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                 12/18/2014 09:59 PM  
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02/27/2010 03:39 PM ID: 83101 Permalink   

Australia to Get New State?


Australia: The Northern Territory may be heading for another tilt at becoming a fully fledged Australian state, with the Statehood Steering Committee beginning a major education campaign on the benefits of statehood.

The Northern Territory originally fell under the governance of South Australia. In 1911, governance passed to the federal government. It wasn´t until 1978 that the territory was given self governance, albeit without some of the powers of a state.

A referendum on statehood failed by a very narrow margin eleven years ago, but many voters didn´t understand what the change would mean. The committee´s primary message is that Territorians should have the same rights as other Australians.

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I thought they were finally going to announce that NZ was submitting to our control :P
  by: ssxxxssssss   02/28/2010 11:15 PM     
  The Perfect Solution ...  

Relocate Palestine there - there´s plenty of room!

  by: DeepSand   02/28/2010 11:22 PM     
We didn´t want the Jews, we are not going to want the Palestinians.
  by: shiftyfarker   03/01/2010 01:49 AM     
  Just found this

Maybe related somehow?
  by: vhan     03/01/2010 12:24 PM     
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