaged in conflict with!
The deals with Taiwan are a slap in the face to the Chinese, to whom Americans keep saying "let´s be friends".
BTW, I like Cambodia - complete with American bomblets and landmines. I lost ten pounds while there. Their idea of food and my idea of food were not quite the same.
  by: womenareviolent     02/03/2010 09:07 AM     
I hope you didn´t loose 10 lbs in Cambodia to the landmines. In the beginning I didn´t like Cambodian food, but it is growing on me. I still can´t eat the fermented fish paste though. The smell of that stuff alone makes me sick.

I know America has sold weapons to many countries they shouldn´t, but so does China and China is the one pointing the finger at the US in this case.
I´m just saying that if China is going to point the finger at the US for selling to their enemies, then maybe they should make a deal and say, "hey, if you don´t sell to our enemies, we won´t sell to yours." That´s not going to happen though.
  by: shaohu     02/03/2010 09:24 AM     
You´re right. It;ll never happen. There´s just too much money to be made in war and its tools. Just ask Haliburton.
Re: food
My driver bought me some ´balls´ on a stick. After trying one, I pulled the classic "Hey, what´s that over there?" then tossed the balls over my shoulder and pretended to chew. I still do not know if they were animal testicles or ???
  by: womenareviolent     02/03/2010 09:54 AM     
Maybe a long ago computers were used simply to "compute a given task", but now they´re capable of giving a whole lot more, and it´s only going to continue to change.

Saying, "We don´t learn from computers, they are machines..." doesn´t make much sense. You can learn from anything. For example, books. We learn from books... and what are they? Just a bunch of information. What have computers done for us? Well, they´ve given us access to a lot more of this "information" stuff. If you use a computer with the intent of educating yourself, you will be successful. There´s no need to down the newer generations just because they´re living differently. Your generation doesn´t live as the one before it, and so on. No need to freak out over change and call it "bad".

I used a computer to teach myself to tie a tie. What does that make me? =P I don´t even care, because I looked pretty awesome. Thank you, internet!
  by: Dayron   02/03/2010 09:58 AM     
  @womenareviolent´s balls on a stick  
those are balls of processed meat that in comparison make Spam an attractive food. So I take it you didn´t have any fried ants, or deep fried beetles, or deep fried tarantulas?
  by: shaohu     02/03/2010 11:40 AM     
At the risk of further hijacking this thread...
Thanks for clearing up the ball issue. I really wasn´t sure what they were.
Oh, and I´m sure I ate plenty of bugs there. Hard not to. Just not the fried variety. With one hand holding the food and the other waving off flying critters, I have no doubt some found their way into my mouth.

On the other hand, China´s food (not the westernized version) is usually bug free although I did have a cockroach walk down my arm for a closer look at my food while in a restaurant in Beijing a few years ago. Cambodians would likely have deep fried it!
  by: womenareviolent     02/03/2010 12:13 PM     
You and I have both embraced the technology, I am learning that you are young by picking on your netiquettes as you assume I am an old goof with nothing else to do, but pick on young punks who have no people skills.

People skills? This is what this technology cant teach you. Learning to tie a tie by watching on tube, or web page does not mean you queried and it randomly spewed its content of your curiosity. Someone painstakingly with a time in his/her hand posted that information. Maybe they should be the one to take the credit, instead you are assigning your gratitude to a computer!

When I send my children to school, the idea is, for them to learn certain skills. History, mathematic, social behavior and most of all, interaction. Computers on the other hand are taking away exactly the same.

Take for example on line games. Many players, with their gizmo´s and faster computers are constantly in need of the next level and neglect the consequences.

IN a nutshell. I am not against technology and computers, but rather what they re turning these young minds into. Supposedly, these youngsters and their borrowed know-how (Like tying a tie) are readily equipped at a click of a mouse to give you answers to any given argument, take away the gizmo (Google) and suddenly you have a catatonic zombie standing in front of you. Just like calculator and math solving skills. Anyone can give an answer to a math problem when they are equipped with technology, take away the calculator and suddenly smarts are out of the window.

Then a question comes. Are we learning from computers, or are we teaching through computers?

Further: I was wondering if you are aware of Click this and please share your opinion. If you think it is OK, for Army to lure kids into these violent virtual games. Even though they cant recruit before the age of 17, do you think this is the right place for a 13 years old to be spending time?
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/03/2010 04:49 PM     
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