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                 04/24/2014 05:25 AM  
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02/25/2010 04:42 PM ID: 83070 Permalink   

Police and a Mechanic Exchange Fire Over a Parking Space


61-year-old Errol Parker didn´t feel he had to shovel out his own parking space. Parker punched a man and displayed his gun after being told he was in someone else´s space. Parker, a mechanic for the Port Authority, shot at police called by the victim.

Fortunately for everyone, Parker´s gun jammed and police subdued him with a Taser. Lee Allen Smith called police. He had cleared a space for his girlfriend, who lives on the second floor of a duplex where Parker has the first floor.

Police officer Bill Kelsh met Parker, who was in the front hallway holding a gun in a threatening manner. The officer fired twice. Parker returned fire once and Kelsh fired twice more. No one was shot in the incident.

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  @ Snow  
Pittsburgh has had 28 inches of snow in February alone which is still here but come on folks do we have to fight over parking???
  by: Rose-Ockulisto     02/25/2010 04:49 PM     
an arrogant lazy lout. I hope they throw the book at him!
  by: captainJane     02/25/2010 06:03 PM     
lousy shots.
  by: John E Angel     02/25/2010 06:54 PM     
  after reading the title  
I thought the story was going to be from Cambodia.
  by: shaohu     03/01/2010 09:34 AM     
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