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                 02/24/2018 08:56 PM  
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02/13/2010 03:52 PM ID: 82889 Permalink   

Google Moves to Remove Murder Scene From Street View


Canada: Google has removed imagery of the Leopard´s Lounge and Broil club in Winsor, Ontario, after the city informed the search engine giant that they were displaying pictures of a murder scene complete with police tape and a pool of blood.

Google apparently photographed that area of the city shortly after a 24-year-old was murdered in the club´s parking lot on July 21. The company notes that it is by no means the first time they have captured images that are "sensitive or objectionable".

"We worked quickly to remove this image after we were notified, and we´re very sorry if it caused any distress," said Tamara Micner, a spokesperson for Google Canada.

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  What next?  
Removing any disturbing images and reporting from TV and radio broadcasts?
Coddling the public from womb to tomb?

Sesame Street all over again.
Great for those who cannot handle reality.
  by: White Albino   02/15/2010 05:55 PM     
  @White Albino  
You know I for one am not interested in murder scenes when I´m using a mapping engine. It is the right thing in this case.
  by: modom56k   02/16/2010 09:31 PM     
As a resident I´m proud to see that our city has made the world stage again, only under slightly undesireable circumstances...can´t win them all though I suppose, lol.
  by: GagnierA   02/18/2010 02:43 PM     
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