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                 01/19/2018 10:18 PM  
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02/09/2010 09:53 AM ID: 82820 Permalink   

Man Named "Savior" Arrested on Enslavement Charges


Goel Ratzon, 60, has been arrested in Tel Aviv after he was found to have been enslaving women over the last two decades. The man, whose name means Savior in Hebrew, even fathered children with some of his daughters.

The women spoon-fed their husband, brushed his hair, and sent him SMS messages when they were ovulating. They slept with him when he wanted them to. Overall, some 17 women and 37 children belonged to Ratzon´s harem.

The women were controlled by Ratzon, who observed them through CCTV and fined them for wrongdoing. He decided what they wore, who they spoke to, and where they worked. He often, according to police, recruited young women to his harem in Tel Aviv malls.

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  It is  
incredible how one little man could have such a hold over so many women. Lucky I was not one of them or he would have been cooked meat when the cops found him.
  by: captainJane     02/09/2010 10:26 PM     
Hey hey HEY HEY!!!!

He is GOD´s chosen person living on a land that belongs to him through out time, promised and given by GOD. Don’t you remember how this holy land was occupied by heathens and finally given back to him by GOD? Come on folks he deserves to live like that. After all God chose the lifestyle for him and he is GOD´S CHOSEN PERSON ON HIS OWN LAND THAT GOD GAVE TO HIM.
You people are all alike, anti-Semite
Shame on you don’t you know what us Jews in Israel have gone through, don’t you remember the holocaust. DON’T YOU!!!! THE HOLOCAUST and the mooooslims killing us all the time and Iran determined to destroy our land and mooooslims killing our children and steeling there organs,

WELL DON’T YOU Guess you got nothing else to say do you

This is a Gods gift to him.
  by: justus4all   02/09/2010 11:56 PM     
pass that pipe over to me.
  by: John E Angel     02/10/2010 03:36 AM     
  @John E Angel  
Come on John E Angel Lets be honest here!!!! If you, LETS SAY, were the "CHOSEN PERSON OF GOD" wouldn’t you want what he has? now now now be honest with yourself, I mean getting spoon-fed, having 17 women for your personal pleasure any time. Slaves giving you all there wealth. The Wine, The women, isn´t all this guaranteed to "THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD" Be Honest with your self. Now that is Lets say IF YOUR WERE THE "CHOSEN PERSON" But the reality is that you are are not; so just move over and lets booth just take a big breather and dream. Can ya do that? Can ya do that for me Brothaaa. Can ya once Just Once let me dream about being "THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD"

  by: justus4all   02/10/2010 03:49 AM     
  @ Justus  
I agree with JEA, you´re smoking that BOMB weed. You´re high as Havoc666.
  by: C.O.G.   02/10/2010 10:04 AM     

Jealous are we,
Guess if you were also "CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD LIVING IN THE HOLY LAND TAKEN AWAY BY GOD FROM HEATHENS AND HANDED TO YOU ON A GOLDEN PLATTER" you would be proud of it too. And yes the "BOMB weed" well that is a gift too but only for "THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD"


Get over it, don’t you have better thing to do then to pick on us poor defenseless Israelis, you you you heathen anti Semite, don’t you know that we have gone through and survived the Holocaust, and the mooslims keep attacking us for no reason at all. Now move on and pass the pipe

(wink wink)
  by: justus4all   02/10/2010 07:21 PM     
By the way Havoc666 wont share his stash.
He is the chosen Select CHOSEN people of God, that is God chose another subset of people out of his chosen stock.
Yep that’s it yep, he is way way WAY too good for us simple "CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD"
  by: justus4all   02/10/2010 07:24 PM     
This story just shows how easily humans are brainwashed, manipulated and controlled into believing and doing anything. That´s how religions were born.
  by: Lurker     02/10/2010 07:46 PM     
I am waiting for that bong dude. JEA dont hog it. I need some of that, shaking here already, would you like to pass it please?
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/10/2010 11:26 PM     
sorry. my middle name is Bogart.
  by: John E Angel     02/10/2010 11:34 PM     

Hope you all saw irony and got a bit of laughter out of it
Note how one point can sound so different in a different light
Religion! Savior of mankind, in reality the downfall of Humanity
I had no ill meaning to any one´s religious beliefs.

Peace for all to all with all in all over all be all above all
and all that!!!!!!!
  by: justus4all   02/11/2010 12:19 AM     
Peace be to you, too.
  by: Dayron   02/11/2010 09:55 AM     
  I wonder..  
Can I learn that mind control stare?
I mean, I´m Jewish, doesn´t that mean I´m qualified to stare?! I wouldn´t use it to enslave 30 women, honest, maybe just two or three..
  by: Allanthar     02/13/2010 08:41 PM     
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