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                 01/22/2018 05:34 PM  
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02/11/2010 04:16 PM ID: 82864 Permalink   

Town Divided Over Christian Teachings


A 13-year-old school student who has a scar running down his forearm in the shape of a cross burnt by his teacher had to move out of town with his mother after being ostracized by the town´s Christians. Dennis and her son had to move 35 miles away.

"When I looked at it, the shape was definitely a cross, like a Christian cross". "Zach said his teacher did it with an instrument that gave off something like a lightning bolt. It was red, like a sunburn or if you burn your arm on the oven," said his mom.

All of this happened three years ago and since then, this town has been embroiled in religious turmoil. Teacher John Freshwater claimed he was laid off due to having a Bible on his desk, which he was asked to remove and refused.

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ran out of room for this one. There is a lot more at the source.
I was wondering if the word "mom" would be accepted. I tried folks.
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/11/2010 04:19 PM     
  This teacher...  
needs to be chained, he is a lunatic. In fact the whole school already sounds like a mad house.

  by: captainJane     02/11/2010 04:25 PM     
  The burn is an allegation...  
Freshwater has very adamantly stated that he never harmed a student. Take for example the statement he made to the Mount Vernon Board of Education on August 4, 2008: "I have never, never, branded or burned a person." (Source, video: )

The allegation of the burn is at most just an allegation. Actually, it was an issue that was officially resolved by the school in January 2008. (See my article "Tesla Coil Matter Was Officially Resolved January 2008.")
  by: mountvernon1805   02/11/2010 04:57 PM     
  The Bible on the desk...  
The Mount Vernon City Schools has even acknowledged that another teacher may keep a Bible on her desk.(See my article "´Bible on the Desk´ Teacher Was Singled Out, Witness Says.")

As John Freshwater pointed out in his recent testimony, the master contract states—"Article 4: Teaching Conditions: Individual Rights"--"The Board fully recognizes all personal rights and freedoms granted to teachers by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Ohio and the United States, and will abide by all laws that pertain to the teachers it employs. Further, the Board recognizes that teachers have the right to engage in a variety of personal activities and the Board will not take disciplinary action against a teacher unless a teacher´s personal activities interfere with the teacher´s performance of his/her contractual duties." Mr. Freshwater stated that his beliefs did not interfere with his performance of his duties; he did his job, a very good job--look at his students´ OAT scores.(See my article "Missing Evidence in John Freshwater Hearing.")
  by: mountvernon1805   02/11/2010 05:00 PM     
  Anonymous tipster--latest news...  
There was an interesting development this week—John Freshwater addressed the school board at its monthly meeting and gave the board an update on recent events related to his employment hearing.

"I thought the hearing was about to end sometime last month but the proceeding changed again because somebody sent an anonymous letter containing some photographs of some items from my classroom," Freshwater said. "Last week another anonymous delivery was made that contained approximately 300 photographs of items that were in my room."

"On January 14, 2009 my attorney subpoenaed from the board, Mr. Short and the boards attorney, all the materials from my classroom," Freshwater said. "The board´s attorney indicated to my attorney that the board did not have anything from my classroom."

I´ve uploaded a video of Freshwater´s comments to YouTube:
  by: mountvernon1805   02/11/2010 05:03 PM     
See Skcuss you brought a person out that spends their time searching for this story to come out and protect this idiot.

You don´t give a kid second-degree burns and because of the abuse done the opposing side will scream religious freedom or liberty and yet does not give the same back, even going so far as saying if it was anything other than a bible it is diversity.

They are even promoting their own articles, tsk tsk. The religious right in this country is bound and determined to FORCE those who either believe in another religion or none at all to bow down and worship who they determine, how they determine and anything else gets you a first class ticket to hell.

Of course they will make his religion the reason, creating names much like the Scientologists and they scan for anything that is mentioned by this story, hoping to dump so much trash to confuse the reader that this teacher was able to get away with his abuse for 20+ years because of the fear for going against a tenured teacher.

He scarred a 13 year-old and I really don´t care if it was a cross or a naked biker jumping on a trampoline, he delivered 2nd degree burns, multiple, not just one small area either, but up his arm..he needs to be sacked and shame on those who went so far as to chase the family away.
  by: TaraB     02/11/2010 05:13 PM     
  Time to move on?  
Isn´t it time humans moved beyond worshipping idols?
  by: Jim8   02/11/2010 05:26 PM     
What are you going to worship, if not an idol?
  by: lafinjack   02/11/2010 05:44 PM     
What are you going to worship, if not an idol?
  by: lafinjack   02/11/2010 05:44 PM     
Megan Fox
  by: John E Angel     02/11/2010 06:11 PM     
Dont you wish you had a way to expunge this thread away? So thus, you have only displayed your arrogance of spewing garbage that does not make sense, by posting yourTube links.

What you are failing to do is, show us a court document that says otherwise. this teacher from the get go, has denied allegations and as the source reads "Freshwater said he had done the same science experiment to hundreds of students before Zachary Dennis, using a Tesla coil, which gives off an electric spark." So if some students are OK with being branded, all other students should not sweat their brow? If this is not idiotic and stupid, I cant explain in any other way.

Your divine science has no place in secular schoolyard, if you feel inclined to teach kids your version of Science, you may as well ask Churches to fund your Schools, but please take your garbage out of the public school system.

Association by default. When is it, you freaking stupid bible thumper realize, condemning other religions as inferior to yours, only brings forth your worst ideology and any human following an ideology of fear, is an idiot who needs to be feared, because it never takes you lot long before you start killing in the name of your freaking religion.

If this was Quran would have been OK attitude is simply applying sap to gather village idiots. What does Quran has to do with this?? As you had mentioned.

Last: This is Shortnews. we do not report here, we only summarise using our own wordings without twisting the actual message. It does not end there, we post and then we wait for pundits to tear it apart. Since you have joined today, I will direct you to a place where you can show, display your arrogance stupidity, by giving me a lowest grade, as you seem to not like this spread.

Below the main post, there is a column which states ASSESS. Why dont you make an ass of yourself and show me what you got. Go on, I know you want to click that.

Bring it on a$$hole.
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/11/2010 06:19 PM     
  @John E Angel  
You are not the one addressed as JohVenom. I was answering MountVernon1805 who´s real name is John Freshwater.. I would worship Megan Fox too.
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/11/2010 06:28 PM     
I mean, seriously, how medieval can you go back in time in a "developed" country!
  by: Rv3   02/11/2010 07:27 PM     
Does make you wonder why someone who just joined today is such an ardent defender of John Freshwater. But I doubt it is him.
  by: Illustro Malum   02/11/2010 08:31 PM     
I think that the teacher´s actions were justified because if they placed a cross on the students arm and it burned them, they are obviously a vampire, lycanthrope, evil Wiccan, dirty hippie communist, or listener of 1980´s era heavy metal music.

Wait, what? Lightning bolt? Tesla coil? I´m sorry, what I meant to say is that this "teacher" is obviously an effing idiot and has no place setting foot inside a school.

What gets me is that if this teacher had a Qur´an on his desk and was trying to burn symbols relating to another religion onto a child´s person, the whole community would be after them with pitchforks and torches. But somehow, because it´s Christianity people actually look the other way.

Separation of church and state, it´s there for a reason kids. I don´t care how innocent it seems, there is no place for religion in schools. Brainwash your children with whatever you want at home. School is supposed to be the place where they can get away from that shit, become educated, and hopefully develop their OWN opinions.
  by: spiggy   02/11/2010 09:24 PM     
  At least...  
...we can all agree about Megan Fox though.
  by: spiggy   02/11/2010 09:25 PM     
Time to stop worshipping, period.
  by: Jim8   02/12/2010 03:03 AM     
Well you should have said so in the first place.
  by: lafinjack   02/12/2010 04:40 AM     
And God said I am omnipotent, I know all, I know the past, the present and the future for I have created it all and I am perfect
and there was perfection
And god said I shell create thee in my image
and there was men
God was not happy with actions of men
And god said I shell smite thee o children of me and created hell
and there was hell
And God said, Let there be Fire
and there was fire
And God said let it rain Brimstone
and there was brimstone
and god said let thee children of me burn in hell
and there was Monotheism


How come God who is all knowing and perfect, create us in his image and we create soo much pain in his name?
Is God a cruel God
Why would God create so many cruel methods to punish his own creation which are in his own image.
Again is God a Cruel God
Or is it that we created God in our image
You be the judge (Matthew 7:1-2)
  by: justus4all   02/12/2010 05:47 AM     
  Christian Teachings  
O My God, I do I do I do
I worship thee Megan Fox,
O my lord thy beutyness

Matthew 6:9-15

´Our Magen in heaven,
Awesome be your beauty,
your kingdom cum,
your will be done with hands and towel
on earth as it is in wet dream.
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For if you forgive us and give us free porn, your heavenly Father will also forgive you and provide you with faster connection speed. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your ISP will surely bill you 4x for your downloads.

  by: justus4all   02/12/2010 06:02 AM     
  There Is Nothing More Devisive Than Religion  
The towns religious problems are just a microcosm of the problems brought on by religion. War, hate and division have been spread by religions banners since the first shaman grabbed power.
  by: ichi     02/12/2010 07:07 AM     
Pass it dude. Whatever you are on, I want some.
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/12/2010 04:05 PM     
  @ justus4all  
Preach on my brother!! Preach on!
  by: snowztorm29     02/12/2010 08:49 PM     
Look at how the mob reacts
  by: nimira     02/12/2010 09:32 PM     
  The Guardian reporter  
TaraB said “He scarred a 13 year-old and I really don´t care if it was a cross or a naked biker jumping on a trampoline, he delivered 2nd degree burns, multiple, not just one small area either, but up his arm”

You are probably basing your comment on the assertion made by The Guardian reporter that “a doctor would later testify that Dennis had second-degree burns.”

The doctor that the school board brought as an expert witness never saw the alleged burn on the arm of Zachary Dennis. The only expert opinion the doctor was able to offer depended on the veracity of the photos. (See my article, "Alleged Burn Should Have Lasted Longer, Expert Witness Says.")

Below is from the testimony of Zachary Dennis (hearing transcript 3101.7-23):

Q. I hand you back Employee Exhibit No. 65. Is that an accurate representation of the mark you have drawn that you believe represents what was on your arm?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. Have you ever had any scarring related to this mark?

A. No.

Q. You´ve not had any kind of surgery to remove any scars or anything like that. Right?

A. (The witness shook his head.)

Q. You never were seen by a doctor regarding this mark on your arm?

A. No.

Q. Have you ever been seen by a doctor as it relates to any medical condition that you allege was the result of being touched by the Tesla coil?

A. No.
  by: mountvernon1805   02/12/2010 09:37 PM     
I didn´t know we can say cum on here

Thanks for letting me know! :)
  by: nimira     02/12/2010 09:40 PM     
  Well, at the very least...  
we´re not divided on Megan Fox.
  by: Dayron   02/12/2010 10:20 PM     


Who.... WHO.....!!!!!

Who me, o it must have been a misspelled word, I was just a praying to thieeee god in the heavenly internet site

my bad......
  by: justus4all   02/13/2010 12:44 AM     

Above prayer said while ripping my pants err err shirt off of my body while screeming from the top of my lungs,
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Yep that’s right "her kingdome"
  by: justus4all   02/13/2010 12:55 AM     
Sorry for all the misspellings,
Typing on my phone with my thumb

wink wink
  by: justus4all   02/13/2010 12:57 AM     
"Cum" is the Latin for "with", you dorks!
  by: Framtonm   02/15/2010 07:01 AM     
Stop your inept excuses, this has been appealed and ,reappelaed on tax payers account and you are still trying to persuade the pundits, what you did was your Gods given right?

What right do you have to conduct such kind of study on a child, whether it was a wee bit of a line, or a burn.

Currently you are exercising your rights and finaly you wil exhaust all avenues to set you free. You will go to jail and Bubba will have a cattle probe between his legs to burn and mark you with.

Only he wont put a cross, most likely 666 and you will be screaming, I just dont know, if it will be from pleasure or pain.
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/15/2010 03:33 PM     
  When I read...  
...about a science teacher compromising his responsibility to his students over his own fanatical beliefs and abusing them, I feel embarrassed for the school that he got away with it.
When I read that the whole goddamn town supports him, I feel embarrassed for my species.
Freedom of belief is something I believe in very strongly, but for a whole community to jump straight on the "bible on the desk" issue and completely forget about what he is actually under scrutiny for (teaching his religious beliefs in science class, against curriculum; and physically abusing students) is just plain retarded.

I hear banjos...
  by: super_33   02/19/2010 02:36 PM     
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